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2012 Winter Issue 7 (February 24, 2012)

    • Strategic Planning

      In ongoing strategic planning process, group plots future of Carleton curriculum and student research

      As part of Carleton’s Strategic Planning review process, thirteen working groups have been addressing issues facing the College since fall term. The Carletonian continues to speak with the working groups about their tasks and goals for improvements over the next ten years.

    • Carleton Student Association Senate

      CSA candidates match up in poorly attended debates

      Last Wednesday, the Carleton Student Association held the debates for the 2012 CSA Senate elections. A total of 15 candidates spoke at the debates, stating their platforms, answering questions and presenting their ideas for changes they hope to enact if appointed.
    • whale

      A Whale of a good time

      The whale was made by members of the ninth grade members of Stepping Up Into Science at Northfield High School. The project helped students learn about various scientific concepts, such as air pressure, diagrams, measuring techniques, and whale biology.

    • Hannah Jensen's Comps

      Comps: seniors reflect on unique experiences

      While comps is a universal requirement at Carleton – serving not only as a capstone, but also as a way of preparing for the “real world” – each person’s experience tends to be unique.

    • one man show

      Multiple identities play a part in one-man show at Weitz Cinema

      Miari himself, jumps backand forth between the past, mired in memories of his inherently contradictory heritage, and the problems anticipated in the future once he and his Jewish-American fiancée are married.

    • Author Salatin

      Author Salatin advocates for conscious food choices to benefit community

      Joel Salatin, farmer, author and owner of Polyface Farm, opened his convocation speech last Friday by expressing his distress with current times.  Salatin first shot to fame when featured in Michael Pollan’s 2006 bestselling book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma."

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    • maggie alexander

      Women boast four individual MIAC all-conference performances

      The Carleton women accumulated four individual all-conference performances as well as an All-MIAC showing in the meet’s final event.

    • ross brown

      Men wrap up Championships with all-conference performances

      The Carleton College men’s swimming and diving team wrapped up the three days of competition with a fifth-place showing in the team competition. The final day included individual performances by Erik Klontz ‘13 and Benito Ramirez ‘14 as well as an All-MIAC performance in the 400-yard freestyle relay.

    • akemi arzouman

      Women's Basketball suffers close defeat to St. Olaf

      The Carleton College women’s basketball team rallied from a 10-point deficit in the second half but was unable to upend cross-town rival St. Olaf, dropping the season finale, 60-57.

    • Robert Wakeley

      Men demonstrate depth

      The most striking element of the Knights outing at the meet was the sheer number of impressive performances. First-year Garo Anguiano-Sainz started his day by demolishing the ten-second barrier in the 60 hurdles with a time of 9.53 and then ran 24.31 in the 200 meter.

    • Julie Besenbruch and Haley Johnson

      Women set school record relay

      The highest placing Knight of the day, however, was Miss Haley Johnson ’13.  I’m not really sure I believe that she was sick—I think she just wanted a nap. She slept through the early portion of the meet to place third in the 1000m run, breaking the three-minute barrier and putting her as the fastest 1000m runner in the conference right now. 

    • Tom Sawatzke

      Men’s Basketball relinquishes the “Goat”

      Even though St. Olaf made five of its six shots in overtime, the Knights kept battling and pulled out the win thanks to two Sawatzke three-pointers. The second one came from well beyond the arc with 22 seconds remaining to bring the Knights within one point.

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    • Zoe Suche

      On defying the conventions of seasonal fruits

      When we look at this time of year with a very realistic eye, the truth is painfully present: unless someone did something really nice for you on Valentine’s Day, there’s really nothing good about February. It’s one of those months you spend waiting for it to end.
    • Matthew Fitzgerald

      Common ground in the age of technology

      I was and remain ambivalent to the premise of common ground and more importantly the lack thereof. Namely, I feel that most common qualifiers are misnomers and artificial constructs.
    • Griffin Johnson

      I want to go to college for the rest of my life

      Can you imagine going to Carleton for eternity? An eternity of three-term years, an eternity of convo every Friday, Crack House every Wednesday, three-day fifth weekends, the occasional sighting of Schiller, the occasional all-nighter, the occasional hookup? After a while you’d have taken every course at Carleton.
    • Maddy Crowell

      Looking beyond the invisible boundary line

      On my last run, as the stale smell of the turkey farm lingered in the air, I started to think about the direction I was running: East. Then I began to wonder, what if I just kept running? I began to envision myself on a map, little Maddy the Runner, heading down I-94, to Wisconsin, to the Great Lakes, home to Chicago, past Chicago to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, the salty Atlantic Ocean.
    • Michael Goodgame

      Greed, guilt, & emotional distance

      In reality, there are very, very few inherently “bad people,” and I am convinced that if you or I were in the auspicious positions of these economic gurus, we would have done the same thing with the same catastrophic result. So, my worry is not about these lucky people in particular – they’re just humans. My worry is about emotional distance.
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    • democrats and republicans

      In response to Caucus article: Reminder of Carls involved in both parties

      I’m writing to express concern regarding a story you ran in last week’s Carletonian article entitled “Carls active in local Democratic caucus”.
    • bookas


      During spring term, it is easy to forget that the same principles and qualities that have gotten us through Carleton still apply. We are still the same hard-working, conscientious students we have always been. While spring term is often hailed as the one term with #norules, we cannot forget how far we have come.

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    • Officer Holicky and Officer Bushey, Security Services

      Security Blotter

      Security Blotter for Week of Feb. 16 - Feb. 23, 2012
    • energy audit

      Experience and Energy Audit

      Another auditor checked out the furnace and the water heater. She was shocked to find an 80 gal water heater, which is double the size of most water heaters. This would be a major source of energy consumption since 80 gal would have to be continually heated.

    • Arb


      Have you ever stood in the prairie in the Lower Arb and imagined that you were seeing the land before European settlement, that it stretched in all directions, and that if you walked over the next hill, you might see a herd of bison?

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