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  • The inside of the Gender and Sexuality Center's new location. Photo by Thomas Hiura.

    WGST program dreams of hiring full-time faculty (Login Required)

    “Our students are upset, and legitimately so....We all want more consistency in the program’s resources,” Sehgal explained.

  • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

    Gould and red: a president's favorite color (Login Required)

    Although Gould's ties were his trademark, they were just one facet of a well-rounded man: "The Gould personality and reputation outshine that of the red tie."

  • Graphic by Nam Anh Nguyen.

    Mudd to be demolished for new science building (Login Required)

    "'Faculty are designing their own research suites from scratch, which is a rare thing,' said Psychology professor Ken Abrams. The new facility will emphasize efficiency, flexibility, disciplinary integration, and modernity."

  • Carleton receives grant for DACA students (Login Required)

    “I think we’re hoping that more dialogue will occur, more programming will occur.” Accepting DACA students is new “to us as an institution, and so I think we’re just getting started hopefully in having this conversation happen on campus.”

  • Graphic by Nam Nguyen.

    Campus grapples with trigger warnings (Login Required)

    The first Convocation speaker this term reenergizes dialogue about trigger warnings: whether they allow for better discussion and for people who have had traumatic experiences to prepare themselves, or inappropriate in the context of a classroom where virtually every idea should be subjected to rigorous criticism.

  • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

    Lafayette Bliss: Pioneer of MN education (Login Required)

    Testimonials on his behalf called Lafayette Bliss “one of the very best exponents of the gospel of work to be found among the educators of the state” and “the very man to take charge of the education of your children if you expect them to compete in the world’s work with any chance of success.”

  • BIRT to address bias on campus (Login Required)

    “In no circumstances has freedom of speech been an absolute thing. There’s always been a balance between freedom of expression on one hand and the impacts of your expression on other people on the other hand.”

  • Soria

    OCS program cancelled after small pool of applicants (Login Required)

    Earlier this term, the Carleton Off Campus Studies Office launched a new program, “Carleton Intensive Spanish in Soria” for summer of 2016. However, due to lack of interest, this program had been canceled, upsetting its applicants.

  • Despite the democratic majority on campus, 20 students attended the Republican caucus on Tuesday.

    Carltalkracy: Carls for... Marco? (Login Required)

    “Being a Republican in Minnesota, where it feels like my vote doesn’t really matter in the general election, I think it’s important to go out [to the caucus] and vote when my vote matters.”

  • Why aren’t more Carls dating? (Login Required)

    Dating at Carleton is difficult to accomplish: time is always running short, it’s too awkward to ask people out and it’s a small campus.

  • CCAM announces new motivational initiative (Login Required)

    “Our objective [this winter] is to find proven ways to achieve our goals regarding the improvement of the perception of alcohol and drug use and Carleton’s implementation of drug and alcohol policies.”

  • Carleton students reflect on gravitational wave discovery (Login Required)

    “Think about everything we learned after Galileo. This discovery is going to have a similar impact. We are getting a whole new way of looking up at the sky."