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  • Carletonian Writer Zach Brokaw. Photo by Audrey Kan.

    Writer Zach Brokaw Remembered (Login Required)

    Maya Angelou said that “people will never forget how you made them feel.” Zach, we will miss you.

  • Administration drops add/drop cards (Login Required)

    As of now, students will be able to drop or add open 10-week courses online via the Hub during the first week of next term without a yellow add/drop card or signatures from instructors or advisors.

  • Student DJs at Spring Concert 2015

    Squeezed Allocations due to T-Pain (Login Required)

    Spring concert, in total, cost roughly $90,000, a figure reflecting the cost of set-up and of the bands themselves. This was roughly $30,000 over what the CSA had budgeted.

  • Drug & Alcohol Task Force finishes revisions (Login Required)

    Zosie Sandell’s suspension for drug possession during fall term sparked criticism of Carleton’s drug and alcohol policies. A group of students, faculty and staff formed to help streamline the policy.

  • Carleton faculty from 1902 including Horace Goodhue, Lucian W. Chaney and Isabella Watson.

    Students draw into cyber- space (Login Required)

    Room Draw goes online, enters 21st century

  • Carleton wins MN alcohol & drug grant (Login Required)

    Carleton has been chosen to receive a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to cut underage drinking and drug use on campus.

  • Air horn in CSA jars senators (Login Required)

    “It’s creating a space where people are no longer safe to exercise power they might have over others because of their gender and race. If that makes people feel unsafe, then I guess people ought to feel unsafe a little more often.” --David Atkinson ’15

  • Members of Carleton’s trapshooting club practice at the Minneapolis Gun Club.

    Trapshooting club gets the bucks (Login Required)

    Debate about liability, gun safety & personal property funding, but amongst controversy, club receives funds

  • Vandalism has been a larger issue this term than it has been in the past.

    Graffiti vandals deface campus (Login Required)

    Student vandalism perplexes Security

  • CSA expects to run budget deficit (Login Required)

    The CSA budget will exceed its income for the 2014-15 academic year, according to CSA treasurer Ben Strauss ’16.

  • Rumors sparked discussions about the role of interest houses in student life.

    Cultural house partying seeds sub-free rumors (Login Required)

    Rumors that Freedom House (Williams House) and La Casa del Sol (Hunt Cottage) were to be converted into sub-free interest houses recently sparked outrage among various communities on campus.

  • The winning project was a program dedicated to helping colorblind people interact with the Internet.

    Large prizes, little sleep (Login Required)

    Carleton’s first hackathon, 36 hours later. At a hackathon, within 36 sleepless hours, a group of students work to solve any issue that interests them, using coding. Hackathons happen all around the globe.