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2016 Spring Issue 7 (May 20, 2016)

    • Lawsuit questions drinking culture (Login Required)

      "I think it would be a mistake to put all, or even most, of the blame for sexual misconduct on our drinking culture. I am not exonerating our drinking culture....But it's too easy to blame alcohol for what is really a deeper societal problem of rape culture and internalized misogyny."

    • Annual Arb burnings maintain habitats (Login Required)

      "Historically, fires got started through lightning strikes or from Native American burning." Indigenous peoples of the region would burn grasses to facilitate travel, as well as to draw grazers—their food supply—to the area. With time, a freshly burned landscape every few years became the norm.

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    • The newly renovated Northfield Public Library.

      New Northfield Public Library opens to the public (Login Required)

      "Sometimes I think the public library is…not a secret, but maybe it’s possible that Carleton students don’t know so much about it....So I hope they take the opportunity to come. It’s right off campus, it’s really close."

    • Photo by Amanda Zellinger.

      Carleton's connection to the church next door (Login Required)

      Though the relationship between the church and the college has receded, Lippert and Fure-Slocum were excited to share the story of Carleton’s beginnings and the attachment to the Congregationalists, because it is a tale often forgotten on campus. As Lippert said, "There are always these hidden stories that we don’t really know about, but they are shaping us all the time."

    • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

      The 1930 Guinea Pig Epidemic (Login Required)

      I find myself frequently writing about the history of buildings and places at Carleton, so I decided to switch things up this week. Most of the material is quoted from the Archives’ Roy A. Waggener Papers. Waggener taught Zoology at Carleton from 1928 to 1955.

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    • Andrew Chang '16 and Francisco Castro '18 performing in My Kind of Town.

      My Kind of Town a "must-see", performed with subtlety (Login Required)

      The last performance of My Kind of Town is tonight at 6:30 in Little Nourse, followed by a conversation with the playwright at 8:45. I highly recommend seeing it; you won’t be able to stop thinking about it as you leave.

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    • Three Knights named all-MIAC (Login Required)

      "Three members of the Carleton College baseball team earned All-MIAC distinction following the 2016 campaign. Senior catcher Hayden Tsutsui (Northridge, Calif./Chatsworth) closes his career with his fourth All-MIAC selection. Sophomore outfielder Griffin Bolte (Portland, Ore./Lincoln) and senior pitcher Jack Violetta (Green Bay, Wis./Bay Port) also picked up their first All-MIAC honors."

    • Carleton softball stars earn all-MIAC honors (Login Required)

      "Three members of the Carleton College softball team achieved All-MIAC status following the 2016 season. Sophomore catcher/infielder Molly Steinberg(Santa Monica, Calif./Harvard Westlake) garnered her first All-MIAC selection and was joined on the all-conference team by first-year outfielder Anna Lauko (Whitefish Bay, Wis./Whitefish Bay). Sophomore infielder Corrie Lucchesi (Chicago, Ill./Lane Tech) received All-MIAC Honorable Mention."

    • Are Division III sports too expensive? (Login Required)

      "Most players' parents pay for it....It’s not an insignificant amount of money for my family, but my parents pay for it and for that I’m thankful."

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    • Progress, and what I won’t miss (Login Required)

      "As flawed as our political system is, I am heartened by the determination and ingenuity of my peers. I see immense promise for social progress in my lifetime, and I can’t wait to see which issues will soon become a thing of the past."

    • Graphic by Kera Ling.

      Halcyon days of the digital camera (Login Required)

      "All I can think for now is that I long for those cameras, those moments of capture that seemed all the more interesting and exclusive than they do today…"

    • Graphic by Anna Schmiel.

      Do you know their stories? (Login Required)

      "While I try to make an effort to be there for my friends, can I consider my Facebook friends my friends? Would I be able to sit by a campfire with them and tell them some of my childhood stories, and listen to some of theirs? Would I want to?"

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    • Rockin' Warbler (Login Required)

      "This past Saturday we conducted the annual Arb bird count. Since 2000, this survey has helped the Carleton community track changing bird populations. Of particular interest in the bird count is a group of small, difficult to identify birds—the warblers—that, as we speak, are in the midst of their spring migration."

    • Graphic by Nam Anh Nguyen.

      How to avoid a disappointing Spring Concert (Login Required)

      "For “Spring term no rules” to really be achieved, there’s some planning that must be done to make Spring Concert one of your most memorable days at Carleton."

    • Which obscure list-serv are you? (Login Required)

      Take this quiz to find out!

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