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2010 Winter Issue 1 (January 15, 2010)

  • Reynolds House out of commission after mysterious freeze-up

    Reynolds House ClosedReynolds House, Carleton College’s Jewish Interest House, was shut down this term after its interior was discovered thoroughly frozen at the end of winter break. Three students have been displaced until the house thaws out. Security officials found frozen pipes, split radiators and a broken boiler. Ice puddles had formed on the floor; water in the toilets and sinks had frozen; the temperature inside the house at the time of inspection was -20 degrees. The source of damage: two windows found open in the basement.

    • Carleton Student Association Senate

      Big change in bylaws: CSA Senators to be elected by grade

      A recent change to the bylaws of the Carleton Student Association (CSA) Senate means the organization’s eight Senators At-Large will now be elected by grade.

    • Christa Owens ‘12 and S.S. Rishad ‘12

      Two Carls attend UN Climate Change Conference

      In December, Christa Owens ‘12 and S.S. Rishad ’12 witnessed the action at the United Nations Climate Change Conference which aimed to find possible solutions for combating the effects of climate change across the world.

    • Cows, Colleges and Contentment

      C&C: Northfield man leads fight for fair DWI arrests

      A Northfield man is at the center of a court battle fighting hundreds of possibly unwarranted DWI arrests that were caused by a form of breathalyzer that is allegedly inaccurate.

    • Susan Douglas

      Author Susan Douglas speaks about the “F-word”: feminism

      According to Susan Douglas, the mass media is to blame for amplifying the disparity between the sexes. The top five female occupations in the current job industry still don’t “have a CEO in sight” however, modern reality television shows depict fantasies of female power in characters such as the female CEO or ruthless lawyer.

    • Winter

      Let it snow: A look at the school’s snow policy

      As winter maintains its grip on Minnesota, members of the Carleton community may begin to take for granted the campus’s sidewalks, which are kept as clear and easy to walk on as possible. In fact, they have the tireless work of the Facilities Department to thank.

    • Recently renovated Great Hall

      Panel suggests changes to Sexual Misconduct Complaint Process

      Sponsored by the Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (CEDI), CSA and the College Council Task Force to Review the Student Sexual Misconduct Complaint Process, the town hall meeting highlighted the College Council Task Force’s fall term findings regarding the current sexual misconduct policy.

    • Galapagos Islands

      Carleton programs travel to the Galapagos, Israel, and China

      While the majority of students headed home over winter break this past December, three different groups of Carleton students and professors embarked on educational adventures to the Galapagos Islands, Israel and China.

    • Katie Visco '07 celebrates the conclusion of her run across America

      Carleton Alum runs across the country

      Just days before the world rang in a New Year, Carleton alum Katie Visco ‘06 became the youngest woman to run across the country. The journey began nine months earlier in Boston and spanned a total of 3,132 miles when she ended in San Diego. According to Katie during an interview on San Diego’s local news channel 10, her cross country run was equivalent to running 119 marathons. Some states she ran through include Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, Idaho and Illinois, but total over fifteen.

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    • Georgia Brown

      Women’s Basketball Stuns Macalester

      Ally Weaver and Megan Erlandson scored 14 points apiece, and Akemi Arzouman added 12 as the Carleton College women’s basketball team pulled off a huge upset Wednesday, defeating host Macalester College, 60-48, and delivering head coach Tammy Metcalf-Filzen her 250th career win. The Knights (3-9, 3-6 MIAC) and Scots (7-5, 7-2 MIAC) entered the contest at nearly opposite ends of the conference standings, but Carleton used a balanced scoring attack and surprisingly strong rebounding effort to steal the win. The loss drops Macalester out of a tie atop the conference standings.

    • Bryan Rosett

      Men’s Basketball chases bitter taste of defeat with Easy Mac

      The New Year may have gotten off to a frigid start in a meteorological sense, but things are heating up on the hardwood for the Carleton men’s basketball team. The Knights (7-6, 3-5 MIAC) have welcomed their peers back to campus with the season’s most spirited stretch of play thus far, sandwiching two convincing conference victories around a hard-fought loss to St. Thomas, ranked #5 nationally.

