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  • I woke up like this (Login Required)

    Interestingly, I’ve heard many variations of the phrase, “I woke up like this” from young women at Carleton who look pretty doggone good to me.

  • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

    A friend of mine says that he likes girls better when they don’t wear makeup, and that girls look prettier without makeup. On one hand, this perspective is refreshing; he doesn’t seem to hold the stereotypical opinion of many that women must wear makeup in order to be beautiful. However, on the other hand, him having any opinion at all on the matter is a judgmental expectation in it of itself.

  • Lessons on beauty standards (Login Required)

    I don’t believe there’s one definition of “pretty.” Even on an individual level, a person’s idea of beauty changes throughout their lifetime.

  • Reflections 100 years after the Armenia Genocide (Login Required)

    Last Friday, April 24th, is treated as the anniversary of the genocide committed on 1.5 million Ottoman Armenians in 1915. This year is particularly important because it marks the centennial commemoration of the genocide.

  • Call me farmboy (Login Required)

    Home is what you make it— and what you make it for other people. Different elements of your experience, the people in your home, and how you think about your space make it your home.

  • Editorial: The stewardship of ideas (Login Required)

    "Yes, it’s probably fair to say Carleton leans left, but doing so also blankets the campus in one beige color of sameness. I worry about those who feel they don’t fit into the beige blanket."

  • San Diego

    Touching down in “America’s Finest City” (Login Required)

    I know that this phrase signals home. I know the descent of planes into “America’s Finest City” by heart. I love San Diego so much that my fear of flying vanishes when I see the landmarks of the place I was born during the flight descent.

  • The minor grievances of home (Login Required)

    Eau Claire is a pretty typical Midwestern town. There isn’t much to do. There are a couple of rivers (floating on the Chippewa River is popular in the summer months), some decent restaurants, and a few movie theaters, including one of the ever-rarer nostalgia mines that is the drive-in theater.

  • A place at the top (Login Required)

    I hail from Edina, Minnesota: land of the cake eaters and home of the world’s first indoor shopping mall. I grew up in a Minnesotan paradise full of large houses, country clubs, fake tanned people, and Juicy Couture sweat suits.

  • New England mountains

    HIMYM (Login Required)

    Things That Complicate My Relationship With New England.

  • Climate change and the many faces of denial: A response on divestment (Login Required)

    I believe the Board’s response [to divestment] is part of a problem of mass denial, a failure in the consciousness of our society as a whole.

  • Letter to the Editor (Login Required)

    We live in a society of fear. We Americans, we Minnesotans, we Carls do live in fear of ourselves and our own thoughts.