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  • CCAM announces new motivational initiative (Login Required)

    “Our objective [this winter] is to find proven ways to achieve our goals regarding the improvement of the perception of alcohol and drug use and Carleton’s implementation of drug and alcohol policies.”

  • Carleton students reflect on gravitational wave discovery (Login Required)

    “Think about everything we learned after Galileo. This discovery is going to have a similar impact. We are getting a whole new way of looking up at the sky."

  • Why not run for CSA? (Login Required)

    What obstacles or preconceived ideas keep students from running for CSA? And what does it take to convince someone to run? I talked with current CSA officers and candidates to find some answers.

  • Smoke and Haze: Reflecting on campus smoking culture (Login Required)

    There are many reasons students smoke on Carleton’s campus. For some, it’s a stress reliever from the rigorous academics and, at times, claustrophobic bubble of Carleton. For others, smoking stems from their life before coming to college.

  • A Carleton wind turbine. Photo courtesy of media relations.

    Sustaining Our Hypocrisy (Login Required)

    As Climate Action Week continues, with daily events to promote sustainability, Carleton seems extra “green” right now. But is it? How sustainable are our daily lives, and how sustainable is Carleton as an institution?

  • Alleged crack down on RA alcohol policy (Login Required)

    RAs are stuck between roles as students and employees, so the punishments for violating campus alcohol policies are complicated.

  • Sanders at the podium.

    Carltalkracy: Campaigning Carls (Login Required)

    Carls from a variety of groups and backgrounds have been getting involved in election campaigns. Students have been phonebanking, canvassing, and volunteering in campaign offices.

  • lgbtq+

    LGBTQ ranking sheds light on Carleton’s deficiencies (Login Required)

    In 2015 the Campus Pride Index, a website which measures college campuses in their openness and facilities for the LGBTQ community, gave Carleton College four out of five stars.

  • ITS looks forward to new email service (Login Required)

    As part of Carleton’s ever-changing technological makeup, ITS will soon eliminate one of campus’ main sources of communication for what is believed to be a brighter future. The upcoming demise of Zimbra will give way to either the Gmail or Office 365 era at Carleton.

  • Zach Mitchell Remembered (Login Required)

    He fought harder than his doctors ever thought he could. No matter what we called him Zach “Zachariah Crate Dundas” Mitchell was an incredible friend, and we miss him already.

  • SHAC receptionist Jan Foley sits at her desk. Photo by Amanda Zellinger.

    SHAC in short supply (Login Required)

    “We are doing our best to meet students’ needs as we can, but we ask for patience and understanding as we work diligently to increase the SHAC counseling staff to meet the mental health needs of our campus.”

  • Professor Steven Schier sits in his office. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    After 35 years, Schier says goodbye (Login Required)

    After 35 years at Carleton, Professor Steven Schier will retire at the end of this academic year. Schier came to Carleton in 1981.