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Weekly Updates

  • Nancy Braker/ Special to the Carletonian

    ArbNotes: Making Tracks in the Arb (Login Required)

    Although it is hard to believe that anything could be surviving outdoors in our sub-zero degree winters, amazingly the majority of the creatures that live in Minnesota remain here year round, and while at first glance the Arboretum may appear empty but snow and bare trees, it is as full of life as ever.


    Friday Poetry: Let Me Tell You the Truth (Login Required)

    Let me tell you the truth
    About a passionate kiss
    I had under an umbrella in the pouring rain

  • Carleton's Arb

    ArbNotes (Login Required)

    Over the past three-and-a-half years, I have grown quite fond of the Arboretum. In fact, I consider the Arb to be an invaluable piece of my Carleton experience. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect broadly on the importance of the Arb.

  • ArbNotes: Farewell From a Senior (Login Required)

    In recent visits to our beautiful, crisp, November Arboretum, I find myself doing quite a bit of reflection. As a senior whose next two terms are pulling me away from the Arboretum towards other work-related pursuits, this is the last time I will be writing Arb notes.

  • ArbNotes (Login Required)

    If you’ve been for a walk in the Lower Arb during the past year, you’ll have noticed various barren-looking regions that were covered by conifer plantations, until recently.


    ArbNotes: Getting Squirrely (Login Required)

    They are all around us. Small and easily overlooked, but always present: the thirteen-lined ground squirrel. This little critter lives in prairies, and can be found all over the prairies of the arb.

  • ArbNotes | "ArbNights": Star-Gazing in the Arb (Login Required)

    Night time is one of the most beautiful and peaceful times in the Arb, and yet few people are aware of what the Arb has to offer at night.

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    ArbNotes: "Chicken of the Forest" and Other Fall Delicacies (Login Required)

    “Plum and custard wood trich,” “Shimeji Funnel Cap,” ”Cinnabar Chantarelle,” “Rosy Gomph”: what species to do these names refer to? That’s right: these are all mushrooms that thrive in northern woodlands like the Arb.

  • A beaver.

    ArbNotes: Love in the Arb? (Login Required)

    The Carleton Arboretum is often thought to be a great place for a romantic walk. But there may be more love brewing in the Arb than one would initially think.

  • During fall, eagles from the North and West use the Cannon as a guide to reach the Mississippi.

    ArbNotes | Abundant Buzzards: The Legacy of a DDT Ban (Login Required)

    Between the 1940’s and early 1970’s, DDT, an industrial insecticide, was used extensively throughout the United States to control crop pests and to help eradicate malaria.

  • Carleton's Arb

    ArbNotes (Login Required)

    If you have recently taken a walk through the Arb prairies, you probably noticed the golden grasses swaying in the breeze and a few vibrant purple asters hiding in the thatch but did you realize that you were walking through one of the most diverse and endangered ecosystems on the planet?

  • Ask Mickey: Help Figuring Out What to Eat During Mealtime (Login Required)

    Making good food choices helps you avoid unwanted pounds, work and sleep better, and form healthy eating habits that will help you live longer.