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  • Carleton Chicks for Change ask: Where’s the support?

    Last Friday Carleton Chicks for Change made a sorry attempt at trying to build awareness of pay inequality here on Carleton’s campus as well as on the national level. Chicks for Change tried to entice many female (and male) students to wear black in protest of the well known statistic that on average, women in America get paid 77 cents to every man’s dollar. The student organized group played out various tactics such as throwing blue dollar bills and pink ¾ dollar bills off of the balcony in Sayles during one of the busiest lunch hours at the snack bar in hopes that people would get the message and start asking questions. However, the social movement was met with a lot of confusion, apathy, and a general consensus of failure.

  • From Outside The Bubble: The End

    1. I can’t stress this enough: connections really are everything. The schmoozing is obvious at every turn.
    2. The key to power is the outfit. For the girls, always wear heels. None of this changing into sneakers for walking around mumbo-jumbo. The truly powerful women in this city will only be seen in heels. For the guys, if you aren’t wearing a suit you ain’t nothin’.

  • Going trayless will come at a great cost

    Recently I read something in the Carletonian that led me to fear that the food services, in response to pressure from a student group called Food Truth, might be considering removing trays from the dining halls one day a week, in hopes that this tactic would save a little food. It might—but at great cost!

  • Intimidation and threats are intolerable on campus

    A couple of weeks into classes at Carleton, an African-American male student received an anonymous box through campus mail, along with a number of rape whistles placed in his campus mailbox. He had just returned to campus from an amazing off-campus study abroad program and was looking forward to returning to Carleton, classes, and engaging with friends, and activities on campus.

  • Libel does not belong in The Carletonian

    Last week’s Viewpoint, “An Unapologetic Endorsement of Jinai Bharucha for CSA Vice-President”, had no place in The Carletonian. The allegations contained in the piece were largely the product of misinformation and hearsay.

  • Letter to the Editor from Ben Barclay

    It was refreshing to see the Carletonian endorse a candidate for CSA President; I was quite disappointed, however, by the lack of endorsements for the competitive CSA Vice President and Senator elections, as the student body would have undoubtedly welcomed the editorial board's supposedly informed opinions about races where we actually had some decisions to make.

  • The threat of unapologetic opinions to campus dialog

    Last week Alex Higgin-Houser’s viewpoint, “An Unapologetic Endorsement of Jinai Bharucha for CSA Vice-President” painted an unjustifiably negative picture of CSA Senate Vice-Presidential candidate Robert Stephens. While the egregious editorial error in publishing the letter is frustrating, Alex’s choice, to write a Viewpoint article with so little knowledge of the candidate, reflects a larger problem that this community must confront.

  • More than “My Angry Vagina”

    After four years of being involved with the Vagina Monologues at Carleton, I'm ready to move on. Not to say "mission accomplished," or to express any amount of boredom with the topic, but to tell Carleton we can outgrow the Vagina Monologues." We can do a lot better.

  • Hosting a forum on immigration in MN

    President Barack Obama’s inauguration promises great hope and change to our government, and we should use this transitional period to its greatest potential. There are myriad issues being placed before the new administration, and not the least of them is immigration.

  • Representative Bly fights to protect the health of Minnesota’s children

    The legislative session is underway at the Capitol, and while the state budget deficit is in the spotlight, many of our elected officials are working to enact positive policy change for Minnesotans. One such legislator is Representative David Bly, Minnesota State Representative serving District 25B.

  • Issues presented at the last Senate meeting

    On Monday, February 18th at the weekly Senate meeting at Sayles 251, President Caitlin Fleming, together with Vice President Pablo Kenney and Treasurer Sam Ritter, led the senators in a discussion on the possible elimination of the paper course catalogues that surface around campus whenever registration for the following term rolls around.

  • The pointlessness of running for CSA

    The whole idea of student body elections is largely a waste of time. I for one definitely derive more satisfaction from the humor of the process than I do from having the opportunity to exercise my democratic right to vote. I smirk at the posters, laugh to myself that there is actually a debate, and gain satisfaction from imagining people spending valuable time at a computer writing these platforms that few read.