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  • Can Carleton really sidestep politics? (Login Required)

    They are ignoring the irony of “securing” Carleton’s future by profiting off a business plan that will destroy that very future.

  • Not merely symbolic: aligning deeds with values (Login Required)

    I believe that the most profound existential crisis the human species has ever faced --- global warming and climate change ---- is sufficient grounds for the change of course suggested by Mr. Weitz and the Board of Trustees.

  • Seeking sustainable, not political (Login Required)

    My work at Carleton as a food activist could perhaps be interpreted as “food divestment.”

  • Naive neutrality (Login Required)

    Why being apolitical is not an option

  • The Disneyland dream-crusher (Login Required)

    Every year my high school raffled off a trip to Disneyland with one of the most well liked teachers from my school.

  • First Love: A Tale of Robert Redford and Unequalled Nobility (Login Required)

    I distinctly remember my first love, and how it all came to be. It was the summer before my senior year of high school. I was sixteen. But unlike my friends whose first loves were boys or girls, mine was a place.

  • A Fragile Cocoon: Are colleges like Carleton hypersensitive? (Login Required)

    This week many Viewpoint contributors responded to Judith Shulevitz’s March New York Times op-ed “In College and Hiding from Scary Ideas.” The article touches on topics such as trigger warnings, safe spaces and the coexistence of truth and sensitivity on college campuses.

  • The Butterfly’s Name (Login Required)

    With a heart heavy and burdened by difficult thoughts, I share a story of my life and make a broader plea. 

  • Editorial (Login Required)

    As an editor of the paper, I feel a responsibility for what gets published in these pages. As a writer, I feel a responsibility for everything I write. As it should be; we must be careful about the words we fling out into the world.

  • Our Food Future: At Carleton, Lacking Action (Login Required)

    As a member of Food Truth, I have been a part of many campaigns to get students to see their food differently.

  • The Misnomer of “Safe”: Forging Thoughtful Spaces (Login Required)

    While I acknowledge the importance of creating spaces that are traditionally referred to as “safe spaces,” I also think that the connotations of terms such as “safe” and “dangerous” may muddy the issue of what thoughtful and important conversations and conversational spaces should look like.

  • Picturing Diversity (Login Required)

    I’ve found there to be something deeply perturbing with the Carleton idea of diversity since I first set foot on campus. I attribute this initially to the lack of people of color.