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2012 Winter Issue 5 (February 10, 2012)


  • Griffin Johnson

    The leisure hive: rethinking the weekend

    The cliché is that Carleton students “work hard and play hard,” that we spend all our time during the week on our workload and so we need to move just as far in the other direction during the weekend – we need to play beer pong or go to a Sayles Dance after a week of reading Adorno and pipetting lizard blood, as if that will reset us.

  • Zoe Suche

    On internet cooking

    I’m bringing up my sole cookbook this week because I’ve only recently discovered another resource for recipes: the internet. Sad, right? I didn’t even consider it last term. I’d heard about “Epicurious” and other similar websites in passing, but had never investigated.

  • Stuart John Urback

    What is design?

    There are two other types of reasoning that are well taught in college: inductive and deductive.  Inductive reasoning is the process of using logic to infer implications made by specific arguments.  Deductive reasoning is posing specific statements and testing their validity. Abductive reasoning is making something and seeing what happens.

  • Matthew Fitzgerald

    Politics and Money: The MN Connection

    Hey Carleton. Happy Friday, I hope this article finds you in good spirits – winter can be a tough term so be good to yourself.  So here is a litany of things that are very serious issues going on in the world: in Libya chaos ensues for a struggling new government; Northern Mali is under fire from hundreds of Tuareg rebels, South Sudan is succumbing to civil war and maybe even worse.

  • Casey Markenson

    Lost and Found

    Even before the buzzer ended the third losing game, Julia Bakker-Arkema ’14 was sobbing on the court. While her parents assured her it was only a game, Julia insisted that no, it wasn’t. At Volleyball practice on Monday, Julia’s coach had asked her to remove the ring that she never removed. It was the ring that Julia’s grandparents had given it to her on her sixteenth birthday.