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The Tunnel: Job and Internship Postings

The Tunnel is the Career Center's online system for job and internship searching, on-campus recruiting, and posting resumes. Students may click on this link to access a detailed guide to the Tunnel's student module.

Date PostedJob TitlePosition TypeApplication Due Date
4-17-2014Team CoordinatorFull Time7-17-2014
4-17-2014Summer Youth Program Intern-RnRTemporary/Seasonal, Internship, Volunteer, Summer, Part Time6-17-2014
4-17-2014Management Rotational ProgramFull Time6-06-2014
4-17-2014Market Research ConsultantFull Time, Part Time5-12-2014
4-17-2014GIC Analyst Program (Private Equity, Real Estate, & Public Markets)Full Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - Software Developer Frontend or BackendFull Time, Part Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - Product Marketing & Monetization InternInternship, Part Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Overview of One-Year Equity Research Associate position and Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Research Internship positionsInternship, Summer, Full Time, Internship with Carleton Alumni Contact, Job with Carleton Alumni Contact4-23-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - Sales & Business DevelopmentFull Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - User Experience DesignerFull Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Software DeveloperFull Time,5-17-2014
4-17-2014Linux Systems AdministratorFull Time,5-17-2014
4-17-2014Associate ConsultantFull Time5-12-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - Assistant to VP of MarketingFull Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - Email Marketer & Social Media MarketingFull Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014Flinja - Project ManagerFull Time5-17-2014
4-17-2014University Business Intern: Business DevelopmentInternship5-17-2014
4-17-2014Mobile App DeveloperFull Time,5-17-2014
4-16-2014Assistant Principal K-8Full Time5-30-2014
4-16-2014Account Executive (Immediate Hire)Full Time,5-16-2014
4-16-2014Citizen Outreach DirectorFull Time4-30-2014
4-16-2014Rinse Summer InternshipInternship, Summer4-30-2014
4-16-2014Middle School Engineering and Technology TeacherFull Time5-30-2014
4-16-2014Elementary School TeacherFull Time5-30-2014
4-16-2014Instructional Technology Coach K-8Full Time5-30-2014
4-16-2014Math Coach K-5Full Time5-30-2014
4-16-2014Social Media/Marketing InternInternship8-01-2014
4-16-2014KSTP-TV Production Assistant/Operations TechnicianFull Time5-16-2014
4-16-2014Temp Job in Des Moines with an AlumTemporary/Seasonal, Job with Carleton Alumni Contact, Part Time5-16-2014
4-16-2014Humanities 7th-8th GradeFull Time5-30-2014

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Fraudulent Job Postings
Unfortunately, not every job posting is legitimate. Some internship and job offers are instead a method to get personal information for use in identity theft and or money from you. It is vitally important that you know how to distinguish legitimate internship and job postings from scams.

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