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2011 Fall Issue 9 (November 11, 2011)

    • Sayles Dance

      New Sayles Dance policy put to test

      “The presence of security at the Sayles Dance was effective in creating a more secure environment for students,” said Nadine Sunderland, assistant director of Student Activities.

    • Judge Russell

      Native American cultural identity still a fight, says Cherokee Judge Russell

      The pursuit for Native American equality is still a constant struggle, according to last week’s Convocation speaker, Cherokee Native American judge Steve Russell. “[I]t is more difficult for our enemies to challenge and deny our sovereignty,” Russell said.

    • revolution

      Sela, Gupta and Klein reimagine revolution, twitter and the ‘Arab Spring’ in public talk

      A sign from this year’s Arab Spring protests listed the tools of revolution, among them “machete” and “AK-47,” both crossed out. Presentations by Carleton professors last week discussed how this unlikely revolution occurred.

    • United Way

      Carleton to raise funds, donate dining dollars for United Way

      Every year, 90 percent of Northfielders are touched by services supported by the Northfield Area United Way. United Way is an international non-profit organization that raises money for community organizations such as literacy programs, housing, food shelves and many others.

    • OCS

      Off-Campus Studies Office prepares for new programs in upcoming year

      Carleton’s faculty and Off-Campus Studies Office are preparing for a the upcoming study abroad programs this winter break, winter term, and spring term. These programs include two entirely new seminars: Society, Culture and Language in Peru and Linguistics and Culture in Kyoto, Japan.

    • gould

      Former President Strikes Gould

      If you think that Minnesota winters are frigid, try living in Antarctica for three years. Lawrence McKinley Gould, Carleton’s fourth president and former Geology professor, not only lived in Antarctica but also performed intensive field research and traveled deep into unchartered terrain to study the geology and ice formations of the land on a mission to the South Pole.

    • Scrunch

      S/Cr/NC deadline to move to seventh week in fall 2012

      With a 67-21 majority, the Carleton faculty voted on Nov. 7 to pass changes to the S/Cr/NC policy that might reshape the way students approach selecting and taking courses at Carleton.

    • Day of the Dead

      Carleton celebrates Day of the Dead

      The atmosphere at Carleton’s annual commemoration of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, on Nov. 2 was celebratory and inclusive.

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    • ryan cammarota soccer

      Men’s Soccer falls to St. Olaf in finals

      The curtain finally closed for the Men’s soccer team last Saturday as they fell, 3-2, in a scintillating double overtime match against St. Olaf in the MIAC Playoff final. Despite two first-half goals and some solid goalkeeping by James Neher ’14, after 107 minutes of resilient defending, the Knights gave up the game-winning goal with three minutes left in overtime.

    • Rugby nationals

      Women’s Rugby wins regionals, heads to nationals

      After an undefeated season and victories at both the Final Four Playoffs and the Western Regional, the Women’s Rubgy team heads to the National Tournament next week.

    • Shannon Mueller

      Women poised to perform after dominant conference display

      Last Thursday some superheroes flew over to St. Olaf to take on the Oles at the 4k distance.  Unfortunately, the sheer number of Oles overpowered the Carls, but they put up a brave fight and managed to save the damsels in distress. Colette Celichowski ’15 led the way, preventing the Oles from perfect scoring.  She was followed by Shannon Mueller ’12, ending her collegiate cross-country career with a great race. 

    • Connor Jackson

      Men warm up against St. Olaf in a comical costumed race

      St. Olaf didn’t know what hit them until it was too late. Two grizzly runners in matching denim ran like they had just snuck into a Bruce Springsteen concert. Connor Jackson ‘15 conducted the pace in his train engineer’s uniform and fended off vicious Oles with his bike horn.

    • Simone Childs-Walker

      Carleton Runners Earn MIAC All-Conference Honors

      The 2011 MIAC Women’s Cross Country Awards were announced Thursday, with the Knights sweeping the individual honors after claiming the conference championship last Saturday. Senior standout Simone Childs-Walker (Seattle, Wash./Lakeside) was named MIAC Women’s Cross Country Most Valuable Athlete for her first-place finish at the MIAC Championships, while head coach Donna Ricks, was honored as MIAC Women’s Cross Country Coach-of-the-Year.

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    • Griffin Johnson

      We’re all Mark Zuckerberg

      I really liked The Social Network. I know that might be a little unfashionable, but there’s a scene at the beginning where Jesse Eisenberg wanders home, alone, across the Harvard campus at night, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I saw it.

    • Stuart John Urback

      The essence of the liberal arts

      In some of my discussions around incorporating game design into a liberal arts curriculum the fear of becoming a technical school begins to creep in. This fear is that having students produce video games will only prepare them for a life in the video game industry.  I truly understand the concern.

    • Casey Markenson

      The Sound of Silence

      Rather than writing a finale about the intersection between small talk and identity, today I am turning to one of language’s foils: silence. In contrast with language’s impact on our personas, its absence reveals important facets of ourselves. While this concept alone could fill nine weeks of columns, it is worth highlighting briefly to complement my discussion of language.  

    • Charlie Cross

      Frisbee enlightenment: Your throw isn’t everything

      Warning: this column will talk about frisbee. I’m sorry, I know you thought you would at least be able to escape it in the viewpoint section of the Carletonian. I promise it’s just a method to talk about something much less bland. Pete Kerns has this t-shirt that says “the way you do anything is the way you do anything”.

    • Michael Goodgame

      Why study history

      History class gets a bad rap.  For many, history was the useless subject they had to take in high school when they could have been taking more “valuable” courses in the hard sciences. They often look back in disdain, wondering why they were forced to learn about and form written syntheses on things that “just happened.”  Or, worse: they take history just because it fulfills a requirement.

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    • Officer Holicky and Officer Bushey, Security Services

      Security Blotter

      Week of Oct. 31  to Nov. 7, 2011

    • Mini Bald Spot

      News Briefs

      Carleton Orchestra Performs Fall Concert Nov. 11th

    • Arb

      Green Space: Do you know about Carleton’s Sustainability Revolving Fund?

      The Sustainability Revolving Fund is a pool of money available for funding student-proposed sustainability initiatives. The goal is to encourage and fund student sustainability initiatives.

    • Arb

      Arb Notes: Winter Break and the Arb

      Despite the looming marathon of late-nights and library sessions that inevitably come with finals, now that we’ve reached the end of ninth week, winter break is truly just around the corner. Most of the campus population will return home (hopefully to warmer climates).

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