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  • An Editor's Plea

    In my two-plus years at Carleton I have observed no dearth of engaged and opinionated students...In context of my general experience at Carleton, however, my time as Viewpoint Editor for The Carletonian has lead me to a surprising realization: Very few members of the student body choose the newspaper as their preferred method of expression.

  • CRIC Letter to the Editor

    The Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC) is a group of students, faculty and staff who act as an intermediary between the Carleton community and the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. Through our access to Carleton’s investment information and contact with the Investment Committee, we hope to improve the transparency of Carleton’s endowment, and to help the Trustees understand “Carleton values.”

  • Trays at the LDC

    Letter to the Editor: The Worth of a Tray

    Between the shelves empty of trays, the signs, emails, NNB announcements, and tabling in the LDC, anyone who ate a meal at the LDC on Tuesday probably figured out that our Trayless Tuesdays pilot program began this week. Having been tabling myself, reading through all the comment cards and thinking about the other feedback we’ve gotten throughout this process, I want to thank everyone for participating and starting this program off successfully.

  • Are humans good or evil?

    No Halloween Costume? Have Faith

    Halloween is fast approaching; do you know what you want to be? Well, let’s brainstorm. What kind of creature is full of deceit, envy, and maliciousness? What type of beast gives birth to babies that are inherently evil? What is that one being that purposely betrayed the creative force of love? You. Why not just be a sinner for Halloween? You won’t even have to dress up.

  • Carletonian from the archive

    The Best of the Blotter

    Given the absence of a security blotter for this week, we decided that a "Best of the Blotter" was in order. Below are Security-reported events from the last 10 years. All incidents are true and have been taken directly from past issues of The Carletonian. Enjoy!

  • 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India

    Not Just a Game

    Sporting events have traditionally been a source of catharsis for the nation-state. The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was like prom for the girl who had finally removed her braces, as China showed off the eclectic economic mix which had taken it to dizzying new heights of wealth. The World Cup this year in South Africa showed a host nation with a truly hopeless soccer team but a more valid story; a country emerging from the after effects of apartheid as a blossoming economic power.

  • Cafeteria tray

    Letter to the Editor

    A couple years back, the dining halls tried to change to a trayless system. They had heard that removing trays at other colleges had reduced food waste 25-30%. They also found a positive impact on the health of the students, and saved money on raw food costs more than ten cents per student per meal. Sadly, Carleton students rejected the trayless system, and after an uproar by the student body, the trays were placed back in the dining halls. As a member of the Carleton student body today, I want to help Carleton make the right choice.

  • LeBron James

    Sports Viewpoint: Where has all the loyalty gone?

    It would be hard to argue that any serious competitor is not loyal to his or her sport, but what about to his or her team? “Loyal to the Golden State Warriors”? Not as catchy. “Loyal to the Twins”? A little more plausible. But the truth is that, with the globalization and business expansion of sports these days, remaining loyal to one team has become much more difficult.

  • Senators Klobuchar and Franken Need to Oppose Rockefeller’s Bill

    In yet another example of how great a stranglehold corporate polluters have on Washington, the Senate is currently considering a bill, S. 3702, sponsored by West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller that once again offers a handout to Big Oil and other polluters by undermining the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The Senate must not pass this bill if we care anything for the environment, the economy and the health and safety of our families and children.

  • Inara Makhmudova

    Does Carleton care more about alumni than current students?

    “Alumni Affairs...decided that it is more important to use Rice and Hill houses to host the alumni for three days than letting
    the actual summer residents to move in, when they have a right to do so.”

  • David Heifetz

    A letter to the class of 2010

    Every single one of you is uniquely capable of changing the world; do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You will graduate with lofty goals, with images of a better world only possible with your help. And let me tell you that the world needs your help.

  • An open letter from the Carleton community

    Throughout our time at Carleton, we have become aware of the need to address sexual violence on campus. Making our community a safe place for all is a priority for us and we know it is for you as well.