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  • “Rushed off their feet:” Northfield residents’ opinions about Carls (Login Required)

    Approximately 32% of Northfield’s population is between the ages of 18-24, many of whom are students at Carleton College or St. Olaf College.

  • FinAid says Carleton’s “doing its best” on need-sensitive aid (Login Required)

    While increasing number of liberal arts colleges are following the trend of implementing a need-blind aid policy, Carleton continues to admit students on a need-sensitive basis.

  • Veggie Mondays Proposed (Login Required)

    Stickers beside light switches and posters in bathroom stalls remind us of daily ways to save electricity and water. But maybe we would be doing more good by dishing up on tofu instead.

  • After funds crisis, Body +++ aims to “keep people talking” (Login Required)

    For the past five weeks, a new student-run discussion series has been introduced as a venue for discussion about body positivity.

  • Ask Aphrodite (Login Required)

    Hello Lovers and Dreamers! I received an influx of questions with Midwinter Ball approaching, so I decided to answer a few! Enjoy.

  • The ManDance Consensus (Login Required)

    Every Winter and Spring terms, Ebony II performances are marked by a special dance—Mandance.

  • “Why I’m graduating early:” Seniors’ Reflections (Login Required)

    While most Carleton students finish in 12 terms—four years—some students opt to take a different route and decide to accelerate their graduation and graduate a term or more early.

  • Graduated, but still “going abroad” (Login Required)

    Imagine getting to study abroad twice, once as a student, and then later as an alum; hiking through Scotland’s Western Isles, floating down the Ganges River in India, or hiking the Grand Canyon with Carleton alumni of all ages as your travel companions and Carleton faculty and staff as your guides.

  • Speakeasy isn’t just a party theme (Login Required)

    Two services offered by the Academic Support Center, Speech Coaching and Academic Skills Coaching, are underutilized by the student body, says director of Academic Support, Kathy Evertz.

  • Carleton data storage, demystified (Login Required)

    Over the course of four years, Carleton’s administrative offices collect an astonishing amount of data from its students.

  • With Map Research, Morse Charts New Territory (Login Required)

    Since its opening in 2011, the Perlman Teaching Museum in the Weitz Center for Cre- ativity has acted as a bridge across disciplines and media in order to connect the visual and liberal arts.

  • Carls Tutor Syrian Refugees (Login Required)

    For many, the image of a paper airplane conjures up visions of a childhood classroom. Students in war-torn Syria, however, are more accustomed to real planes - bombing their cities and villages, driving them into exile and away from school.