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  • Current lawsuit echoes landmark 1991 case (Login Required)

    "I do hope that the petition provides undeniable proof that Carleton students are recognizing a problem, a systemic inadequacy in our college's handling of Title IX. If this student advocacy and the lawsuit do not bring the College to recognize the issue, I believe this sends a clear message that students must escalate their tactics to match the unresponsiveness of our College administration. Dialogue works, but only if both parties are willing to enter the conversation."

  • First Goodhue, which will only house freshmen next year. Photo by Brendon Fischel.

    Frosh Mosh: two all freshman floors piloted next year (Login Required)

    "For the upcoming academic year, first Goodhue and third Myers will house freshmen only, breaking with the tradition of housing students of all years in all campus living spaces. Carleton decided to pilot freshmen floors after analyzing the results of a ResLife survey about on-campus living options.'

  • Photo Credit: Nicole Kroschel

    St. Olaf addresses student organized Title IX protest (Login Required)

    "The administration mishandled my case so badly that I thought it was important for other students to know,” Wilson said. “I wanted people to know what happens when you find yourself in this position."

  • Admissions explores test-optional application process (Login Required)

    “I appreciate what standardized tests provide as an additional element in the evaluation of students,” Thiboutot said. “Not as a cut-off, not as a determinant, not as an absolute, but as an added factor.” Despite this lesser priority of testing in the admissions process, there has been recent discussion of making this aspect optional to future Carleton applicant.

  • Engineering club to build go-kart (Login Required)

    "His fledgling club has been granted nearly $2,000 by the Carleton Student Association, among the largest sums a student club has ever gotten on its first ask, according to Budget Committee minutes."

  • Alum sues Carleton over rape case (Login Required)

    "Carleton placed the burden on [her] to get over the rapes, act as if nothing had happened, and focus on her studies instead, without offering her the meaningful help, services, or accommodations to which she was entitled," the lawsuit says.

  • Food Truth cries fowl over BonApp chicken (Login Required)

    "I think the majority of students would support sustainably sourced chicken. Right now, the problem is that most students aren't aware of where their chicken comes from. If they knew, however, I think they would care. It's an issue that goes beyond food justice alone, because those who care about workers' rights, the environment, and animal ethics also have a stake in the matter."

  • Students petition to redefine BIRT (Login Required)

    "We will absolutely look at issues of historical marginalization and oppression. It won’t be the only thing we look at. It’s absolutely critical that we pay attention to all issues of historical marginalization and how to address them while still leaving the door open to other concerns."

  • David Loy '69 returned his honorary degree to raise awareness for divestment. Photo by Allie Tucker.

    Alum returns honorary degree in protest (Login Required)

    "Investment is not a morally neutral issue. Where we put our money is, like it or not, a sign of our involvement in something. Investment is not something that should be done just thinking in terms of highest returns, but we do need to look at these moral concerns."

  • Courtesy of Steven Spehn

    $35.6 million Weitz expansion will house music department, performance spaces (Login Required)

    “I think everybody’s happy with it,” said assistant professor of music Andy Flory. “We really wanted to integrate music into the other creative aspects going on at the Weitz; it seems like there’s an energy there.”

  • Gmail to replace Zimbra (Login Required)

    “Technology has changed a lot in the last 10 years,” Janet Scannell, chief technology officer, said. “It’s time to modernize our tools and practices. We can collaborate now better than ever before.”

  • ETB will submit a proposal to CSA for changes to Little Nourse. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    Renovations possible for Little Nourse (Login Required)

    “Although everyone loves the gritty run-down vibe of Nourse, it could be better without losing its charm,” Faber said.