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2015 Spring Issue 2 (April 17, 2015)

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    • Hitting the trail, not the books (Login Required)

      This summer, several Carleton professors and staff intend to rejuvenate their spirits with strenuous physical activity, including cross-country bike rides and a 200-mile relay run.

    • Students signed a canoe in Sayles last Friday.

      BWCA bikers peddle canoe in dissent (Login Required)

      Anyone in Sayles on Friday April 10th could not help but notice the giant canoe in the corner, accompanied by enthusiastic bikers with a petition, a prize wheel and a lot of passion.

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    • 24 Hour Show & “Sit-communism” (Login Required)

      Most Carleton theatre productions have months between their first rehearsal and opening night, and, most of the time, they do not have to write their own script. The 24 hour show, performed last Saturday night, was a rare exception as it was written, directed, and produced in only one day.

    • Senior performs 'The Illiad" for his COMPS

      David Brings Homer home: "An Illiad" Review (Login Required)

      For his theater COMPS, Josh Davids tackles “An Iliad” by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare, a one-man retelling of The Iliad.

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    • Women’s golf 10th at spring opening (Login Required)

      The Carleton College women’s golf team stumbled for the first time this season, finishing 10th out of 19 teams at the Illinois Wesleyan Spring Fling.

    • Carleton runners open outdoor season

      Outdoor Opener (Login Required)

      The Carleton College men’s track and field team took part in its first full-squad meet of the outdoor season, and under sunny skies the Knights turned in several spectacular results.

    • Junior Amelia Campbell competes in a relay at Hamline.

      Women’s track season debut breaks record books (Login Required)

      The Carleton College women’s track and field team began the traditional outdoor season at the Hamline Invitational.

    • Hayden Tsutsui '16 at bat

      Batting to base: Tsutsui surpasses hit record (Login Required)

      Wednesday March 25th, Catcher Hayden Tsutsui ’16 of Carleton’s baseball team broke record career hits for Carleton College in a game against Oberlin College in Tuscan, Arizona.

    • Andrew Hwang competes in the singles category where he won in straight sets.

      Veterans Lead the Way as Knights Top Luther, 8-1 (Login Required)

      After sustaining its first—and only—loss of the season earlier this month, the Carleton College men’s tennis team got back into the win column with an 8-1 victory over regionally-ranked Luther College.

    • Mens’ tennis still ranked (Login Required)

      The Men’s Team is currently ranked 12th by the ITA in the central region, while the Women’s team is currently ranked 8th.

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    • Letter to the Editor (Login Required)

      We live in a society of fear. We Americans, we Minnesotans, we Carls do live in fear of ourselves and our own thoughts.

    • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

      Yesterday I watched five bison go from living animals to flanks of meat ready to be cut and packaged for consumption.

    • We should have done it yesterday (Login Required)

      The simple arithmetic of the fossil fuel problem

    • Can Carleton really sidestep politics? (Login Required)

      They are ignoring the irony of “securing” Carleton’s future by profiting off a business plan that will destroy that very future.

    • Not merely symbolic: aligning deeds with values (Login Required)

      I believe that the most profound existential crisis the human species has ever faced --- global warming and climate change ---- is sufficient grounds for the change of course suggested by Mr. Weitz and the Board of Trustees.

    • Seeking sustainable, not political (Login Required)

      My work at Carleton as a food activist could perhaps be interpreted as “food divestment.”

    • Naive neutrality (Login Required)

      Why being apolitical is not an option

    • The Disneyland dream-crusher (Login Required)

      Every year my high school raffled off a trip to Disneyland with one of the most well liked teachers from my school.

    • Work towards worthy goals, Wisconsin BCPL (Login Required)

      Wisconsin’s Board of Commissioners of Public Lands recently approved a measure “prohibiting staff from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time,” according to Bloomberg News reporter Eric Roster, who noted that the moratorium on climate change work for staff members also extended to responding to e-mails on the subject.

    • Sorry, not sorry (Login Required)

      The word “sorry” often tumbles from my mouth, and up until today I didn’t think about the reasons behind this subconscious need to not offend.

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    • Olivia Williams at Big Ben

      A Carl abroad (Login Required)

      On a campus as close-knit as Carleton, it’s easy to forget the world outside of the Carleton bubble. However, embarking on off-campus studies can be a jolting reminder of Carleton’s idiosyncrasies.

    • There are trees!

      Carls confused by strange white things growing on trees (Login Required)

      Students across Carleton’s cam- pus report a vague sense of unease at the spherical, nice smelling White Things popping up on trees across campus.

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