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2016 Fall Issue 6 (October 28, 2016)

    • Students share housing concerns (Login Required)

      "Every term, students who are off-campus must find housing for their return to Carleton. Many students say, however, that the process for finding a place to live is confusing and difficult."

    • Weitz family donates $20 million for financial aid (Login Required)

      "In honor of the college’s sesquicentennial, the Weitz family donated $20 million for matching new need-based endowment gifts to financial aid."

    • Library replaces catalogue with Catalyst (Login Required)

      "The beginning of fall term saw the first real test for the Gould Library’s new catalogue, Catalyst, which replaced the previous system, Bridge Squared."

    • New concentration to focus on Middle East (Login Required)

      "Starting this year, Carleton students of any class year can concentrate in Middle East Studies. The new concentration includes courses from several departments, such as religion, political science, Hebrew, Arabic and history."

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    • Senior Spotlight: Alex Griese (Login Required)

      "In two weeks the men’s varsity soccer will finish their season, marking the end of senior captain Alex Griese’s four-year Carleton soccer career."

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    • Who is good? (Login Required)

      "Was Obama a good president? In setting about answering this question, more questions must be asked: What makes a president “good?”"

    • Looking backward (Login Required)

      "It’s now been almost eight whole years since Barack Obama became President. Ordinarily it would be poor form to reflect on a sitting president’s legacy, but since we’re facing the mother of all lame duck electoral seasons, I’m fairly confident Obama’s legacy is nearly complete."

    • A myopia rooted in the fear of being silenced (Login Required)

      "Behind two of the most prominent arguments regarding the censorship, or lack thereof, of freedom of speech in America today, lie common threads."

    • Trump a 70-year-old 4th grader (Login Required)

      "“It’s just locker room talk” is how Donald Trump defends the video of him bragging about sexually assaulting women."

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    • The Hunt for Bigfoot (Login Required)

      "As the chilly fall winds blow in causing shivers and extra hot chocolate orders at Sayles, so do some spine-tingling reports of unusual activity in the Arboretum."

    • Carleton’s “Haunt” Spots (Login Required)

      "Unlike Carleton’s occasionally disappearing wifi, Carleton’s “haunt”spots will never disappoint ... especially if you’ve just come from a night of partying and decide it’s a great idea to scare yourself."

    • Confidential: Res Life Housing for the Winter (Login Required)

      "Ah, the Carleton College Class of 2020. Since last spring when word spread of how enormous the incoming freshman class was, the big question among students was how on earth Res Life would accommodate everyone. Luckily, fall term saw a high number of students study abroad. But this winter, they return."

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