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2015 Spring Issue 8 (May 29, 2015)

    • Administration drops add/drop cards (Login Required)

      As of now, students will be able to drop or add open 10-week courses online via the Hub during the first week of next term without a yellow add/drop card or signatures from instructors or advisors.

    • Student DJs at Spring Concert 2015

      Squeezed Allocations due to T-Pain (Login Required)

      Spring concert, in total, cost roughly $90,000, a figure reflecting the cost of set-up and of the bands themselves. This was roughly $30,000 over what the CSA had budgeted.

    • Drug & Alcohol Task Force finishes revisions (Login Required)

      Zosie Sandell’s suspension for drug possession during fall term sparked criticism of Carleton’s drug and alcohol policies. A group of students, faculty and staff formed to help streamline the policy.

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    • T-Pain !!!!!

      Our dream interview with T-pain (Login Required)

      A fun, fictional interview between the tonian editors-in-chief and T-Pain himself

    • Ode to Rotblatt: A history of the game (Login Required)

      Spring term's big event is finally here; Rotblatt. This is an entirely unique tradition that has been a part of Carleton’s history since 1964. This wonderful event actually started as an intramural league that only had four teams, and the first game was played with a grapefruit.

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    • CAMS prof Cecilia Cornejo

      Feel free to skate, just not here (Login Required)

      CAMS prof documents Northfield youth skateboarding culture

    • ETB Spanish Tragedy a metered mess (Login Required)

      ETB’s production of The Spanish Tragedy explored dark themes such as suicide, incest, murder and incurable revenge.

    • Artscape turned soundscape (Login Required)

      As part of a project for Professor Beck’s sound design class (CAMS 265), Beck selected works from the Carleton permanent collection and had his students create relevant soundscapes.

    • Semaphore wows crowd, costume pizzaz (Login Required)

      Drawing a crowd of young and old, Carleton students and townies alike, Semaphore Repertory Dance Company presented their Spring Dance Concert performance with both daring movements and finesse.

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    • The smell of the Watson stairwell, and everything that came after (Login Required)

      Spending four of your most impressionable years at a place like Carleton transforms you in ways you can’t predict, or even recognize until you’re days away from graduation.

    • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

      Technology is shifting our mental habits, and we need to begin to acknowledge and account for that. Our little wizarding robot devices are changing the way we think, for the better and the worse.

    • Create your own road map (Login Required)

      The best lesson I have learned here is that my education is my own and no one else’s. This meant I could make it fit my own personal mold, not just some pre-determined track.

    • Why I can’t call Carleton home (Login Required)

      Carleton was, more often than not, the source of my heart’s exhaustion. When I decided to attend Carleton, I didn’t realize what I had to give up and go through to be here.

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    • Smoke free gardens (Login Required)

      During the 2015-16 academic year, we will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Garden for Quiet Listening. Please help protect this living work of art and make it possible for everyone to enjoy it by refraining from smoking inside the garden.

    • Frolf

      FROLF: an anthropological examination (Login Required)

      As the weather warms the students again emerge from their winter dens and habitats to traverse the plains. Accompanying this great migration comes a game habitual of these intriguing college folk. I have been told it is called the “Frolf ”.

    • Best of Spring Term’s Security Reports (Login Required)

      Occasionally, the Carleton security blotters produce some true comedy gold. This is a selection of the term’s best.

    • Out of sight, out of mind? (Login Required)

      Freshwater mussels are a generally under-recognized and under-appreciated group of river inhabitants.

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