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2014 Spring Issue 5 (May 9, 2014)


  • Hmong Awareness Week.

    Hmong Awareness Month Starts Dialogue (Login Required)

    “It is sad, it is discouraging, it is unbelievable. My identity and life experience isn’t known about. Not anywhere.” Enter the Hmong perspective: here nobody knows your history; here nobody knows your culture; here you are foreign to all.

  • Jay and Chavonn.

    Wedding Planning Begins, Carls Get Engaged (Login Required)

    Last week, Jay Shen, class of 2015, proposed to Chavonn Williams, also class of 2015. The reporter interviewed them in Lower Sayles on Monday. Jay and Chavonn met yards away from our interview location; they even knew at which table they were introduced as freshmen.

  • Outdoor Skills for Outdoor Adventure.

    Outdoor Class, Surviving the Arb (Login Required)

    Many argue appreciation for the “great outdoors” is dwindling. As our world becomes more industrialized and the pace of modern life quickens, accessible, open green spaces seem much harder to come-by, and feel frequently overlooked by those engrossed in technology.

  • The Druid Circle.

    Demystifying the Druids (Login Required)

    I had never heard of the Druids before I arrived at Carleton. When I found out about them, my first thought was that it must be some great conspiracy—a quirky idea that a few Carls had invented to make the Arboretum seem more mystical.

  • LDC exit.

    Students Sneaking Into Dining Halls, An Ongoing Problem (Login Required)

    Three years ago, CUT players received a concerned email from LDC sous chef Gibson Price regarding the frequency with which CUT players were sneaking into the dining hall.