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  • Art by anonymous.

    It’s time to revisit the second amendment (Login Required)

    The debate on gun rights continues to tear across the nation. Politicians and individuals on the left talk about restricting unfettered access to firearms, while those on the right opine that liberals are attempting to eliminate one of the most basic liberties accorded to the American people.

  • BIRT’s Function Deserves Greater Scrutiny (Login Required)

    BIRT absolutely has a place at Carleton and should be given the ability to refer extreme cases to higher authorities, but it should not attempt to address bias on a case-by-case basis. If allowed such power, BIRT runs the risk of becoming a proxy through which the ideological majority could directly silence the ideological minority on an individual and personal level.

  • The privilege paradox (Login Required)

    I hope that we can take more time to listen to each other rather than bicker over who has the right to speak.

  • The Myth of Conscientious Consumption (Login Required)

    We should recognize that truly responsible consumers utilize the currency of resourcefulness and restraint before dollars. And we should recognize that those who do this most expertly are often the poorest members of our society.

  • Conscientious consumer: a Carleton dining guide (Login Required)

    Next time you walk into the dining hall, I encourage you to recognize the power that your personal decisions wield. You are a consumer every meal that you eat at Carleton, and if you are conscious of these choices, you have to power to support some great local businesses and producers.

  • Forests of money (Login Required)

    Capitalism isn’t going away, but there are ways we can say no to the system and make it change. Sure, it will never be perfect, but as people with the privilege to spend time debating these questions, it’s our responsibility to live out our values.

  • Bernie, popularity from socialism or social media? (Login Required)

    Many supporters of Bernie are well researched and base their arguments in political ideals, but that is not the full story. Choosing a candidate is a social statement, and conformity to a group might be just as powerful as revolutionary thought.

  • Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders’ Electoral Roadmap (Login Required)

    For those still wary of Mr. Sanders’s ability to win the general election, let this roadmap assuage those fears. Victory is within reach.

  • Art by Ambrin Ling.

    Make Your Mental Health Matter (Login Required)

    We need to recognize when we’re letting mental health fall to the wayside. It’s good to commit yourself to your activities, athletics, and academics, but make sure you are committing to yourself, too.

  • Art by Kera Ling

    “Be fine” (Login Required)

    We live in a “chill” culture. We are supposed to keep our emotions under control, to be calm and composed; emotions and tears are messy and uncomfortable and people don’t know hot to react to them.

  • Walk the Line (Login Required)

    What is the role of a journalist in such a tight-knit community? I think it is to be honest and straightforward. To deliver the news. To provide alumni, parents, and students with information. Most importantly, this paper is for us to learn.

  • Your major is not to major here (Login Required)

    The way I see it, stereotypes of different majors are just light-hearted ways of joking about different academic fields, and in no way define one’s entire identity.