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  • Lindsay Rand '16

    Top Ten Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

    1. There’s bound to be plenty of cheesy eggs and bananas at LDC-- those are some hot commodities.

  • Stuart John Urback

    Unity, Duty, Destiny

    When I was in middle school I loved Bionicle.  I collected nearly every character and comic, played the games, watched the movies, and even got on message boards whenever I could.

  • Matthew Fitzgerald

    Re-Evaluating Religion

    This week the Pew Research Center reported that the number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has reached a record high. 

  • Lindsay Rand '16

    Top Ten Reasons to Love Fall

    1. Apple cider; hot or cold, it is always a delicious treat.

    2. All things pumpkin- muffins, carving, seeds, pie, and of course bread.

  • Stuart John Urback

    Urback: Karl’s Animal Farmville

    Before I begin, I would quickly like to apologize to all of my professors for the mental acrobatics I’m about to do in the jared’s galleria of jewelry that is historical and philosophical theory; mea culpa.

  • Fall leaves

    Top Ten Things to Do with Fallen Leaves

    1. Paint them green, glue them back onto a tree, and pretend it’s still summer; denial is a happy place.

  • Stuart John Urback

    Urback: Walled Gardens

    The recent Apple maps app flap has gotten quite a bit of attention in the news. It represents a big company making a (actually rather small) changeto their devices with massive ramifications for its users.

  • Michael Goodgame

    Growing Up, Growing Old

    Every few months, I become a new person. Not all at once, and not in a “born again” sort of way.  It’s a gradual transformation: over time, my thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about the world and how I fit into it seem to shift.

  • Stuart John Urback

    Creative Consumption

    Information overload is a bit scary.  There are so many new ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions coming out every second that it seems impossible to keep up.  I find this incredibly stressful; it makes me feel that for every second I’m not keeping up I’m slowly slipping behind.

  • Lindsay Rand '16

    Top Ten Things to Do with the Ten Minutes Between Class

    1.    Attend Russ Petricka’s step aerobics class- let’s face it, you wouldn’t last longer than ten minutes anyway.

  • Matthew Fitzgerald

    Common Cold and Community

    If I took a quick survey in Sayles today (randomly sampled to prevent against bias, of course) I imagine that I would find most everyone on campus has been sick, is sick, or will soon be getting sick.

  • Michael Goodgame

    America Must Stay in the Middle East

    Protests abound in the Middle East, and for what?  What has come of the past months of youth revolt and government tumult in the intersection of Asia, Africa, and Europe?