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  • A Thousand Years of Guzheng

    I have never seen myself as a decisive person, especially when the question comes to whether I should pick vanilla or chocolate flavor for ice-cream. However, perhaps under some sweet magical spell, my five-year-old self announced to the whole world that she was going to learn this incredibly beautiful instrument she saw on TV, and luckily she did.

  • Jaded or Justified? On Voting

    People often throw around the phrase, “you vote with your fork.” The idea is, we can shape the food system by changing what we buy, and what we choose to eat can in turn tell the markets what to product.

  • Republicans, Nature, and the Costs of Complacency

  • Surrounded by Many Voices

    We’ve come very, very far from the days when empires could effectively wipe someone out of history through book burnings and other means of coercion, destruction, and death.

  • Garden of Truth

    If knowledge power, then self-knowledge is a weapon. Without using it conscientiously, this tool of cultivation probably turns its blade toward others or even yourself. Put to its true use, self-knowledge can be a great tool for personal and interpersonal growth.

  • That’s Some Very Expensive Pizza (Login Required)

    As Carleton students, we are part of the elite. We have the privilege of receiving one of the most prestigious educations in the country, we have peers, faculty and staff that truly support one another, and we have the opportunity to express our concerns and voice our objections to authority – to question our actions and the actions of others.

  • Hitting A Wall: Does Music Divide?

    The first time I picked up a copy of No Fidelity last year on a late Friday afternoon, I recall flipping through the pages, sitting alone and reading something I did not expect: a music scene I never ventured in before.

  • Curiosity, Passion, and Persistence: Jay Johnson on Teaching Music

    During the warmer months at Carleton, Carls often hear the sounds of drums echoing across campus.

  • The Science Column - Are Six Senses Really Too Much To Ask For?

    In honor of the Viewpoint theme this week, I would like to say that I did try very hard to think of something to write about music.

  • Imagining A Perfect Playlist

    I close my eyes and see a playlist. It holds about one hundred songs, though the number remains and will remain undetermined.

  • Musical Misogyny

    This may be old news, but I recently heard the song “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo for the first time. While I loved the beat, I couldn’t help but feel very conflicted.

  • Slow Down and Listen to the Music

    Work, meetings, studies, socials, meals, travel, hobbies- how can you possibly fit it all into a day? A week?