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  • The new Brick Oven Bakery is a favorite of Treasurer Fred Rogers. Photo by Amanda Zeilinger.

    New Brick Oven Bakery matches crust to crumb (Login Required)

    Brick Oven Bakery, located just across the Cannon River by the Water Street Apartments, has opened its doors for hungry college youths. Their Cartwheel Roll (a crass name that attempts to dress up a caramel roll) was, without exaggeration, the best thing the reviewers had ever eaten in their entire lives.

  • Visiting professor brings new perspectives to campus (Login Required)

    “I just really want to start more of an open discussion on campus about issues regarding gender and sexuality. That’s my hope.”

  • Carls for Hillary

    Carls for Hillary (Login Required)

    Carls for Hillary is a new group on campus led by Hannah Quinn '16. Members are open minded and willing to accept alternative points of view, ready to learn about Clinton's campaign.

  • Drinking culture crackdown, or just paranoia? (Login Required)

    “We actually hadn’t drank anything. We were all stone sober. Are we still at Carleton? Because it felt like it was a little too much of a ball busting.”

  • Demystifing the names of campus’ buildings (Login Required)

    More history on how Carleton's buildings got their names [Part 4 of Raiders of the Lost Archives].

  • KRLX

    Fall KRLX schedule hits the airwaves (Login Required)

    Just tune in to KRLX when you’re bored sometime, and there’s bound to be something good on.

  • Gap year students inspired by experiences (Login Required)

    “I think it is important to take college with intention. That’s the most value I got out of my gap year: having...a more concrete reason for how and why [college] fits into your life is like really great to have.”

  • Proposed CSA projects move forward (Login Required)

    Ever wonder what happened to the CSA Student Projects (outdoor basketball courts, standing desks in the library, wifi on the baldspot, etc.) that were passed last year?

  • A 1970s rehearsal in the Arena Theater. Courtesy of Carleton Archives.

    Arena Theater, Carleton’s Mystery Building (Login Required)

    Northeast of the Concert Hall sits a box-like structure unbeknownst to most current Carls. The windowless building is the defunct Arena Theater in the Music and Drama Center (MDC).

  • Sayles Tales, Boliou Portfolio, and Olin (Login Required)

    How three of Carleton's buildings got their names. [Part 3 of Raiders of the Lost Archives.]

  • Knights members practice their repertoire. Photo by Charlotte Duong.

    A cappella groups consider diversity controversy (Login Required)

    Comprised of five unique groups on campus, a capella is an asset to the Carleton culture. They portray all the fun and flair that comes with attending college here. However, the question of whether such groups are truly representative of the study body has faced debate.

  • “Visiting professor” title demystified (Login Required)

    In the pursuit of a tenure-track position, many professors with new PhDs find it desirable or necessary to make a pit stop along the way. This is known as the ‘visiting professorship,’ which at Carleton usually signifies a stint of one to two years, usually to cover for someone on sabbatical.