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  • Between Loneliness and Being Alone (Login Required)

    I am a firm believer that solitude is essential for the soul.

  • Free Speech and Editorial Conscience (Login Required)

    From time to time, article submissions pop into my inbox that trouble me, sometimes very deeply.

  • Free speech, but not hate speech (Login Required)

    It has come to our attention that Norman Butler, the owner of the Contented Cow and Chapati, has invited a man named James Fetzer to speak at the Contented Cow four times between February and May as part of a series of “Cow Talks.”

  • Michael Shermer was wrong. Islam is not the problem. (Login Required)

    Over the past two weeks, news of the tragedy at the Paris office of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo has made its way to every corner of the globe.

  • In Case of Fire, Use Stairs: (in)Justice in the US (Login Required)

    You know where you stand in the American legal system by the elevator you use in the federal courthouse.

  • A Twelve-Year-Old's Take on Police Brutality (Login Required)

    For the past few months, my media sources have been overrun by information about police brutality.

  • In This Divestment Debate, Don’t Forget the Last One (Login Required)

    The Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC) was established in 2005 to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the management of the College’s endowment.

  • A Farewell to Cups (For Now) (Login Required)

    The grand reusable cups experiment of fall 2014 is over. Despite a student vote of 914-242 in favor of the initiative, $8,000 in CSA funding, and 8,000 new cups purchased, Carleton’s dining halls once again use disposable takeout cups in lieu of a reusable option.

  • A Costly, Complicated Folly (Login Required)

    Although it was a noble effort to reduce waste and expand environmental awareness, the reusable cups program was a costly, complicated folly.

  • Ask Aphrodite

    Dear Carls,

    Every relationship goes through bad phases, terrible ones, even. Times where you can’t believe how awful the other person is, how they could be so annoying, so insensitive, so oblivious to your needs, so careless, so very, very wrong.

  • A Thousand Years of Guzheng

    I have never seen myself as a decisive person, especially when the question comes to whether I should pick vanilla or chocolate flavor for ice-cream. However, perhaps under some sweet magical spell, my five-year-old self announced to the whole world that she was going to learn this incredibly beautiful instrument she saw on TV, and luckily she did.

  • Jaded or Justified? On Voting

    People often throw around the phrase, “you vote with your fork.” The idea is, we can shape the food system by changing what we buy, and what we choose to eat can in turn tell the markets what to product.