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2012 Winter Issue 2 (January 20, 2012)

    • weitz

      Weitz opens two new shows for winter

      The Weitz Center Perlman Teaching Museum recently opened two new exhibits, "A Complex Weave," and "Running the Numbers."

    • Second City

      Second City All-Stars roll onto campus, Schiller makes a cameo

      It was a night full of laughter when Second City brought its comedy troupe to campus last Saturday. The Chicago-based group of five comedians delighted the packed audience with its improvised comedy show that ended up featuring Carleton jokes and Second City ones.

    • carleton chapel

      Columnist Cupp cancels convo address

      Early last week, Carleton students, faculty and staff received an email announcing the cancellation of S. E. Cupp’s convocation speech, which had been planned for today.

    • Dave Meslin

      Apathy the major opponent of Convo speaker

      Dave Meslin opened his convocation speech January 13th by presenting on the issue of public apathy. Spending years being what he called a ‘community activist,’ Meslin expressed his hopes to dispel the notion that politics is ‘a spectator sport’.

    • Carleton

      Strategic planning groups work on setting course for Carleton

      The process is composed of 13 working groups looking at different facets of Carleton’s operations. David Diamond ’80, who heads the Career Preparation working group, has been busy at work leading discussions on ways to enhance support for students’ post-graduation plans.

    • Career center

      Carleton Career Center chooses innovation

      As Americans across the country remain anxious about the unemployment rate, the interim director of Carleton’s Career Center has a surprisingly optimistic outlook that has nothing to do with the partisan promises being made in this election year.

    • AEDs

      Carleton to receive eight new AEDs, thanks to donors and student lobbying

      After diligent and persistent lobbying by Ivan Duong ’14, an EMT certified pre-med student who noticed the campus’s blatant lack of the essential devices, the college will finally be able to acquire more of the devices to place in the more heavily frequented buildings.

    • diversity institute

      Finding love and commitment in social justice activism

      People seem to appreciate diversity these days. Colleges around the nation boast heterogeneous student bodies, and some campuses claim to be more successful in achieving this end. But what is diversity, really?

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    • community service

      Community service at Carleton: Let’s be better

      Ask Average Carl when the last time he went to a football game was and he’ll probably tell you never, although he may know our starting tight end from organic chemistry. We are the Division III to the core. Even our most outstanding performers are student-athletes.

    • mlk

      Reflections on Martin Luther King's legacy

      Closing one of his sermons, the good reverend spoke “if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice.  Say that I was a drum major for peace."

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    • Zoe Suche

      On the virtues of maple syrup and the vices of gluten-free bread

      It’s been a bit of an up and down week; things got cold, and grocery shopping got much more daunting for those of us lacking a car. On the other hand, on my first time eating in the LDC I noticed a very welcome change, in the form of display platters of such things as eggplant, potatoes, and onions.  Maple syrup goes with everything.

    • Matthew Fitzgerald

      The Importance of Spending Time With Good People

      Greetings Carleton! Let me begin by introducing myself: My name is Matthew Fitzgerald and I am a sophomore and tentative religion major. I hail from the great plains of Minnesota and ended up here by a twist of fate that has turned out to one of the sweetest surprises.

    • Griffin Johnson

      On the treadmill

      I’m currently sitting at my desk in my room in Evans. As I write this, I still have a page-long assignment to finish before 8:15 tomorrow morning and four pages left to write of a five-page paper. Ten minutes ago I finished a 700-word op-ed for another campus publication; before that I sent in an internship application that I had worked on for a few hours.

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