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2016 Winter Issue 4 (February 5, 2016)

    • Scoville remodel displaces students (Login Required)

      This spring, Clader House residents are being relocated to a staff apartment in Myers as a result of the upcoming renovations in Scoville.

    • Ebony II to change name, reactions mixed (Login Required)

      Many students have expressed problems with the group's name, saying they felt directly hurt by the connotations of the name and the changed racial make-up of the group since its conception.

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    • Zach Mitchell Remembered (Login Required)

      He fought harder than his doctors ever thought he could. No matter what we called him Zach “Zachariah Crate Dundas” Mitchell was an incredible friend, and we miss him already.

    • SHAC receptionist Jan Foley sits at her desk. Photo by Amanda Zellinger.

      SHAC in short supply (Login Required)

      “We are doing our best to meet students’ needs as we can, but we ask for patience and understanding as we work diligently to increase the SHAC counseling staff to meet the mental health needs of our campus.”

    • Professor Steven Schier sits in his office. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

      After 35 years, Schier says goodbye (Login Required)

      After 35 years at Carleton, Professor Steven Schier will retire at the end of this academic year. Schier came to Carleton in 1981.

    • “It’s like a little city,” says Grounds Manager Stadler on caring for Carleton’s campus (Login Required)

      The Carleton grounds crew stressed how much they care about campus and the students. They are always looking out to make improvements and take care of the grounds.

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    • Making the call, casting process revealed (Login Required)

      What went on behind those imposingly closed doors? To create a quasi guide to casting, I talked to directors of the Carleton Players production, Stripped, and ETB.

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    • Two women's tennis players celebrate

      Disparity in team funding related to women’s injuries? (Login Required)

      This winter some teams have been hit by the injury bug. Two women’s teams have been hurt by injuries in different ways. Is this random? Or is it due to a disparity in funding between men and women’s sports?

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    • Bernie Sanders

      Bernie Sanders’ Electoral Roadmap (Login Required)

      For those still wary of Mr. Sanders’s ability to win the general election, let this roadmap assuage those fears. Victory is within reach.

    • Art by Ambrin Ling.

      Make Your Mental Health Matter (Login Required)

      We need to recognize when we’re letting mental health fall to the wayside. It’s good to commit yourself to your activities, athletics, and academics, but make sure you are committing to yourself, too.

    • Art by Kera Ling

      “Be fine” (Login Required)

      We live in a “chill” culture. We are supposed to keep our emotions under control, to be calm and composed; emotions and tears are messy and uncomfortable and people don’t know hot to react to them.

    • Walk the Line (Login Required)

      What is the role of a journalist in such a tight-knit community? I think it is to be honest and straightforward. To deliver the news. To provide alumni, parents, and students with information. Most importantly, this paper is for us to learn.

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    • Everybody Poops (especially deer) (Login Required)

      Some of the most common scats of the Arboretum, which should surprise nobody, are rabbit and deer scat. Both deer and rabbit scat tend to take the form of pellets.

    • name

      How much would it cost to rename the college after yourself (Login Required)

      Like many a Carl, I dream of having my name on a blue plaque next to a campus building. Having something named after you at an institution of higher learning is a benchmark of prestige and achievement.

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