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2012 Spring Issue 4 (April 27, 2012)

  • Ebony

    Ebony Busts New Moves in Final Show of Year

    Last Friday and Saturday night, hundreds of Carls flocked to West Gym to watch the dance show, which lasted nearly two hours and incorporated entirely student-choreographed dances to songs by popular artists like Ludacris, Beyoncé and Gotye. 

    • canoe

      Canoe Denied Interest Housing

      For the past 25 years, the Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts has occupied one of those spots – but CANOE will no longer inhabit its familiar location in Chaney House next year, as it was not one of the six interest houses selected by the committee.

    • counterfactuals

      The Counterfactuals

      Comprised of professors Daniel Groll and Jason Decker of the Carleton philosophy department, Andy Flory of the Carleton music department and Mike Fuerstein of St. Olaf’s philosophy department, the Counterfactuals have been getting great exposure recently.

    • science scholarship

      Carls Win Prestigious Science Scholarship

      “I’m really flattered and honored,” Cvitkovic said.  “I’m really thankful to the fellowship office and my advisors.  I really could not have won it without the opportunities I have had here at Carleton to do research with David and Gretchen.”

    • goals with soul

      'Goals with Soul'

      Goals with Soul, a soccer fundraiser and low-pressure tournament, will take place at Carleton on Saturday of sixth weekend in order to raise money for two non-profit organizations that support women’s and youth empowerment in low-opportunity areas.

    • leighton

      Strat. Planning Discusses Competitiveness of College

      The Competition Working Group is charged with finding out “what the competition is doing that Carleton should take note of,” deciding whether to emulate the changes made by competing colleges or take steps to present itself as an alternative. 

    • convo

      The Journalist's Journey

      Despite having no journalism classes available at Carleton, Welna praised his liberal arts education for preparing him well and giving him important skills – such as working with fast deadlines, which is crucial to his job. Welna said much of what he does in his career is “emblematic of Carleton’s learning environment, where it’s cool to ask questions.”

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    • Kathryn Schmidt

      Knights Remain Unbeaten in Conference With Weekend Win

      Phil Humber of the White Sox said of his no-hitter last weekend, “What took place was just awesome.” Now, it may be slightly impressive for a pitcher to blank his opponents in one game, but the Lady Knights’ tennis team did it this weekend for their ninth time this season.

    • Noah Laack-Veeder

      Men: First-Years Lead the Way

      The weather was tough, but the Knights were tougher as Carleton took to their home track at the Carleton Relays on Saturday. A man who remembers the old track, the one that lasted 28 years before getting swamped by the flood of 2010, Kian Flynn ‘12 dusted off his armor as he took to lane one for his final Carleton Relays.The Knights compete all over the place this week.

    • Jessa Youso

      Women Challenge Across the Board

      For the first time in a long while, the women’s track team competed in the Carleton Relays last Saturday. A number of alums returned to the track and a good time was had by all, despite the rainy weather. Not only did the team have a good time, but they ran well. In the 1500m Tori Ostenso ’15 dropped nine seconds off her time from two weeks ago and Laura Newcombe ’13 dropped seven.

    • Chelsea Yost

      Softball Defeats Blue Devils, But Falls to Pipers

      It was a split week for the Carleton Softball team, as they swept the University of Wisconsin-Stout before falling to the Hamline Pipers, 10-4, 11-9. The Knights will be at St. Olaf College this Saturday, April 28, at 1 p.m. for a doubleheader.

    • Jordan Ranum

      Chelsey leads Knights Golf at Bobby Krig Invitational

      For the second time this season, Brian Chelsey ’13 was the top scorer for the men’s golf team, improving his score over each round of the Bobby Krig invitational to shoot an 83, a 79, and a 76 through three successive rounds at Le Sueur Country Club.

    • Kelsey Moede

      Second-Place Finish for Moede at Wartburg

      As the Women's Gold team traveled to the Wartburg Invitational, rookie Kelsey Moede had a strong weekend, pulling out a second-place individual finish with a score of 13-over-par 157. She also posted a career-best six-over par 78 in the final round of the tournament.

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    • Griffin Johnson

      God is Dead, or, Against Productivity

      There are two demons that haunt me at Carleton; their names are Procrastination and Bullshit. Procrastination is what torments me when I go to bed at 4 in the morning realizing that if I hadn’t spent all that time texting and looking at gifs on tumblr, I’d have gotten my reading done on time – after all, what’s the use of doing the reading if you’re too tired to say anything about it in class?

    • Sam Feigenbaum

      Feigenbaum: The Likeability Factor

      This week in Washington DC, we met with Senator Al Franken.  As you might expect, it was a really short visit.  He’s a busy guy.  Our visit went like this.  We showed up to his office.  We were brought in to a conference room.  Al hustled in, aides at his heels.  Fifteen minutes later, Al hustled out, off to meet Minnesota’s military kid of the year.

    • Casey Silver

      Springterm (Anything Can Happen)

      Entering my third spring term, I thought I pretty much knew what to expect. Sunshine, pretending not to have any schoolwork, and outdoor adventures awaited me, and I couldn’t wait for the term to begin. Among the things I looked forward to was finalizing my housing plans for next year.

    • Stuart John Urback

      What Would Game Studies Look Like?

      Game design in academia is a thing.  It’s not going away anytime soon, if Carnegie Mellon, Rochester Institute, NYU, USC, or MIT are to be believed.  However, I often have the problem of spending such a long time defending exactly why game design belongs at this college (or really any college that I never actually explain what a game design major, or what game design courses would look like. So that’s what I’m going to do.

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    • volunteer for carleton

      Measuring the College Experience

      Beyond the obvious credential, how much does a college education actually change a student? That is, how different is the graduating senior from the freshman who entered college four years earlier? Or, more simply, does college make you smarter?

    • Comps

      It Was Worth the Stress; We’re Glad We Compsed

      This past week, inboxes campus-wide overflowed with e-mail invitations to senior comps talks. Much like sexier springtime traditions such as Mai Fete, Spring Concert and Rotblatt, comps presentations represent another—perhaps overlooked—feature of spring term.

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    • muslim women

      News Briefs

      Anthropologist to Speak on Moral Crusades to Save Muslim Women, Carleton’s Ian G. Barbour Lecture Series Continues with a Presentation by Dr. Larry L. Rasmussen, and Carleton Presents Step It Up II: An Evening of Hip-Hop Dance Performance

    • Officer Holicky and Officer Bushey, Security Services

      Security Blotter

      Week of April 19-22, 2012

    • drying racks

      Floor Drying Racks!

      Earlier this year, a SOPE (Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment) proposal to purchase two drying racks for each floor in the dorms. The drying racks have been ordered and half of them should arrive soon and be ready for use in the next week.

    • frogs


      Mreakkk mreakkk. If you wander near Kettle Hole Marsh, it is nearly impossible to avoid the enveloping the racket of the chorus frogs. The western chorus frog is the smallest frog species in Minnesota, but you wouldn’t know that from their boisterous noise-making!

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