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Through Carleton’s Externship Program, students connect with alumni and parent volunteers whose jobs are similar to the students’ future career interests. The students spend 1-4 weeks with their hosts at their workplaces for a career exploration experience that usually includes networking, shadowing options, and a focus project. Externships may include a homestay with the host, but this is not required.

See a SNEAK-PREVIEW of the exciting externships for the 2014 Winter Break by clicking on this link. Many of these externship sites are new this year. There will be even more externships posted right up until September 8.

Externships vs. Internships: What's the Difference?

Externships Internships
Center on a first‐hand experience in a chosen field of interest Center on a first‐hand experience in a chosen field of interest
Involve learning goals and reflections Involve learning goals and reflections
Shorter‐term (1–4 weeks) Longer‐term (8–12 weeks)
Maximize observation, some opportunity for participation usually in the form of a shorter‐term, focused project Maximize participation, ongoing observation
Student is not paid Some may be paid
Can be completed during 3 periods each year: Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break Require sustained length of time, often over summer
Some may involve home‐stays Do not involve home‐stays
  • Students

    Information for student participants in the Externship program
  • Volunteers

    Information for Volunteer Hosts in the Externship program
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