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2013 Fall Issue 3 (October 11, 2013)

  • Do seniors outgrow their majors by the end of college?

    A "Major" Problem (Login Required)

    It’s a rite of passage at nearly every institution of higher learning in the country. But, does the process of declaring a major actually contradict the “liberal arts” ethos that Carleton strives for – that of a fluid, flexible, multidisciplinary approach to learning?

    • Students can acquire hospital taxi vouchers at the Information Desk in Sayles during the day.

      Taxi Vouchers or Ambulances: What Can You Afford in a Pinch? (Login Required)

      The next time you overindulge, it could cost you big time - even if you’re drinking Boxer.Taxi vouchers are hard to come by, and with a $1,600 charge for ambulance fees, it puts you between a rock and a hard place.

    • The Humanities, Pre-Professional Tracks, and You (Login Required)

      Beneath the surface, a number of Carleton’s humanities departments are engaging in a slow pivot to more fashionable subject material. 

    • University of Chicago professor Martha Nussbaum examines social justice issues through philosophy.

      Renowned Professor of Law and Ethics Examines Ban of Burka with Philosophy (Login Required)

      How can we view social injustice issues through Socrates’ principles? Renowned scholar an University of Chicago professor Martha Nussbaum investigated this question through an examination of society’s efforts to ban the burka.

    • In the event of a weather emergency, there are signs posted in academic, living, and common spaces.

      Are You Prepared for Severe Weather? Here's How to Be. (Login Required)

      Given the increasing intensity and frequency with which storms occur, the possibility of severe weather on campus is something that every student should be aware of. But how many students know what to do if such weather strikes?

    • Carleton and Political Correctness: When is Enough Too Much? (Login Required)

      Finding the right word to use on delicate issues can be tricky. Indeed, Mark Twain said, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”

    • Students in Firebellies gather to share varied dishes at six different stops.

      Firebellies' First Annual Foodgressive: Sharing Culture and Diversity Through Food (Login Required)

      For a college obsessed with diversity, it often feels like few campus events actually share and celebrate multiculturalism. Vayu Maini Rekdal ’15, the co-president and founder of the cooking club Firebellies, facilitated the club’s first annual Foodgressive last Friday with this in mind.

    • Past Gauntlet participants.

      Popular Endurance Run a No-Go (Login Required)

      There are few things worth waking up early on a Saturday morning for: free food, softball with Solo cups, your friend’s inconveniently timed radio show, or perhaps, a grueling, multiple-hour obstacle course through the Arb.

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    • Jordy Cammarota '15 blasts a shot by a Saint John's defender to tie the match up at one goal apiece.

      Carleton and Johnnies Play to OT Tie (Login Required)

      Depite Jordy Cammarota’s ‘15 first goal of the season and a distinct 26-5 advantage in shots, the Carleton College men’s soccer team couldn’t drum up enough offense as they played to a 1-1 tie against MIAC foes from Saint John’s University at Bell Field on Saturday, October 5th.

    • Rachel Johnson ‘14 hammers home one of her career-high 14 kills in a close match with St. Kate’s.

      Women's Volleyball Drops Five-Set Heartbreaker to St. Catherine University (Login Required)

      After battling back from a two-set deficit, the Carleton College volleyball team was unable to complete their comeback bid as they fell in five sets against St. Catherine University Wednesday evening.

    • Shannon Holden '17 shot 13 over par for the season to become Carleton's first individual title.

      Holden Grabs MIAC Women's Golf Individual Title (Login Required)

      One shot.

      That’s all that separated Carleton College from its first MIAC Championships title and an automatic bid to the NCAA Championships. The 19th-ranked Knights fell just shy of capturing the conference crown, posting a team score of 952 to the University of St. Thomas’ 951.

    • Ruth Steinke ‘16 (left) and Colette Celichowski ‘15 finished 12th and 18th respectively at Blugold.

      Women's XC Takes Fifth at Blugold Invitational (Login Required)

      Last Friday,  the Carleton College Women’s Cross Country team crossed the border into the Badger State to take on an impressive field at the UW-Eau Claire Blugold Invitational. The Knights, ranked No. 15 nationally finished in fifth place, third among Division III team in the competition.

    • Coach Bob Pagel and the Knights will look to get their conference record back to .500 next week.

      Football Falls to Sixth Ranked St. Thomas (Login Required)

      The Carleton College football team got no help from the schedule makers as the Knights faced their second straight national top-10 opponent, falling this time 65-6 at No. 6 University of St. Thomas.

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    • A Few Things on Microaggressions (Login Required)

      Of course Carleton is a diverse place and a microcosm of America. On the other hand, of course a school with a vocal subculture that celebrates the class politics of Harry Potter has a certain set of handicaps to contend with when it tries to discuss its own diversity.

    • Mean Girls (Login Required)

      While on YouTube the other day, I stumbled across a very disturbing phenomenon; girls posting videos of themselves, asking whether they are pretty or not. It was very upsetting.

    • Cows, Colleges, and... Concussions? (Login Required)

      You could say that some Carls had something of a “nuclear cow” this past weekend at 4th Musser, stemming from what may seem to be an innocuous tradition here: theft of a stuffed cow. And not just any cow. It was the Nolympics prize cow.

    • New Environmentalism (Login Required)

      I did a bad thing.

      It came from me receiving a generous fellowship to travel to Armenia for the summer, and it just so happened that my grandparents in Japan wanted to have me come visit as well. Thus followed a blur of airports and bus stations that took me from Denver to Moscow to Yerevan to Tbilisi to Istanbul to Tokyo to Denver. “There and Back Again,” someone once said.

    • Culture Counts (Login Required)

      Coming from Kenya, Cuba, India and Norway has not always been easy. Meeting family always meant adapting to new practices and traditions. However cliché it may seem, there was a certain unity in this diversity.

      In fact, our only shared characteristic -- a love for cooking -- might have been the most powerful.

    • Food for Thought? (Login Required)

      If I’m right that the local food movement is fueled as much by the positive search for a more authentic mode of living as it is the fear of environmental degradation (and this ought to be disputed, ‘cause though I love food, my own cooking skills never really progressed much past blue box pasta so y’all probably know more about this than me), I’d just like to point briefly to one pitfall the local food movement will perhaps be prone to falling in to.

    • "Real Food:" What it is, Why We Want it, and How We Get More (Login Required)

      When it comes to food, a lot of people have the mentality of “it tastes good, I enjoy it, don’t ruin it for me by telling me all the problems with it.” At least that was how I was for a long time. And while it’s hard to face the uncomfortable realities behind our habits, we cannot afford to further distance ourselves from the process that brings food to our plates.

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    • Editorial (Login Required)

      We’ve heard it all before. There are no jobs for us bright-eyed, fresh-from-college, ‘twerking’ millennials. And not only are there no jobs, but job requirements are more demanding, and, coupled with the recession-induced economic downturn, recent college graduates simply don’t make the cut.

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    • A beaver.

      ArbNotes: Love in the Arb? (Login Required)

      The Carleton Arboretum is often thought to be a great place for a romantic walk. But there may be more love brewing in the Arb than one would initially think.

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