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2012 Winter Issue 6 (February 17, 2012)


  • Stuart John Urback

    Seatbelts and safety nets

    “You only get mad at a seatbelt when you’re not getting into an accident.”  It’s a great metaphor for the major, and I think it’s one that’s worth exploring further. 

  • Zoe Suche

    On all the wonderful things that can be done with almonds

    Valentine’s Day, like Christmas and birthdays, can be a bummer for those of us trying to avoid wheat flour—and by that I mean pretty much every type of baked good that crops up around these times of year.

  • Maddy Crowell

    Self-imposed distractions: the value of traditions

    When 365 days pass by from the day a person is born, it is custom to bake them a large, light the cake with candles on top, and sing a song entitled, "happy birthday." These ways of life happen mechanically, injected into the human mind from birth. It is how humans cope; it is how they feel a part of something.

  • Griffin Johnson

    The end is near...pondering 8th week

    Even as every single student on this campus picks up more and more reading, gets more and more tired, skips more and more showers and tears out more and more of their hair, the campus itself, as a whole, still functions somehow.

  • Stuart John Urback

    Technology in academia: embracing educational innovation

    We use technology because it’s technology. I think there’s something deeply wrong with that. Notice how when I said technology you immediately knew what I was thinking about: new electronics.