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The Tunnel: Job and Internship Postings

The Tunnel is the Career Center's online system for job and internship searching, on-campus recruiting, and posting resumes. Students may click on this link to access a detailed guide to the Tunnel's student module.

Date PostedJob TitlePosition TypeApplication Due Date
5-02-2016Sales Account Manager (Spanish speaker)Full Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Match Corps: An AmeriCorps Service Year Impacting Kids in BostonFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Program AssistantInternship9-16-2016
5-02-2016Teaching English in ChinaFull Time: Entry Level5-02-2017
5-02-2016Technical Consultant, International (Spanish speaker)Full Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Just Food Co-op Receiving Assistant, Early Morning ShiftFull Time: Entry Level, Part Time/Temporary6-10-2016
5-02-2016Web Designer/DeveloperFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Sales/Presales Engineer (Spanish speaker)Full Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Technical WriterFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Application DeveloperFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced6-03-2016
5-02-2016Senior Director of PartnershipsFull Time: Experienced6-30-2016
5-02-2016Software Engineer in Support EscalationFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Software Engineer in TestFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Marketing Associate (Spanish speaker)Full Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Software Marketing AssociateFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016In-House RecruiterFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Design Intern/ Mechanical/Electrical Engineer/ Interior DesignerInternship9-02-2016
5-02-2016Software EngineerFull Time: Entry Level6-08-2016
5-02-2016Just Food Co-op Cashiers and Grocery & Wellness StockersFull Time: Entry Level, Part Time/Temporary6-20-2016
5-02-2016Business Development Marketing CoordinatorFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced6-30-2016
5-01-2016Cardinal Education AssociateFull Time: Entry Level5-15-2016
5-01-2016Writing SpecialistPart Time/Temporary5-15-2016
5-01-2016Associate College Admissions Consultant (ACAC)Full Time: Entry Level5-15-2016
5-01-2016School NurseFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced8-31-2016
5-01-2016Operations Team MemberFull Time: Entry Level, Part Time/Temporary5-15-2016
5-01-2016Cardinal Education Coach (Test Prep)Part Time/Temporary5-15-2016
5-01-2016Special Education TeacherFull Time: Entry Level, Full Time: Experienced8-31-2016
4-30-2016Undergraduate Women's Summit - Summer 2016Pre-Professional Training, Summer5-19-2016
4-30-2016Financial AnalystInternship5-31-2016
4-30-2016Research Assistant (6102-21)Full Time: Entry Level6-06-2016

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Fraudulent Job Postings
Unfortunately, not every job posting is legitimate. Some internship and job offers are instead a method to get personal information for use in identity theft and or money from you. It is vitally important that you know how to distinguish legitimate internship and job postings from scams.

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