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  • Hye Mi Ahn

    Present Value of Happiness

    The class of 2013 will graduate as the American economy experiences a painfully slow recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression. The national unemployment rate is still alarmingly high at 8.2% and the rest of the world hasn’t fared much better: the Euro-crisis seems never ending and even China’s indomitable growth has sputtered and slowed.


    Carleton College: The One-Party Bubble

    Consider the Republican Carl. Does he embrace the GOP party platform? Did she campaign for Mitt Romney this summer? Is he a fiscal conservative but a social liberal? Does she support voter ID legislation? The world may never know.

  • Ready for the New Year? So Are We!

    Once upon a time, it was a new school year at Carleton. Without last year’s seniors, there was an empty hole that left the campus feeling deprived and in need of a new student presence. Luckily, the Class of 2016 arrived to complete the Carl package of awesomeness and the upperclassmen welcomed them with open arms.

  • Griffin Johnson

    Johnson: Signing Off for Now, Poised to Return Next Year

    Someone told me once that hatred was just the inverse reflection of love, but I think that’s pretty facile. When I talk about things that I hate about this school, it’s ultimately rooted in some kind of grand belief in the merits of this school on an abstract level, in the Nobility of this Institution that I’d like to bring to life by systematically attacking what I dislike about it.

  • Organic foods provide numerous health benefits.

    An Open Letter to Pres. Poskanzer, on Behalf of Food Truth

    When we proposed a Real Food Commitment for this fall, you dismissed the plan as unrealistic. Throughout the year we have responded to your requests for data, and gained support from large parts of the Carleton community, demonstrating that our goals are not idealistic. Sir, we have done everything that can be expected to meet your demands.

  • A Rotblatt referee takes a turn at the bat.

    Carleton Alum Responds to Keg Ban

    As a proud Carleton alumnus, I am deeply troubled by the recent revelation that kegs will be banned from Rotblatt this year. I still have a lot to learn in life, but one thing I know is that this venerable institution has not lasted 146 years by drinking beer out of cans!

  • Samir Bhala

    A Commencement Address

    We hold it within ourselves to alter our situation, to change our country, to view life as a series of trials, and to never let individual setbacks mire us in thoughts of greater failures.  Frustrations may mount, but nothing defeats you unless you let it.  So it is imperative that we never quit, and that we rely on each other to grow and to change the world.

  • Emil Dominick Constantino

    Constantino: Rethinking Nihilism

    Carleton is fond of touting itself as an exceptionally welcoming community, tolerant of all intellectual bents and persuasions. However, although I have attempted to have meaningful discussions, my philosophical convictions have been met with cool and scornful rejection. In short, there is little room at Carleton for a nihilist.

  • Aaron Carter

    The music of sports

    From Aaron Carter to Jay-Z, Simon and Garfunkel to the 1985 Chicago Bears, music and sports have been inextricably linked for as long as I can remember. Many musicians can’t resist name-dropping the hottest athletes of the moment, and who could blame them?

  • Truly independent student radio: KRLX rejects Clear Channel offer

    Over this past winter break, Clear Channel Communications, Inc. asked KRLX to join their iHeartRadio Internet streaming service. However, it is both financially unnecessary and directly opposed to KRLX’s history and character to relinquish our autonomy.

  • Carleton alum trumpets benefits of AmeriCorps programs

    Consider the Minnesota Reading Corps or Math Corps. They are AmeriCorps programs, and meaningful career experiences with which you can make a difference. I know this, because it’s what I do, but I also have proof.

  • Thinking Man

    Differences of opinion

    One of the things that we are quite good at, as human beings, is to seek out and hold on tightly to differences. We crave a clear identity for ourselves, not to mention one that we approve of, and one quick way to add texture to our own self-concept is to make assumptions about other people. But there are different ways of dealing with difference.