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2016 Fall Issue 5 (October 21, 2016)

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    • Featuring Alexandria Pozniak '18. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

      One–Woman Players’ show “Grounded” soars (Login Required)

      "Grounded is a one-woman show. The unnamed fighter pilot narrates her story, enacting her own thoughts and feelings as well as all of her interactions with other characters, none of whom the audience gets to see. Over eighty minutes alone onstage, moving and speaking for almost the entirety of the performance, is a daunting task for any actress, but Alexandra Pozniak ’18 performed tenaciously and dynamically as the lead."

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    • Assholes or allies? Let’s make up our minds (Login Required)

      "Making Carleton feel like home necessitates stretching ourselves, even if this means listening to ideas that challenge the assumptions by which we lived before arriving on campus."

    • A radical redefinition of freedom of speech (Login Required)

      "It’s sad, as a journalist, to see the principle your work is based on so often appropriated as an excuse for hate and ignorance. I’ve heard the freedom of speech argument stretched to justify almost every type of backlash to social progress – from blatant far-right hatred to liberals concerned that things like microaggressions or trigger warnings “have just gone too far.”"

    • Superficial comfort threat to freedom (Login Required)

      "The freedom to express oneself is perhaps the most cherished and crucial guiding principle of our modern, liberal society. Embedded within our Constitution is the notion that our liberty to think, write, and say what we want isn’t granted by some arbitrary collection of political leaders, but rather that it is a liberty that exists naturally due to our own inherent humanity."

    • Choice Words (Login Required)

      "I may not forswear swearing anytime soon (pun intended), but there is little to no proper context for talking like an asshole when you are trying to work with someone, no matter your place in the world."

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    • An alternative tour guide (Login Required)

      "As I watched parents wander around campus this past weekend, going on all the various tours, I wondered if they were seeing the real Carleton. We are such a complex campus, that I have a hard time believing that the important things could be encapsulated in one tour."

    • Protecting the arb from white tail deer (Login Required)

      "While walking through the arb, especially in the mornings and evenings, you may have stumbled upon a herd of white tailed deer.  These creatures, while exciting to see out in the wild, have a rapidly growing population in the United States and require strict and responsible management."

    • Carleton: A College Musical (Login Required)

      "My question is: when this strong urge to quote Hamilton arises, when is it appropriate?"

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