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  • Sophomore Rinya Kamber

    Kamber ’17 seeks Ayssirian awareness (Login Required)

    Sophomore Rinya Kamber has formed a group called “Northfielders for Assyrians” to aid the Assyrian cause, in response to the recent attacks, and to raise awareness about the Assyrian people and culture.

  • President Steve Poskanzer

    30 Minutes with the Prez (Login Required)

    The eds & the head honcho talk housing, Chile, stir-fry and divestment

  • Kazia Mermel’17 (left) and Ruth Stienke’16 (middle) in the steeplechase.

    Chasing steeples at stadium (Login Required)

    What do Irish horses, Carls and water have in common?

  • Grown in the Carleton Farm

    On crop planning & cactus growing (Login Required)

    As the Carleton Farm Interns, Murica and Edstrom started planning for the upcoming season over winter term and attended the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) Conference February 26-28.

  • Hitting the trail, not the books (Login Required)

    This summer, several Carleton professors and staff intend to rejuvenate their spirits with strenuous physical activity, including cross-country bike rides and a 200-mile relay run.

  • Students signed a canoe in Sayles last Friday.

    BWCA bikers peddle canoe in dissent (Login Required)

    Anyone in Sayles on Friday April 10th could not help but notice the giant canoe in the corner, accompanied by enthusiastic bikers with a petition, a prize wheel and a lot of passion.

  • Majors for the class of 2017

    So what are the kids declaring these days? (Login Required)

    The most common major for the class of 2017 is Computer Science, followed closely by Biology. Computer Science was first offered as a major to the class of 1991 through the Math Department, and since then has risen steadily in popularity. See the chart for information on which majors were most chosen by the class of 2017. 

  • Four years in: Do QRE’s work? (Login Required)

    “There is nothing magic about the number three,” explained Dean Associate Dean of the College George Shuffleton. He was referencing the three quantitative reasoning encounter (QRE) classes required of all Carleton students.

  • The cookbooks are now on display at the Gould Library in the Rookery.

    Alumna donates colossal cookbook collection (Login Required)

    A recent gift from an alumna is cooking up new opportunities for students and community members on campus. Firebellies, the student group dedicated to cooking and food, recently received a donation of 150 cookbooks, which is something that the entire school can enjoy.

  • Carls give it up for Lent (Login Required)

    The end of the term is usually when students start drinking more coffee, not give it up altogether.

  • For Russian majors, Tolstoy and Ballet over tanks and bombs (Login Required)

    When junior and senior Russian majors signed up for classes in their freshman fall, the US’s old foe was regarded as the cranky but quiescent rump of a decaying empire.

  • The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring sessions to help ESL students

    ESL resources often second choice for students (Login Required)

    A group of volunteers under the leadership of Bailey Ulbricht ’15 tutors Syrian refugees to help them practice their English, and a number of Carleton students teach in weekly Adult ESL classes. But how are ESL students at Carleton receiving help?