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  • Theater Department Says Goodbye to Ruth Weiner (Login Required)

    Ruth Weiner isn’t only a retiring Theater Professor, she is a piece of Carleton history who is finally taking her bow and leaving theater at Carleton in our capable hands.

  • Books & Ideas: Recommended Reading List (Login Required)

    Need a good book? Here, our ‘Tonian editors recommended some of their favorites. If you have some down time before final projects get crazy, try one of these good reads to feed your mind... You won’t be disappointed by these literary successes!

  • Salman Rushdie spoke in the Recreation Center.

    Pearls of Wisdom from Award-Winning Author Salman Rushdie (Login Required)

    There we are, the age of garbage. And yet I believe that Dan Brown should continue to live.

  • Friday Poetry: Lucy (Login Required)

    It's 4am in willis

  • Ebony performers.

    Ebony II: Streakers, Schiller, Ooh La La! (Login Required)

    Last weekend, the first Ebony of the 2013-2014 academic year performed in Sayles. It was, as ever, a magnificent display of Carleton’s fierce side.

  • Nobel Prize winning author Salman Rushdie will present the 2013 Lucas Lecture on October 25.

    Salman Rushdie to Present 2013 Lucas Lecture (Login Required)

    “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.” In 2004, Salman Rushdie posed this thesis to the BBC News Magazine.  On Friday, October 25, he will lecture in the Recreation Center at Carleton College, before an audience of thousands.


    "An Evening of Ives," An Evening of Laughter (Login Required)

    What do Trotsky’s death, monkeys writing Hamlet, first conversations, and mini golf have in common? They’re the premises of the four short David Ives plays that went up in Nourse Little Theater last weekend.

  • Friday Poetry | atala chakra : the bottomless fear & lust that govern the hips (Login Required)

    tamil men skinny-dipping junk jiggling.
    she is invinsible garble till sun burns.
    gobbling soursop is sensual dribbling.

  • 36 Hours in Northfield or How to Treat Your Parents Right (Login Required)

    Far from the metropoles and suburbs most call home, Northfield seems caught in a turn-of-the-century time warp. Look more closely, though, and you’ll find that the town has its own subtle charm.

  • volunteer for carleton

    ‘Volunteer for Carleton’ raises big money for Carleton

    Carls came out in droves this week to munch on free Kurry Kabab and reach out to alums in the annual Volunteer for Carleton stewardship event held in the Great Hall.

  • Reflections from SpeakUp 2011

    Editor’s Note: Sexual violence at Carleton is terrifyingly present. We believe that this topic is not talked about nearly enough and we are proud to give the community a forum for sharing stories and reflections. We commend those with the strength to come forward with personal stories and those with the compassion to support them. We hope these pieces will inspire conversation and move Carleton towards a place where sexual violence is not tolerated in any shape or form. We want to thank everyone involved in the SpeakUp and we hope this community will continue to challenge itself and take care of each other. Most of all, we hope that if you, or anyone you love, has or is experiencing any kind of sexual violence that you won’t stay silent about it.  Come forward, talk about it and, in doing so, protect yourself and protect the community. We owe each other that.

  • Yale University

    College News Across America

    News from Gustavus Adolphus College, Reed College, Yale University, Arizona, and Rutgers University. Photos