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  • Don’t blame Carleton: those are federal policies

    I want to be clear: I am writing this article to provide perspective on the policies, not to undermine or denigrate or otherwise be unsupportive of any complainants who have gone through the process.

  • A response

    I am one of the students on Carleton’s Community Board on Sexual Misconduct. This gives me a unique student perspective.

  • A legacy of support

    In 2010, we radically changed the sexual misconduct complaint process at Carleton. Five years later, the campus is again engaged in dialogue about fair processes and survivor support.

  • Carleton’s serious about sexual assault

    I have been an associate dean of students at Carleton since January 2009. During spring term 2009, students demanded that the College review the processes regarding sexual misconduct complaints, which had not been reviewed since 2001.

  • I want to be a kid when I grow up

    I was singing on the sidewalks when I was told “to grow up.” My peer was only a year and a half older, and he was apparently disappointed in my behavior.

  • Ten Things College Kids Miss About Childhood

    Let’s face it: childhood was pretty incredible. And even though we’re now in college and have the freedom to do pretty much anything we please, there’s always a part of us that will want to go back to those endless days spent on the playground. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • Letters to Katie

    When I was little, I started writing letters to my future self. I hid them in various places around the house—nestled in the extra rugs and old desks in the basement, tucked behind the books in the bookshelf, scribbled in my diary.

  • Between Loneliness and Being Alone

    I am a firm believer that solitude is essential for the soul.

  • Free Speech and Editorial Conscience

    From time to time, article submissions pop into my inbox that trouble me, sometimes very deeply.

  • Free speech, but not hate speech

    It has come to our attention that Norman Butler, the owner of the Contented Cow and Chapati, has invited a man named James Fetzer to speak at the Contented Cow four times between February and May as part of a series of “Cow Talks.”

  • Michael Shermer was wrong. Islam is not the problem.

    Over the past two weeks, news of the tragedy at the Paris office of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo has made its way to every corner of the globe.

  • In Case of Fire, Use Stairs: (in)Justice in the US

    You know where you stand in the American legal system by the elevator you use in the federal courthouse.