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Carleton Scholars Program: Information for Students

Most career-related field experience programs, such as internships and externships, are designed for one student at a time, and group field experiences are rare. Carleton’s Scholars Program consists of “taste-of-industry” tours that introduce students to a variety of organizations within a particular field of interest (e.g., public policy, green tech, business, film/television, public health, and medicine). These tours include site visits, panel discussions, receptions, and social activities.

Background/General Information

  • The Scholars Program was piloted in 2007. The Career Center has so far led 12 groups of students on four to five day trips during winter and spring break.
  • Past trips have focused on Financial Markets, Public Policy, Technology, Environmental Sustainability, Social Action, and the Creative Arts.
  • These programs are meant to provide more than learning opportunities for students; they are also a chance for organizations to learn about Carleton students.

Logistics and Particulars

  • Trips take place during winter and spring break, usually lasting a total of four, or five days depending on budget and travel arrangements.
  • Student groups typically consist of fifteen to eighteen students, one faculty member, and one career center representative.
  • Each group visits up to five job-sites every day, although feedback from students and faculty liaisons have indicated the trip itinerary may benefit from more time for student reflection on what they are learning/doing each day.
  • Parent/Alumni “on the ground” contacts help with arranging job-site visits, student/alumni receptions, and other scheduled group activities.
  • Students prepare resumes, personal bios, and lists of prepared questions for each job-site; bios of alumni and parents hosting students are given to students ahead of time so that students are well-prepared for networking and other social activities.
  • Assessment/Evaluation of the experience for alumni, parents, and students takes place within a week of the program’s end.

Program Content

  • General networking and initial expectations for the trip are laid out at an opening reception with alumni, parents, and students, usually at someone’s home or at a local restaurant.
  • Students visit several job sites each day, learning about each organization as a whole and the alumni/parents’ specific roles within the organization, then engaging in a Q & A session for which students have prepared ahead of time.
  • A closing reception with alumni, parents, and students provides time to reflect, engage, and make final connections with each other

Program Outcomes

  • Participants acquire specific industry knowledge and skills, including project management, teamwork, and presentation skills, as well as familiarity with basic, day-to-day job functions.
  • Participants make connections with possible contacts/mentors for future jobs/internships within an industry or field of interest.
  • Students are able to utilize effective job search skills, including resume writing, networking, and interview skills.
  • Student participants may serve as contacts in our future programs.
  • The Career Center has seen a high demand from students, alumni, and parents for more of these trips/programs in the future.

Past Programs

  • Non-profits and non-profit management (Seattle, 2010)
  • Business and Finance (Chicago, 2010)
  • Public Health and Medicine (Atlanta, 2009)
  • Film and Media (Los Angeles, 2009)
  • Clean Technology (San Francisco, 2009)
  • Creative Arts Scholars (New York, 2008)
  • Social Action Scholars (2008)
  • Public Policy Scholars (Washington D.C., 2008, 2007, 2010)
  • Environmental Scholars (Colorado, 2007)
  • Technology Scholars (Silicon Valley, 2007)
  • Business Scholars (New York, 2008, 2007, 2006)
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