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  • Graphic by Kera Ling.

    Dealing With President Trump (Login Required)

    "If anything, the rise of Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to remain eternally vigilant and wary of the rise of the power wielded by the state. Whoever is sitting in the Oval Office shouldn’t matter; we should always remain confident that our liberties will be protected, so long as we never turn complacent."

  • O Canada, Our home and native land? (Login Required)

    "It is this citizenry that has been and will be responsible for constructive social change."

  • Art by Ambrin Ling.

    #winning? (Login Required)

    Letting things go and knowing when to speak up is the true test of intelligence, and not whether you “won” the argument or not.

  • Do you know what you think? (Login Required)

    It’s a bit awkward to admit to people on a campus as liberal as Carleton that someone who raised you supported the hero of the Republican Party.

  • My Parents, the Non- Voters: When Voting Isn’t an Option (Yet) (Login Required)

    "We never got involved because we didn’t feel like it would have any effect on how things go.” So elections passed us by, leaving us to sit in the national peanut gallery, gawking at the television.

  • Birthday Gift (Login Required)

    For those who don’t know why your parents vote for the candidates they do (if you know at all), I encourage you to ask. Even if they are voting for candidates that you do not like, it brings up quite an interesting conversation; in my experience, that conversation is well worth having.

  • Art by Ambrin Ling.

    Complex people (Login Required)

    We all enter the world as blank canvases, and our experiences form who we are. True intelligence, in my opinion, is knowing all that can be gained by listening to others, and all that can be lost by failing to do this.

  • From the heart (Login Required)

    As Chaplain's Associates, a thread we’ve sensed from our chats with students is a disconnect in the academic respect we aspire to when considering religious belief, and how we actually live and react towards religious people among ourselves.

  • An open letter to presidential candidates on Middle East policy (Login Required)

    It is naïve, for a multitude of reasons, to imagine that any president could solve the issues tearing the Middle East apart. There are, however, certain policies that will help alleviate some of the stresses and others that will only enhance them.

  • How to be “the man:” a reflection on a term of trying to play the system (Login Required)

    If a man has sexual relations with multiple people at a time, he is a hero, “the man.” If a woman has sex with multiple people at a time, she is a slut. So last term I rather unconsciously decided to put this observation to a test.

  • Artwork by Ambrin Ling.

    The gun debate is broken (Login Required)

    The division and inaction are so entrenched that the national conversation around guns is worse than polarized: it’s stagnated and broken.

  • Freedom from fear (Login Required)

    I don’t believe that we have a right to bear arms. Call me a radical pacifist if you please, but I abhor all forms of war or conflict, wherever they occur, and that view has been with me since childhood.