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  • West campus water incidents unrelated (Login Required)

    Twice in the last two weeks, Carleton experienced major malfunctions in its campus water service. The first was a “valve malfunction on the campus water softener,” and two days later students were alerted of a “water emergency on the West side of campus.”

  • CSA reps ponder upcoming election (Login Required)

    The Carleton Student Associations (CSA) is preparing for sixth week’s upcoming elections, which will feature both executive and senator positions on the ballot. Candidates will run for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and class representatives.

  • “Minor” changes to academic offerings (Login Required)

    The question comes to mind: Why does Carleton not offer academic minors when minoring is popular at most institutions?

  • The tunnel

    Tunnel a “clunky labyrinth” (Login Required)

    Seniors feel the Tunnel’s complicated nature does not ease the already painful process of finding a post-graduate career. The Tunnel has such an abstruse design that it actually discourages some from even using it.

  • View - Meet your classmates

    Ambitious app creates new View on social networking (Login Required)

    New app unveiled at Carleton uses GPS technology to physically connect students

  • Divest Carletonian

    Board of Trustees reject divestment (Login Required)

    “While respecting CRIC’s and others’ views on this matter... the Board does not support your Committee’s divestment recommendation and has voted not to divest,” Eugster wrote.

  • Dean Livingston unveils discussion groups to improve campus climate (Login Required)

    We want to, as a community, provide a forum for people to be heard ... if we don’t talk about this as a community then we really haven’t fulfilled our responsibility as an academic community.”

  • Sandell asked to withdraw from college (Login Required)

    "I’m having a panic attack in the dean’s office and they are transporting me against my will to the hospital."

  • Local woman found dead outside Parish (Login Required)

    The two-day search for Tiffany Smith ended in tragedy on Sunday, January 3rd, when the missing Northfield resident was found deceased on the west side of Parish House at 3:30 p.m.

  • The planned performance hall will be adjacent to the Weitz Commons.

    Neighbors not psyched for Weitz extension (Login Required)

    The Weitz family recently donated $20 million that the school plans on using to expand the Weitz center. Neighborhood residents, however, are concerned that the project's shadow will threaten Central Park.

  • Representative Keith Ellison

    Representative Keith Ellison to meet with students (Login Required)

    Minnesota's first black and first Muslim representative will discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and its challenges.

  • Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch

    Despite criticism, Cumberbatch Hamlet screening a success (Login Required)

    Pierre Hecker, an associate professor in the English department with primary focus area in Renaissance theatre, organized a screening of Hamlet this past weekend. The college collaborated with National Theatre Live to show the Barbican Theatre’s production of the show all the way from London.