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2014 Fall Issue 4 (October 17, 2014)

    • Librarian Edits Top Ammo Encyclopedia

      Charlie Priore, reference and instruction librarian for the sciences and ammunition expert, edited the recently published The Ammo Encyclopedia 5th edition, which is the most comprehensive reference book available on current and obsolete ammunition.

    • The proposed routes of the intercity passenger rail line, connecting Northfield to the twin cities.

      Nakasian Leads Push for Nofo-Cities Rail Line

      Carleton students and faculty are collaborating with local representative Suzie Nakasian and state representative David Bly to create a passenger rail service to the Twin Cities area, through the Grass Roots Transit Initiative.

    • Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis at the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance.

      Carls Rally for Justice in Ferguson

      Nine Carleton students participated in the national march and rally in Missouri against police brutality and racial profiling for the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance.

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