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  • Editorial: A day to remember forever

    On Tuesday, America saw what makes America special. The passage of power from one leader to another and from one party to another, peacefully and without bloodshed, is the great thing that our Founding Fathers intended.

  • From Outside The Bubble: A Reality Check

    Washington D.C. was invaded this week by frenzied devotees. President Obama’s ascension has been heralded as the initial change foreshadowing a revolution in American society. Commentators claim that he represents a renewal of American resiliency as we collectively lick our psychological wounds from an embarrassing history of discrimination and the recent realization that we are not immune from losing our position of supreme economic power. The weight we have put on our new president is immense and so far he has lived up to his reputation as “No drama Obama” by not letting the pressure show.

  • Explosion When My Pen Hits, Tremendous: Obama victory is not the culmination of the Civil Rights Movement

    There’s a good reason that everybody made such a big deal about it, other than the fact that it was a national catharsis, a collective sigh of relief that finally the crisis of a country, which was its leadership itself, was departing. For those of our generation, the moment was historic as much for being the end of the Era of Hopelessness in which we came of age as anything else, but, for America, it was historic because now, finally, 45 years after a technicality known as the Civil Rights Act, we could say that the civil rights movement had ended, had succeeded.

  • New dorms should also have new meal plan options

    While it's exciting to watch the construction of the new dorms unfold and I look forward to their completion, I don't know if I will voluntarily live in either Memorial or Cassat.

  • Ponder This: Who Benefits From My New Year's Resolutions?

    It's January, 2009 and the start of a new year. It makes sense that many people are still working hard their keep their New Years Resolutions, whether it be staying in better shape or being nicer to that girl who pisses you off all the time. I can honestly say that I really didn't make any solid resolutions. I suppose I don't really see the point since I just end up breaking them and feeling sorry for myself.

  • Editorial: Moving online despite hard times for journalism

    Never before have fears about the American newspaper industry been more pronounced than on December 8, 2008, when the Tribune Company, the nation’s second-largest newspaper publisher, filed for Bankruptcy. Owner of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and other prominent American newspapers, the Tribune Company was faced with a piling debt load of over $13 billion.

  • Explosion When My Pen Hits, Tremendous: Goodbyes

    “I know it sounds like an ending, this is a beginning/ The wheels keep spinning on a brand new thought” – Big Pooh of Little Brother, “When Everything Is New” I’ve had to say quite a few goodbyes in the last few weeks. I had to bid new friends in China farewell as I headed back to the United States. After the briefest of stays, I had to give my family a big see-you-later on my way back to school. At the same time, I had to bid adieu to pleasant weather for the next three months. Last week, I had the sad task of saying goodbye to my grandmother, the last of my grandparents, when she passed away.

  • From Outside The Bubble: Advocating for a pop

    Fall term at Carleton was exciting. Many of us spent our time waiting for the next presidential debate and checking the news for the recent poll numbers while a majority of us loudly rooted for Barack Obama to win. I was elated by the number of Carls who showed up in Sayles on Election Day to volunteer. So many volunteers that Carls alone knocked every single door in our Northfield precinct – twice. In class and out we were talking about a new direction for America and the leaders who would best take us there.

  • CSA Editorial

    On Monday, January 12 at 7 PM, senators, led by President Caitlin Fleming, had their second meeting of the term. While our meeting covered several topics, I feel that the most intriguing was the discussion about vending contracts and the reinstatement of Coke products on campus.

  • Ponder This: Too Late for Beginnings?

    For those avid LDC Soundsystem listeners out there, I'm sure you are familiar with their masterpiece “Someone Great.” But for the large majority of people that have no idea what I'm talking about, this week's column was inspired by one little lyric from that song-- “Too late, for beginnings.”