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  • Knights members practice their repertoire. Photo by Charlotte Duong.

    A cappella groups consider diversity controversy (Login Required)

    Comprised of five unique groups on campus, a capella is an asset to the Carleton culture. They portray all the fun and flair that comes with attending college here. However, the question of whether such groups are truly representative of the study body has faced debate.

  • “Visiting professor” title demystified (Login Required)

    In the pursuit of a tenure-track position, many professors with new PhDs find it desirable or necessary to make a pit stop along the way. This is known as the ‘visiting professorship,’ which at Carleton usually signifies a stint of one to two years, usually to cover for someone on sabbatical.

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar

    Senator speaks at convo, encourages political debate among students (Login Required)

    United States Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) spoke at Opening Convocation last Monday. Now halfway through her second term in the Senate, Amy Klobuchar has been mentioned as a candidate for the presidency, vice presidency, U.S. Supreme Court, and various Cabinet positions. But she remains fiercely loyal to Minnesota.

  • Class of 2019 members introduce themselves (Login Required)

    Get to know the tonian's new staff!

  • T-Pain !!!!!

    Our dream interview with T-pain (Login Required)

    A fun, fictional interview between the tonian editors-in-chief and T-Pain himself

  • Ode to Rotblatt: A history of the game (Login Required)

    Spring term's big event is finally here; Rotblatt. This is an entirely unique tradition that has been a part of Carleton’s history since 1964. This wonderful event actually started as an intramural league that only had four teams, and the first game was played with a grapefruit.

  • The bike ride this week ended up at a playground for an 8th week distraction

    Cruisin’ with the Prez, a bicycle adventure (Login Required)

    Cruising Club is a glorious tradition that commenced in 2004 as a way to unwind and get outside. President Poskanzer joined in for this week's relaxing bike ride that ended at a playground.

  • African Cooking and Cultural Reggae (Login Required)

    From the Reggae Night at the Cave to the Jollof rice cook-off between two students, the campus celebrated African culture through its music, dancing, and food.

  • Big dreams for the future of pizza (Login Required)

    Pizza oven, coming soon to a campus near you

  • ENTS Professor Tsegaye Nega

    Nature, cruel and complex (Login Required)

    Tsegaye Nega: From Ethiopian Refugee to Carleton Professor

  • Trimesters, or maybe just trying too hard (Login Required)

    I spoke with two professors, both of which had taught previously at semester schools, to understand why we should, and should not, remain a trimester school.

  • Admissions woos South and West (Login Required)

    Ten years ago, about half of all Carleton students came from the Midwest. Over the past decade, admissions has seen that proportion decrease to about 40%.