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  • College Council

    The College Council

    In order to ensure Carleton’s administrative entities do not fall into this trap, the College, in coordination with the Carleton Student Association, has created positions for students eager to communicate student concerns to governing bodies and in turn effect policy change.

  • democrats and republicans

    VOTE Like Your Life Depends On It

    On Tuesday Nov. 6, many will hit the voting stations nationwide to materialize their opinion on who should be the next Commander in Chief of our country.

  • George McGovern

    Liberalism’s Circular Firing Squad

    In response to the 19 October, 2012 column by Griffin Johnson, “When You Smell Flowers, Look for a Coffin.”

  • Zoe Suche

    On Abstraction and Journalistic Value

    Last week, I made only my second trip ever down to the first floor of the Libe (the first having been during the Silent Dance Party freshman year).

  • Sherri Turkle

    Technology and Our Generation

    Tomorrow’s convocation will be given by Sherri Turkle, MIT Professor and author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.

  • An Open Letter to the Carletonian

    So let’s talk about what you guys do here. While each week there are a fair number of sharp pieces, I think there are also a lot of opportunities that, if taken better advantage of, would do much to make the ‘Tonian really relevant again.

  • The importance of international education

    International Education

    Next week is International Education week, and students at Carleton will be hosting a series of events to celebrate the benefits of international education and cultural exchange abroad.

  • democrats and republicans

    Why the “One Party Bubble” Is Real

    Last week, Indigo Scott responded to my opinion piece from the first Carletonian of the term titled: “The One Party Bubble.” My intent was to lament the lack of ideologically conservative students at Carleton, especially during an important election season.

  • Joe Biden and Paul Ryan faced off at the vice-presidential debate

    Thoughts on the 47 Percent

    As most of you probably know by now, this week’s vice presidential debate was a lot more heated than the first presidential debate. Here in the office, we were a bit undecided over who actually won the debate, but we all agreed that it was much more interesting than last week.

  • The Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

    An Open Letter to “Carleton College”

    I urge Carleton College to take an institutional stand against the Marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution. Eric Sieger, Director of Media Relations, has stated that, “[Carleton] does not take political stances on social issues that do not involve our core educational mission.”

  • Former Vikings player Matt Birk controversially supported the amendment.

    Minnesota Marriage Amendment Looms Large; Divides Students, Minnesotans

    In little over a month, voters across Minnesota will go to the polls to decide whether or not the state constitution should be amended to explicitly ban marriage between partners of the same sex.

  • The One-Party Bubble

    On Assumptions and “The One- Party Bubble”

    I’m not a Republican, but I’m also not a Democrat, and I know I’m not the only person who was upset by Dan Antoszyk’s article in The Carletonian a few weeks ago, “Carleton College: The One Party Bubble.”