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2016 Winter Issue 5 (February 12, 2016)

    • The CSA debate took place Thursday and ended with the opening of polls. Photo by Quinn Batten.

      CSA hopefuls debate platforms (Login Required)

      Thursday night saw the debates of Carleton students vying for positions on the CSA Senate. The executive positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer are all open to new members.

    • Carls participate in conversations to promote dialogue about salient issues. Photo by A. Zeilinger.

      Campus conversations “predictable” (Login Required)

      Some are dissatisfied with the community conversations, others are hopeful. 

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    • Alleged crack down on RA alcohol policy (Login Required)

      RAs are stuck between roles as students and employees, so the punishments for violating campus alcohol policies are complicated.

    • Sanders at the podium.

      Carltalkracy: Campaigning Carls (Login Required)

      Carls from a variety of groups and backgrounds have been getting involved in election campaigns. Students have been phonebanking, canvassing, and volunteering in campaign offices.

    • lgbtq+

      LGBTQ ranking sheds light on Carleton’s deficiencies (Login Required)

      In 2015 the Campus Pride Index, a website which measures college campuses in their openness and facilities for the LGBTQ community, gave Carleton College four out of five stars.

    • ITS looks forward to new email service (Login Required)

      As part of Carleton’s ever-changing technological makeup, ITS will soon eliminate one of campus’ main sources of communication for what is believed to be a brighter future. The upcoming demise of Zimbra will give way to either the Gmail or Office 365 era at Carleton.

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    • The privilege paradox (Login Required)

      I hope that we can take more time to listen to each other rather than bicker over who has the right to speak.

    • Conscientious consumer: a Carleton dining guide (Login Required)

      Next time you walk into the dining hall, I encourage you to recognize the power that your personal decisions wield. You are a consumer every meal that you eat at Carleton, and if you are conscious of these choices, you have to power to support some great local businesses and producers.

    • Stop “sustainable” buying, stop consuming (Login Required)

      We should recognize that truly responsible consumers utilize the currency of resourcefulness and restraint before dollars. And we should recognize that those who do this most expertly are often the poorest members of our society.

    • Forests of money (Login Required)

      Capitalism isn’t going away, but there are ways we can say no to the system and make it change. Sure, it will never be perfect, but as people with the privilege to spend time debating these questions, it’s our responsibility to live out our values.

    • Bernie, popularity from socialism or social media? (Login Required)

      Many supporters of Bernie are well researched and base their arguments in political ideals, but that is not the full story. Choosing a candidate is a social statement, and conformity to a group might be just as powerful as revolutionary thought.

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