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2015 Fall Issue 8 (November 13, 2015)

    • The planned performance hall will be adjacent to the Weitz Commons.

      Neighbors not psyched for Weitz extension (Login Required)

      The Weitz family recently donated $20 million that the school plans on using to expand the Weitz center. Neighborhood residents, however, are concerned that the project's shadow will threaten Central Park.

    • Representative Keith Ellison

      Representative Keith Ellison to meet with students (Login Required)

      Minnesota's first black and first Muslim representative will discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and its challenges.

    • Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch

      Despite criticism, Cumberbatch Hamlet screening a success (Login Required)

      Pierre Hecker, an associate professor in the English department with primary focus area in Renaissance theatre, organized a screening of Hamlet this past weekend. The college collaborated with National Theatre Live to show the Barbican Theatre’s production of the show all the way from London.

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    • Acer Pahukoa

      Carleton Football: Why we need it (Login Required)

      This piece will be addressing the poorly written and ill-worded article with regards to the football team written by Owen Duncan.

    • Former Coach Willard Tuomi Passes Away on Nov. 8th (Login Required)

      Tuomi taught and coached at Carleton for 37 years, beginning as an Instructor in Physical Education for Men in 1955 and retiring in 1992 as an Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men.

    • Head coach Donna Ricks

      Cross Country Coach Receives Award (Login Required)

      Knights head coach Donna Ricks was recognized by her peers with her third-straight MIAC Women’s Cross Country Coach-of-the-Year award.

    • Editor opes: frisbee not sport, yet cornerstone of Carleton athletics (Login Required)

      Frisbee functions in it’s own little self-thriving world. The administration practically ushers us into this Frisbee-centric microcosm when we’re told to hurl hundreds of disks on our freshmen move-in days. I don’t consider ultimate Frisbee a “real” sport.

    • Owen Duncan

      Editor’s Response to Backlash (Login Required)

      A response to last week's controversial article about the football team (Another opinion piece).

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    • Hands on learning for high rankings (Login Required)

      While Carleton students are encouraged to stretch the limits of their mind, they are not encouraged to acquire practical skills – if students want to learn how to grow their own food, build a home, fix a car, they do not have access to professional instruction. And I think that this educational structure does great injustice to students.

    • A new side of privilege (Login Required)

      Take a deep breath while you here. Rankings matter. We can ignore them or we can acknowledge what they mean for our community. I choose the latter.

    • Campus Pride Index and its relationship to Carleton (Login Required)

      I challenge everyone who reads this to the end to self-educate yourselves on how social identities shape our experiences at Carleton and join the conversation about how we can improve our community.

    • The Dining Hall Debate (Login Required)

      Burton vs LDC, opinions from two opposing writers.

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