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2014 Fall Issue 4 (October 17, 2014)

    • Librarian Edits Top Ammo Encyclopedia

      Charlie Priore, reference and instruction librarian for the sciences and ammunition expert, edited the recently published The Ammo Encyclopedia 5th edition, which is the most comprehensive reference book available on current and obsolete ammunition.

    • The proposed routes of the intercity passenger rail line, connecting Northfield to the twin cities.

      Nakasian Leads Push for Nofo-Cities Rail Line

      Carleton students and faculty are collaborating with local representative Suzie Nakasian and state representative David Bly to create a passenger rail service to the Twin Cities area, through the Grass Roots Transit Initiative.

    • Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis at the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance.

      Carls Rally for Justice in Ferguson

      Nine Carleton students participated in the national march and rally in Missouri against police brutality and racial profiling for the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance.

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    • NightLife News: NoFoPoPo Rumors Debunked

      “There is no truth to the rumor that the [Northfield] Police are becoming more ‘hands-on’ at Carleton,” wrote Wayne Eisenhuth in an email early last week.

    • Ask Aphrodite (Login Required)

      Dear Aphro,
      I always get drunk and hook up with this special someone on Friday nights. We don’t see each other much during daylight hours, but her parents are coming to Family Weekend and she wants me to meet them. I’m not looking to amp up our relationship; what do I do?
      Thanks for your help,
      One-Night Wanda

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    • Ellie Wilson fights past a Macalester defender in the Knights 2-1 loss Wednesday.

      Knights Fall 2-1 Against Scots

      NORTHFIELD, Minn. — The Carleton College women’s soccer team absorbed its first conference loss of the campaign, falling by a 2-1 tally to Macalester College

    • Volleyball Wins vs. Saint Kate’s

      Alicia Flatt (Sr./Walnut Creek, Calif./Carondelet) claimed a match-best 42 assists
      and added 15 digs to lead the Carleton College volleyball team in a four-set win (23-25, 25-20, 25-17, 25-19) over St. Catherine University Wednesday evening.

    • Carleton Football

      Football Drops to National #23

      The Carleton College football team made its longest road trip of the season, playing at national No. 23 Concordia College.

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    • John Oliver Roasts the News

      Search engines can continue to amaze, while also qualifying a bit of an online hypothesis about John Oliver, who’s now on a roll since “Last Week Tonight” started airing on HBO in the spring of this year.

    • CANOE House May Get a New Home

      If you’ve come to any CANOE open meetings this term you will have seen that the couchboat room has been stuffed full of Carls excited to sign up for trips.

    • Edward Malnar

      It’s a simple but incomplete routine: get up, grab your tea/coffee, and maybe glance at the news before starting your day.

    • Combing Through Campaigns

      It seems like every day there is someone new telling us what to eat.

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    • Doing Distance: Should you Bother? (Login Required)

      The general consensus on long distance relationships at Carleton is that most don’t
      work out, with winter term and over the summer cited as the most common times to split up.

    • Arb Notes

      What is a Student Naturalist?

      Each Friday, a short column titled, “Arb Notes,” can be found on the very last page of the Carletonian.

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