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  • SAT


    Last week, Claremont-McKenna President Pamela Gann announced that her school had been, for the past six years, reporting false SAT scores to publications like U.S. News and World Report. The New York Times has reported that during this period, over three-quarters of CMC’s reported SAT results were inflated, on average between 10 and 20 points.

  • Put money to better use

    Carleton students should not need financial incentive to participate in any club or extracurricular, no matter how important the group is to our campus community. While some might be concerned that the lack of payment discourages participation, offering compensation for these positions could encourage student interest for the wrong reasons

  • The Clap Dinosaur

    Whose house?

    Over the last few weeks, students have filled The Clap with their thoughts on the nature of student housing and its future at Carleton. Specifically, the debate has centered around the importance of the option to live off campus.

  • Winter snowmen

    Editorial: Tips for winter survival

    Say goodbye to your sandals and hello to your snowshoes. We thought global warming had finally kicked in. But it seems like Minnesota winter has taken the upper hand. So here are some tips for surviving another winter term in Northfield.

  • Paterno

    Do the Right Thing: Coming to Grips with the Penn State Debacle

    The recent media frenzy surrounding the Penn State sexual assault case raises a lot of serious questions about personal values and college culture that even Carleton should keep in mind.

  • Awkward Couple

    Embrace the awkward: putting set up your roommate in perspective

    At a college that values its traditions, tonight marks one special fall-term-at-Carleton event: set up your roommate night.

  • Halloween

    Halloween in College: Thinking About Traditions

    Halloween is a pretty strange holiday. Forget the candy, costumes and pagan history. October 31st stands out because of its consistent presence, yet changing significance through every stage of our lives.

  • Family Weekend

    Political Activism at Carleton

    These past few weeks, something other than Malt-O-Meal has been wafting through the Northfield air: the smell of protest. 

  • Carletonian in China, Fall 2006

    Our New Year's Resolutions

    It’s the beginning of a new year and as people make their new year’s resolutions, we at The Carletonian would like to take this opportunity to make some resolutions of our own.

  • Keg

    Kegs or not, drink responsibly

    Campus was thrown into a frenzy last week in the wake of an abrupt e-mail announcing new changes to the alcohol and smoking policy. Students quickly began to worry that the anti-keg and anti-drinking game rules would threaten Carleton social life, traditions, and culture.

  • New Student Week


    Welcome new students! Inside the following pages you will find useful background on Carleton culture and events, and survival tips that will guide you through these first few terms here in tropical Northfield. Hopefully by the time you finish reading, you’ll be all caught up.

  • Our loving farewell: see ya never, staff

    Our reign began when we were charged with the task of cleaning out our entire office so it could be remodeled. We found ourselves picking paint colors and carpet samples. It felt like we were preparing a nursery for our unborn baby. In a way, we suppose we were.