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Externships: Information for Volunteers

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Carleton’s Externship Program connects students with alumni or parent volunteers over winter break for a short and highly active/engaged experience that usually includes a focus project, shadowing opportunities, and networking. Some externships include housing with the host, but this is not required.

Timeline for December 2015 Externships

  • By Aug. 31 (Mon.) – Identify externship hosts and sites, and gather descriptions to be posted for students.
  • By Sep. 15 (Tue.) – Externship descriptions posted in the Tunnel (Carleton's externship/internship database) and promotion to students begins.
  • Oct. 8 (Thu.) – Deadline for student externship applications to be submitted to the Tunnel.
  • Oct. 9 (Fri.) – Applicant packets emailed to hosts for review & for selection of students for interviews.
  • Oct. 12-27 (Mon.-Tue.) – Hosts notify Brian of their preferred student candidates.
  • Oct. 30 (Fri.) – Absolute deadline for hosts to notify Brian about their selections.
  • On or before Oct. 30 (Fri.) – Brian sends notifications to students selected/not selected.
  • Weeks of Oct. 26-30 and Nov. 2-6 (Mon.-Fri.) – Orientation sessions for all Winter Break externs.
  • Nov. 30-Dec. 18 – Time for externs to be on site at Host organizations.

Getting Started

Hosting the Externship

Externship Housing Hosts: Guidelines and Information Form

After the Externship

Hosts provide:

  • a 1-3 week career exploration experience that includes shadowing and meeting with colleagues in other departments, attending meetings, networking, focused projects/presentations, etc.
  • can include housing with the externship host, but this is not required
  • short- or long-term mentoring

Why It's Helpful:

  • in-depth industry/job knowledge
  • gain professional experience
  • direct feedback/coaching
  • high-level, relationship-centered, professional mentoring
  • opportunity to network 
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