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  • Correction: "Constance Walker" (Login Required)

    Erin Winter ‘15 was part of the Constance Walker project. Winter was employed over the summer to construct the database and then to use networking software to analyze the relationships between poets in the data.

  • Correction: "The Humanities" (Login Required)

    I write to correct two misimpressions of my comments in J. M. Hanley’s recent article “The humanities: pre-professional tracks, and you.”

  • Both football photos on the front page of the October 9 issue should be credited to Andrew Walters, ’11.

  • Director of Intercultural Life: Joy Kluttz

    Last week’s article "Search begins for new Director of Campus Activities" incorrectly idenitified Joy Esboldt as from the Office of Intercultural Life. Joy Kluttz is the Director of Intercultural Life.

  • Correction

    In last week’s issue of The Carletonian, a typo appeared in a headline in which the name of the country Colombia was misspelled.

  • A clarification on the gender-neutral dorms

    Dear Editor,

    In regards to the article "Residential Life announces gender-neutral dorm option," I have two clarifications: 1) There are no "gender-neutral dorms," and 2) I'm not Jedda. First, the first: We already have co-ed housing. Men and women can live together on the same floor. The change for next year is that men and women can now live together in the same room, too. This option (co-ed housing, *not* gender-neutral housing) will be available in all rooms for 3+ people, as well as in a few doubles per floor, except on all-male and all-female floors. It is not restricted to a "gender-neutral dorm." Room draw will proceed as always, expect that there will now be rooms designated co-ed in addition to male and female rooms. Co-ed rooms can be drawn into by men, women, or both.

    And, second, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you confused me with Jedda on the basis of our orange Crocs.

    Em Harris

  • Corrections

    In last week’s article titled “Students participate in selection of dining service,” members of the Dining Task Force were misquoted. The article alleged that certain food service providers have decided against providing for Carleton because of the condition of Burton Dining Hall, but members of the Dining Task Force have denied that this was a factor in companies choosing to work with the College. Members of the Dining Task Force also wish to emphasize their complete impartiality in the process of choosing a food service provider.