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  • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

    I vote we engage ourselves in the political process and show our deep distaste for its shortcomings. Don’t want drilling in the Chukchi sea? Let’s write letters to our home and state representatives.

  • We’re talking about this wrong (Login Required)

    We hate acknowledging privilege. We hate acknowledging the nagging feeling that we enjoy advantages that other people don’t have.

  • Whiteness as default (Login Required)

    This nation was built on white supremacy, and no amount of multicultural Coca-Cola commercials, or peace prizes for Obama, or seasons of The Wire is going to fix that.

  • Shredding in charades: my pantomime pleasures (Login Required)

    The pick never wears down and the strap never strains your neck. The strings never break, lose their tone, or go out of tune. The air guitar is nothing if not loyal; an ergonomically perfect specimen.

  • A memoir in tea (Login Required)

    If you drink a cup of tea too quickly, you’ll burn yourself. That’s part of the beauty of it - tea forces you to slow down, to wait for the brew to steep, then to wait for the brew to cool.

  • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

    We, the Carleton community— students, faculty and staff—need to engage each other in real debate and discussion. I want us, as a community, to get in the practice of not taking the easy way out by agreeing with popular ideology.

  • Why I blew it (Login Required)

    The Carleton Student Association (CSA) Senate has a big gender problem and a big race problem.

  • Conversation, not confrontation (Login Required)

    CSA Senate meetings should be a place where all people feel safe to speak, express themselves, and have respectful and vigorous conversations. Blowing an airhorn repeatedly for myself and other students was triggering and disrespectful.

  • Couch potato (Login Required)

    I like to think of consuming television, or any medium of fiction, really, as an act of empathy.

  • Missouri blueberry pie (Login Required)

    For me, baking isn’t about creating the most beautiful pastry; it’s about taking time to learn more about my father.

  • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

    A friend of mine says that he likes girls better when they don’t wear makeup, and that girls look prettier without makeup. On one hand, this perspective is refreshing; he doesn’t seem to hold the stereotypical opinion of many that women must wear makeup in order to be beautiful. However, on the other hand, him having any opinion at all on the matter is a judgmental expectation in it of itself.

  • Lessons on beauty standards (Login Required)

    I don’t believe there’s one definition of “pretty.” Even on an individual level, a person’s idea of beauty changes throughout their lifetime.