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2011 Spring Issue 3 (April 22, 2011)


  • Beth Seraydarian ‘10 and Vivyan Tran ‘10

    Ready or not: Interviewing, you haven’t gotten the job yet!

    Last week we talked about informational interview, the awkward but necessary step in the job search process. Hopefully, those informational interviews led to a job lead, which led to you submitting a resume (because you really can’t get a job you don’t apply for). And with any luck, you’ve scored an interview!  Here are some tips to help you land the job.

  • Katie Markovich

    Why I should consider acting like an “adult”

    I have recently been given an internship for my senior year of college. Well, not given, per se. I applied for it and schmoozed some people and flashed the pearly whites and then I was given an internship. Training goes into effect immediately and, as part of that training, I am required to wear business casual clothing in the office.  Business what in the where now?

  • Todd Anderson

    Too busy to live

    I am taking 8 credits this term. Last term I accidentally registered for only 1 credit of COMPS instead of 6, which left me with an additional 5 to register for this term. This means I can be fully enrolled in Carleton while only taking Data Structures, Jazz Piano, and Voice lessons.