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Weekly Updates


    Weekly Recipe: Phillodough Cigars

  • Apple crisp

    Weekly Recipe: Apple Crisp

  • Apple Crisp.

    Weekly Recipe: Apple Crisp

    Heat oven to 375ºF. Grease bottom and sides of a suitable pan with butter. Spread apples in pan.

  • Weekly Recipe: Salmon Salad

    The one two punch of the flavor and texture in this recipe is just fantastic. The raspberry vinegar adds a whole other dimension to the salmon, and serving it cold (ish) really seems to bring out the crunchiness of the salad and keep the light and airy feeling.

  • Scandinavian Mushroom Toast

    Scandinavian Mushroom Toast

    1. Wash leek thoroughly, and then chop it, along with the garlic 2. Cut mushrooms into desired size

  • Nancy Braker/ Special to the Carletonian


    Guess what, Carleton? It’s still winter outside. Although it might be wearing on you, the winter is still a great time to get out and enjoy the Arb.

  • Cold Weather Cure: Mushroom and Stilton Galette

    Mushroom and Stilton Galette I particularly like this recipe as the porcini flavor really is allowed to take the driver’s seat, and paired with the creaminess of the filling, thanks in large degree to the stilton, it matches perfectly with a nice buttery, flakey crust.

  • ArbNotes

    Not all weather talk is small talk. Global anthropogenic climate change is the biggest conservation challenge of our lifetimes.

  • Nancy Braker/ Special to the Carletonian

    ArbNotes: Making Tracks in the Arb

    Although it is hard to believe that anything could be surviving outdoors in our sub-zero degree winters, amazingly the majority of the creatures that live in Minnesota remain here year round, and while at first glance the Arboretum may appear empty but snow and bare trees, it is as full of life as ever.


    Friday Poetry: Let Me Tell You the Truth

    Let me tell you the truth
    About a passionate kiss
    I had under an umbrella in the pouring rain

  • Carleton's Arb


    Over the past three-and-a-half years, I have grown quite fond of the Arboretum. In fact, I consider the Arb to be an invaluable piece of my Carleton experience. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect broadly on the importance of the Arb.

  • ArbNotes: Farewell From a Senior

    In recent visits to our beautiful, crisp, November Arboretum, I find myself doing quite a bit of reflection. As a senior whose next two terms are pulling me away from the Arboretum towards other work-related pursuits, this is the last time I will be writing Arb notes.