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  • The various problems associated with the CSA elections

    In this week’s column we review the problems with CSA’s current voting system. We present a number of serious failures, but not many solutions. Designing a voting system is complicated, hard work, and we should not undertake to change our current system lightly. Still, we believe the problems catalogued below should serve as call for serious thought about a better system.

  • Why Steven Spielberg broke my heart

    For as long as I can remember, I have loved learning about ancient civilizations. At seven years old, for example, I spent hours in the Egyptian and ancient Mesopotamian sections of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Today, my desire to look into humanity’s evolution over the past eight thousand years is as strong as ever.

  • Inappropriate content and responsible journalism

    As a Carl, the Chair of the Cannon Valley Alumni Club, a Co-agent of my Class and a Board Member of the Alumni Annual Fund, I have always been proud of being a Carleton grad and happy to represent all Carls.

  • Israel; It’s an absolute question of survival

    The first half of Christopher Hitchens’ title for his recent piece in Slate is “How Long Will Israel Survive?” The answer to that question is Israel will last because history has demonstrated Jews are survivors in the face of Christianity and Islam. In terms of any kind of peace, that will only occur when the Arab and Muslim world sees Israel beyond something to be destroyed.

  • In response to Alex Carruther’s “Mutual beneficiaries of high dining prices”

    Dear Alex,

    I have read your article on “Mutual beneficiaries of high dining prices: Sodexho and Carleton.” As a food service employee I would like to defend ourselves and Sodexho.

  • Room draw; A Resident Advisor’s point of view

    Hi, my name is Rob Bradley, and I’m junior on HSAC. Yes, I am an RA. I’ve been one for two years, and will be one next year. I’m writing this to correct the false statements printed last week on the fairness of room draw, and HSAC as an entity. My thoughts will be very scrambled, but this needs to be put out on the table so that people know facts and not false assertions.

  • Editorial: “Not on Our Campus:” standing together against sexual violence

    1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime (14.8% completed rape; 2.8% attempted rape). Such startling statistics reveal that the issue hits closer to come than we may believe. Rape can often seem an obscure and distant concept—it’s not.

  • Everybody loves Chris...Chris Rasinen

    Although the realm of comedy has for much of our Carleton careers kept us out of the rough-and-tumble world of hiring politics, we feel compelled at this time to write in favor of Chris Rasinen of Campus Activities. In the short time we’ve known Chris, we’ve seen him do some extraordinary things not only for our beloved campus comedy groups, but also for the student body at large.

  • Prayer and worship unites believers with God

    In the coming week, you may notice a big tent pitched on the west lawn of the chapel. Not so incidentally, this is the site of Unity Week, hosted by the Carleton Christian Community, as an opportunity to fellowship with Christians both on campus and in the greater Northfield community through united prayer and worship.

  • Tocqueville and Numa: Trustees and Students, How to Inject Student Opinion Into Board Decision-Making

    Greater student-trustee interaction can be a good thing. Most of Carleton’s trustees are alumni and many are parents as well. Still, they have all been away for a while and there is no group better than students to give them an idea of what the Carleton of today is like on a day-to-day basis.

  • Explosion When My Pen Hits, Tremendous: Thoughts on the Sophomore Writing Portfolio

    I was hoping to deliver a real slam-dunk column for the trustees this week so that they would want to give the Carletonian enormous sums of money. Unfortunately, my dreams of replacing the Dominos in the office with Kobe beef and truffles will probably fall short because the most exciting thing I have to write about is probably the most boring part of Carleton. Namely, my week has been vaguely perturbed by the same mild inconvenience as every other sophomore’s seventh week: The Dreaded and Scary Writing Portfolio.

  • Considering Chris as a candidate

    I have worked with Campus Activities under two circumstances. The first one was when I was a New Student Week Leader for the incoming freshmen the week before Fall Term began this academic year. The second one has been the past month up until now, as the work for Carleton’s First Annual Spelling Bee is just about to be completed.