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  • On Playing Well with Others

    Enough jeremiads have been written, or are perhaps being written, in any number of small college newspapers lamenting the state of the liberal arts experiment, if you will—the lack of inclusiveness and diversity of opinion and so on.

  • Talking About Diversity

    On a recent episode of Go On, a sitcom about a sportscaster dealing with the death of his wife (that, yes, manages to be funny), Ryan (Matthew Perry) and his friend / boss Steven (John Cho) have been bonding over the film Sixteen Candles. Discussing the film’s treatment of the character “Long Duk Dong,” Ryan suddenly voices, “how did we not realize how racist that was?” Beat. Then Steven replies, “some of us did.”

  • Reciting Respect

    This past Wednesday evening we attended recitations and, although it might come off as corny, it reminded us of why we chose to come to Carleton. On that cold snowy night, many students from different social corners of the Carleton community gathered around a warm fire to listen to anyone willing to recite poems, stories, and lyrics they found meaningful.


    An Open Letter to Suzy Lee Weiss

    First of all, I want to commend you on writing a piece that has inspired so much discussion. You are clearly a talented writer (although, admittedly, it  does help if your sister is one of the editors). Unfortunately, I must respectfully disagree with pretty much everything you wrote.

  • Posters urge divestment from large companies who support child labor or use fossil fuels.

    The Fundamental Assumption of Divestment

    In last week’s “Defense of Divestment” article, Patrick Burke, Zachary Levonian and Isaama Stoll wrote, “unethical investment is the product of the greater corrupt, capitalist system, deeply rooted in some of the ideals of the United States.” The assumption that we exist in a corrupt, unresponsive capitalist system is both deeply misguided and wrong.

  • Faith and Choice

    On February 23, I travelled to the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul for Pro-Choice Lobby Day with Becky Katz ‘14. While there I attended a workshop focused on religion and choice.

  • A vegan meal at Carleton

    Winter Term Vegan Challenge

    I don’t know what got into me. I am a cheese-loving girl from small town Wisconsin. At the beginning of this term, I decided to have a go at veganism for a term.

  • Students and faculty at Oberlin College gather about the recent hate incidents.

    Hate Crimes at Liberal Arts Colleges

    Earlier today, we received a forwarded email from a friend with the headline “Hate Crimes at St. Olaf.” The email was from an individual who identified himself as “Stephen, a PhD candidate here in Minnesota” who is also involved with the Students for Justice in Palestine organizations at both the University of Minnesota and St. Olaf.

  • Posters urge divestment from large companies who support child labor or use fossil fuels.

    A Defense of Divestment

    We feel it is important for all members of the Carleton community to think critically about the potential for ethical investment and to hold the school accountable to its commitment to ethical action.


    Commemorating 54 Years of Tibetan Resistance

    Tibetans and Tibet supporters will commemorate a landmark event in Tibetan history on March 10, 2013. It will mark the 54th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising in which tens of thousands of Tibetans took to the streets of Lhasa to revolt against the Chinese government, which had seized control of the area under the infamous 17-point agreement.


    Why Feminism Isn’t Over

    If you’ve been on Facebook anytime during the past week, you might have seen the Op-Ed by a Nebraskan college student (who happens to be a 21 year old white male) for The Daily Nebraskan titled “Why Feminism Hurts Modern-Day Relationships”.


    On Fiscal Incentives for STEM Degrees

    This past Wednesday, CNN contributor and columnist for ESPN the Magazine and LC Granderson called attention to a disturbing move on the part of Florida Governor Rick Scott and Texas Governor Rick Perry to interfere with college curriculums.