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  • With Map Research, Morse Charts New Territory (Login Required)

    Since its opening in 2011, the Perlman Teaching Museum in the Weitz Center for Cre- ativity has acted as a bridge across disciplines and media in order to connect the visual and liberal arts.

  • Carls Tutor Syrian Refugees (Login Required)

    For many, the image of a paper airplane conjures up visions of a childhood classroom. Students in war-torn Syria, however, are more accustomed to real planes - bombing their cities and villages, driving them into exile and away from school.

  • 7 Arb Deer Killed in Winter Break Bow Hunt (Login Required)

    Many Carleton students are unaware of activity that takes place in the arboretum from Thanksgiving Day to December 31, the annual season for bow hunters to harvest deer from within the arb.

  • Dungeon on Division: Alum Opens Game Store Downtown (Login Required)

    Shuffling cards and rolling dice now have a place to pay out social capital.

  • Carls React to Comet Landing

    This past Wednesday, a European probe named Philae landed on a comet for the first time in human history. This same probe made history earlier this year by becoming the first probe to orbit around a comet.

  • Over Break, Students Say, the Best Plan is No Plan

    Through the long and arduous journey that is the ninth week, all that students have to motivate them is the fact that the term will come to an end, and hopefully in this their suffering will cease.

  • Reusable cups. Where are they?

    #Where Have the Cups Gone?

    The dearth of reusable cups in the dining halls has led to widespread frustration--and the creation of a Twitter account: @Cupsandbananas, which offers updates and commentary on the number of cups and bananas present at various locations on campus.

  • Pressing or Paranoid?: Talking About Ebola

    The spread of Ebola has been a topic of mounting concern in recent months.

  • ACE Puts the “A”in LGBTQA

    Asexuality Community & Education (ACE), as well as the GSC, have been making efforts to promote bring awareness to the asexual community.

  • Carls Go Nuts for Albino Squirrel

    Carleton is a pretty cool place. No question about it. Look it up - the extremely authoritative source of Google reviews gives Carleton an average of 4.9 stars.

  • Area director Pat Gordon displays the rocks students find on a table in his office.

    Let the Hunt Begin: Red Rocks Beware

    October brings with it leaves of yellow, orange, and red. Red leaves, red cheeks, red scarves and... red rocks?

  • A League of Their Own: Life in the Gamer Lab (Login Required)

    If you enter CMC 110, you may be overwhelmed by sounds of automated gunfire and angry students, battling it out with mages and bruisers in a virtual arena of death and destruction.