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  • volunteer for carleton

    Measuring the College Experience

    Beyond the obvious credential, how much does a college education actually change a student? That is, how different is the graduating senior from the freshman who entered college four years earlier? Or, more simply, does college make you smarter?

  • Comps

    It Was Worth the Stress; We’re Glad We Compsed

    This past week, inboxes campus-wide overflowed with e-mail invitations to senior comps talks. Much like sexier springtime traditions such as Mai Fete, Spring Concert and Rotblatt, comps presentations represent another—perhaps overlooked—feature of spring term.

  • Career center

    Alum advice for seniors on how to “improve your odds”

    During the past few years, it has been a great joy of mine to work with a number of students from Carleton and a few other elite colleges.  Like many alumni, I have been emailed and approached by Carleton students looking for career and/or grad school advice.


    A plea to save CANOE House, beloved Carleton tradition

    Last weekend, I received an upsetting email: after considering all the applications for next year’s interest houses, ResLife has decided not to renew CANOE as an interest house. Each year, all existing houses and proposals for houses are required to submit applications to ResLife detailing how they would/how they do add to the Carleton community.

  • campfire

    Arb Director responds to Arb parties

    During second week, a group of students chose to organize a party in the Lower Arboretum. In addition to the large amount of debris left behind, party participants also left a fire that was still burning at 8:00 a.m. the next morning, and the remains of fireworks.

  • Security

    Thoughts on Carleton Security & Community

    The way we interact with college professors and administrators seems pretty standardized. But our relationships with security are a bit trickier. While security ensures the fundamental safety of our campus, they also have a tendency of getting in the way of our fun.

  • take back the tap

    Carleton kepps us 'green'

    The decision to eliminate bottled water from vending machines was controversial among CSA senators and has sparked some discussion on campus about the necessity for accessibility to this commodity.

  • democrats and republicans

    In response to Caucus article: Reminder of Carls involved in both parties

    I’m writing to express concern regarding a story you ran in last week’s Carletonian article entitled “Carls active in local Democratic caucus”.
  • bookas


    During spring term, it is easy to forget that the same principles and qualities that have gotten us through Carleton still apply. We are still the same hard-working, conscientious students we have always been. While spring term is often hailed as the one term with #norules, we cannot forget how far we have come.

  • rankings

    College rankings as a marketing tool in line with Carleton’s values?

    It’s troubling to think that we can somehow quantify the teaching that goes on here, and publicizing our ranking rides completely against our campus ethos. Interestingly, the Office of Admissions has written a nice piece saying college rankings don’t matter

  • study abroad

    Editorial: Study abroad: get out there

    There is nothing quite like waking up and finding yourself in a place that six months ago you could not even imagine. From the mountains of Lesotho to the markets of Spain, stepping outside your comfort zone becomes a part of your daily life as you study abroad.

  • Swimming team pair earns weekly MIAC awards

    The Carleton College women’s swimming and diving team got to test the waters for the MIAC Championships over the weekend at a similarly big event in the same pool, and the results were extremely encouraging for both the Knights and junior swimmer Erin McDuffie.