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  • It's been real, and it's been fun... (Login Required)

    "It would be a lie to say that these past four years have floated by like a lovely dream.  It would be equally disingenuous to laugh off the drama, the squabbles, and the sleepless nights as rattling and banging inside one very expensive playpen.  The challenges we faced were real enough at the time, and we overcame them.  More important, we were earnest about it."

  • Dining hall decisions (Login Required)

    "Dining hall conversations certainly are a valuable part of the college experience. They’re a great chance to meet new people and to learn from your peers. However, reducing the minimum meal plan requirements would also offer benefits."

  • Carleton and the real world (Login Required)

    "Being happy at Carleton for me has been finding a balance between sitting in Sayles and talking to random passerbys, and having tough jobs and interesting problems which keep me engaged and invested."

  • Progress, and what I won’t miss (Login Required)

    "As flawed as our political system is, I am heartened by the determination and ingenuity of my peers. I see immense promise for social progress in my lifetime, and I can’t wait to see which issues will soon become a thing of the past."

  • Graphic by Kera Ling.

    Halcyon days of the digital camera (Login Required)

    "All I can think for now is that I long for those cameras, those moments of capture that seemed all the more interesting and exclusive than they do today…"

  • Graphic by Anna Schmiel.

    Do you know their stories? (Login Required)

    "While I try to make an effort to be there for my friends, can I consider my Facebook friends my friends? Would I be able to sit by a campfire with them and tell them some of my childhood stories, and listen to some of theirs? Would I want to?"

  • A safe space for free speech (Login Required)

    "As people of color who value our right to free expression, we are concerned with the school’s current and potential limitations on our rights. When we restrict our right to free speech, we are asserting that freedom is less important than not being offended; we have surrendered our rights to the bigots we abhor."

  • On the fray (Login Required)

    "If you happen to be alarmed about the erosion of our intellectual freedom and reason, I offer you this caveat to my favor: please take time to truly understand where your colleagues concerned with the effects of speech – especially hate speech – are coming from, on their terms. Understand their values – and find where they resonate."

  • Sure, I'll listen to you (Login Required)

    "By encouraging free speech, we are allowing people to say their opinions and hopefully be called out by society if they are being discriminatory. We should let others make us uncomfortable, and then challenge their viewpoints and make them uncomfortable right back."

  • Searching for a heroine (Login Required)

    "I see a trend in the heroines that I love, a trend that marks them from Cathy. While Cathy is self-indulgent and careless in her passions, Jo March, Lizzie Bennet, and Jane Eyre were not....We need even more heroines like Jo, Lizzie, and Jane. We need to read at a young age about women who are unapologetically themselves, who value love of all kinds (familial, friendship, romantic)."

  • The question of motherhood (Login Required)

    "There was never a time when I wasn’t told that I was mature or that I would make a good mother. And while I do think that these traits are good and admirable, I have to wonder why I also, as I have grown up, have come to shy away from this label."

  • The politics of Carleton's fossil fuel investments (Login Required)

    "Contrary to the Board’s position, there is no way to be politically unengaged or neutral in this situation. We cannot turn a blind eye to what these companies are doing. We are undermining the moral and intellectual integrity of the college by claiming to remain neutral."