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  • Electronic Pet Responsibility (Login Required)

    On the top of my Christmas list every year was one thing: a dog. And until I was twelve, that dream didn’t come true.

  • Reform Medical Transport (Login Required)

    On Wednesday, February 11th, I woke up feeling feverish, weak, and dizzy after having a nasty sore throat the night before.

  • Comfort in Conspiracy (Login Required)

    Conspiracy theories are appealing, because they give the world order. So much of what happens in our world is chaotic, and things happen without any discernible reason.

  • Reframe the Blame (Login Required)

    Someone’s gone missing, turned up in a hospital or worse yet is just suddenly and impossibly gone.

  • “What is the Value of a Carleton Education?” (Login Required)

  • Carleton and Colgate; what comparison teaches (Login Required)

    Over our tremendously long (ha) Midterm Break, I visited my twin sister at Colgate University in upstate New York. During my stay, I began to notice the striking differences between Colgate University and Carleton College.

  • Diversity on campus isn’t just about skin color (Login Required)

    “I would like to thank Ben and Matt for raising the issue of having a diversity survey. I don’t think it should be the same diversity as the student body. We should be more diverse. The last two executive boards have been all white.”

  • Mine and thine in the Heartland (Login Required)

    The iron that floated Ironwood, Michigan in times of prosperity sunk it once boom turned to bust. Now, grimy rundown storefronts and an air of depression cling to the tiny northern town.

  • Be My Pancake (Login Required)

    Despite writing an opinion piece about Valentine’s Day, I don’t have an opinion for or against its celebration.

  • How to love a fish (Login Required)

    I stumbled into the dorm kitchen half asleep to find that the fishbowl was gone. “Where’s Social Experiment?” I asked the guy sitting there with his laptop. “Where’s our fish?” I repeated.

  • Spirit whatimals? (Login Required)

    “You know, I think that you’re like a cross between a Koala and an Elephant. A Koalaphant.” This is what my sister told me.

  • Diversity and representation (Login Required)

    “I believe we should represent Carleton proportionally. Carleton is predominately white. It makes sense that the Senate is majority white. There isn’t a lot of diversity.”