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  • Carltography

    Carltography: Mapping the Carleton Narrative

    Have you ever wondered where your fellow Carls spend their time? Ever thought about how there is hardly an inch of campus that has been untouched by students, at one time or another?

  • ETB players in “SurUrbia."

    “SubUrbia,” Burnout Wasteland

    “SubUrbia,” a play written by Eric Bogosian and directed by junior History major Andrew Harvey, opened last Thursday in the Little Norse Theater.

  • Zach McGowan,

    Interview: Zach McGowan ‘02, Actor on TV Show Black Sails

    Zach McGowan, Carleton College Class of 2002, is a television actor from New York, NY.  He recently landed a prominent role in Black Sails, a major STARZ production.

  • Humans of Carleton

    The Human Behind Humans of Carleton

    Humans of Carleton creator Thomas Hiura ‘17 says that if there were one question someone should ask to get to know him, it would be what his top ten favorite rap albums are.

  • Lenny D cast members puzzle over the best way to break up via board game

    Inside Lenny D

    We all love to go watch Lenny Dee preform every term and laugh at the ridiculousness that the our own comedians come up with, but have you ever wondered what it takes to come up with those sketches? This is a behind the scenes look at the seven weeks of work that goes into Lenny Dee every term.

  • Mary Ann Kelling

    11 Questions with Carleton's Costume Designer

    Costume director Mary Ann Kelling has spent thirteen years getting Carls gussied up before they hit the stage – even in the midst of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer. This week I sat down to chat with her about sewing, teaching, and design theory.

  • Semaphore Fall Recital

    Semaphore Fall Recital

    Carleton’s modern dance company, Semaphore, had their fall dance recital last weekend.

  • Andrew Harvey ‘15 and Ethan Ramsey ‘17 as Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew.

    "Twelfth Night" Feeds Audience Food of Love, Ends on a High Note

    For her final Carleton production, Ruth Weiner transported the audience to Illyria – a mysterious land where two shipwrecked twins find love and each other.

  • Theater Department Says Goodbye to Ruth Weiner

    Ruth Weiner isn’t only a retiring Theater Professor, she is a piece of Carleton history who is finally taking her bow and leaving theater at Carleton in our capable hands.

  • Books & Ideas: Recommended Reading List

    Need a good book? Here, our ‘Tonian editors recommended some of their favorites. If you have some down time before final projects get crazy, try one of these good reads to feed your mind... You won’t be disappointed by these literary successes!

  • Salman Rushdie spoke in the Recreation Center.

    Pearls of Wisdom from Award-Winning Author Salman Rushdie

    There we are, the age of garbage. And yet I believe that Dan Brown should continue to live.

  • Friday Poetry: Lucy

    It's 4am in willis