    • Nicole Reich, Irene Koplinka-Loehr

      Women’s runners wrap up hot XC season

      At last press the women’s cross-country team was coming off their MIAC Championships victory, preparing to enter the fray at the Central Region Championships. The Knights ran their races competitively, knowing that each point would count. At the end of the race though, the cries of Nebraska Wesleyan’s supporters indicated that the Prairie Wolves had won the meet, although the Knights still hoped for an automatic bid to the national championships.

    • Chris Marshall

      Men’s track ready to rock

      The men’s indoor track team opens its season this afternoon with the Carleton Singular, contested at the Rec Center. The Knights are heavy favorites in every event.

      The squad returns a number of sensational performers from last year, and adds to the mix an extremely talented group of first-years.

    • No Pain, No Gain at 24T

      My soreness comes from the 24 Hours of Telemark, or 24T, one of the near Midwest's most hardcore ski races. For years, the Carleton Nordic Ski team has made the long annual journey to northern Wisconsin to partake in the 24T. This year, 21 students on 6 teams from Carleton joined the race.

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    • Post-quake Haiti needs our help and support

      Perhaps this earthquake is what was needed for our world to truly recognize the problems that face Haiti. Maybe, from the rubble, Haiti will rebuild its great nation that has seen better times: A fresh start. But they cannot do it alone, and Haiti should never recede from our consciousness, even when other issues are on our minds.

    • Closer than we think: HIV and AIDS

      AIDS often seems like a far-removed cause, relegated to distant tragedies, and overall of little concern to students on a snowy Midwestern campus. But this issue is far less remote than sometimes thought. Within the Carleton community, it is important to remember that HIV/AIDS is a condition that affects peers, friends, and family members. Our own county has the third highest HIV infection rate in the state of Minnesota.

    • Happy Bodies Manifesto

      Happy Bodies is a campus wide body positivity network dedicated to discussion and activism for bodies everywhere. Here are a few body-positive sentiments we promote.

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    • Livin’ in the World Today: Living Experiments

      I love experiments. To conduct an experiment one needs, among other traits, curiosity, creativity, patience and humility--curiosity to want to learn something; creativity to design the experiment; patience to handle errors and missteps; and most importantly, humility, because the willingness to run an experiment implicitly admits one’s inability to know outcomes with certainty, even when one’s expertise might be unparalleled.

    • What it means to me to be a good man: A reintroduction

      Much has been said of this essay series since it first began. Some have been critical of the series, questioning the wisdom of drawing attention to men’s issues when men in our society already receive the lion’s share of attention. Some have voiced misgivings that the series promotes gender binaries, deferring to male-normative and hetero-normative points of view. Many have praised the series as a forum capable of presenting a wide diversity of opinions.

    • Born in the USA: Tiger Woods: in a tight lie

      Who would have thought that a single car accident, where the driver backed out of his driveway onto a private road and struck a fire hydrant, would cause so much damage? Well, Tiger Woods found out how much damage a seemingly inconsequential event could have. In the week following this freakish accident, Tiger Woods went from being one of the most respected and admired people on this planet, viewed as almost a superhuman figure, to a severely flawed adulterer.

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    • A call for help we cannot ignore

      There are many things we can avoid or ignore from within the safety of our Carleton bubble. The recent tragedy in Haiti is simply not one of those things that can be easily brushed aside.

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    • News Briefs

      Lecture kicks-off campus census poster competition

    • Security Blotter

      - 9:30 p.m., a trouble alarm on the fire panel at Goodhue alerted Security to a student that had removed their smoke detector from the ceiling in their room.

    • Caught in the ACT

      The players run up and down the gym, chasing after the ball and heading to the net. Unlike a traditional soccer game, though, every player on the field has a personal coach by their side: a Carleton volunteer dedicated to increasing access to sports for Northfield youth.

    • Arb Notes: Birds of the Tundra

      As the cold air and snow set in, most birds leave for warmer climes. Even though this weather may make you feel like hibernating, there are plenty of birds to be seen, some of which are visitors from even colder and snowier places than Carleton!

    • Career Corner

      Seniors! If you didn’t make it to launch of Engagement Wanted last night, don’t worry! You can create and update your Engagement Wanted profile anytime between now and the end of the summer. The sooner you’ve created it, the more chances your profile has to connect with the right Parent or Alumni. Engagement Wanted is a quick, low-commitment, no-risk way to boost your career search.

    • Weekly Trivia Quiz

    • This Week at SUMO

      - Inglourious Basterds

      - Reservoir Dogs

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