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  • ResLife alters RA policies (Login Required)

    "At the beginning of fall term, Residential Life changed its policies and procedures related to alcohol and drug consumption, according to Andrea Robinson, Director of Residential Life. Robinson explained that these changes are intended to increase consistency in regards to how RAs respond to illegal drug and alcohol consumption and to ensure that RAs act as resources rather than as police for the student body."

  • Community mourns student Sid Ramakrishnan (Login Required)

    “It made me feel the love and support of the community at large during a time when everything felt dark and confusing,” Makowsky said. “Walking into Sayles and seeing every mailbox filled with flowers is a beautiful thing.”

    A longer remembrance of Sid Ramakrishnan will follow in next week's issue.

  • Picture by Audrey Kan.

    All-gender bathrooms open on fourth libe (Login Required)

    "As a part of summer construction across campus, two allgender restrooms were added to Fourth Libe. These two new restrooms bring the total number of Libe restrooms to six. There are also two located on Third and two located on First Libe. These four bathrooms are exclusive to individuals that identify as either male or female. The addition of the Fourth Libe bathrooms has been in the facilities master plan for a long time."

  • Students to see increase in work-study wages (Login Required)

    "We’re pleased that we can offer students a little bit more than just the minimum, and I think it reflects the value we place on student employment and the time that students have to work."

  • Changes coming to Dean’s office (Login Required)

    Speaking on changes to the Dean of Students' Office, a new Title IX Coordinator, and expanding the Title IX Program.

  • "Campus Update on Sexual Misconduct" email sparks campus discussion (Login Required)

    “These issues need to be properly handled on a case-by-case basis by the involved parties and administration, not thrown to the judgement of the entire student body. Distributing a list of sexual offenders based on word of mouth, without context, may have been intended to protect but only serves to cause further harm and resentment.”

  • Senator impeached for missed meetings (Login Required)

    "As mandated by CSA bylaws, a Senator with three absences undergoes an automatic hearing and subsequent impeachment vote. The Senator is removed from CSA if two thirds of Senators vote for impeachment."

  • Incoming class size data shows that the Class of 2020 is a record high. Graphic by Nam Anh Nguyen.

    Class of 2020 yield largest in Carleton history (Login Required)

    "The talents and skills represented are wonderful, and there is even a small uptick in quality by all the standard measures. I can’t complain about the group we have coming in, so we do have the issue of a larger class but wonderful other effects coming with it of probably one of the most diverse classes."

  • Lawsuit questions drinking culture (Login Required)

    "I think it would be a mistake to put all, or even most, of the blame for sexual misconduct on our drinking culture. I am not exonerating our drinking culture....But it's too easy to blame alcohol for what is really a deeper societal problem of rape culture and internalized misogyny."

  • Annual Arb burnings maintain habitats (Login Required)

    "Historically, fires got started through lightning strikes or from Native American burning." Indigenous peoples of the region would burn grasses to facilitate travel, as well as to draw grazers—their food supply—to the area. With time, a freshly burned landscape every few years became the norm.

  • Students work at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, a trip sponsored by the CCCE.

    CCCE looks to hire new director (Login Required)

    "This new director is going to be responsible for providing direction and leadership to the CCCE and developing a strategic plan for the next several years and then coordinating the many dimensions of the work that we do."

  • Carleton to accept Coalition App with class of 2021 (Login Required)

    "The new application allows for students to invite mentors, teachers or community partners to edit and look at students’ progress. According to Anthony, this could be a huge help, particularly for under resourced students or first-generation college students working with community organizations who do not own storage space or a platform to collaborate on the application."