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  • Carleton Student Association Senate

    Why does nobody care about CSA?

    Carleton is an elite liberal arts college filled with intelligent students and dedicated professors. We pride ourselves on being well-informed citizens of the world, interested in making a difference in our community, and taking a stand for issues we believe in. Why then, is there such limited interest in student government—the single organization on campus with the most power to implement real changes in college policy and the way our campus functions?

  • The new social ordinance is intended to crack down on underage drinking.

    So what does the social ordinance mean?

    As every student recently found out, this past week Northfield adopted a new social host ordinance that gives law enforcement officials new abilities to charge people who knowingly host parties where underage consumption of alcohol is taking place. Naturally there has been a lot of commotion among the Carleton community as many students are worried that the police will come barging into every campus party and not only issue citations to underage drinkers but also start charging everyone who hosts parties under this new ordinance.

  • Osama bin Laden

    Deciding how to respond when villain of our generation is killed

    Sunday night, the villain of our generation was taken down. For many Carleton students, it was difficult to know how to react to Bin Laden’s death. On one hand, this is triumphing good over evil. On the other, it was murder.

  • Don’t skimp out on education

    Governor of Texas Rick Perry has been called upon by his commissioner of higher education to develop, a baccalaureate degree that costs less than $10,000 total. That’s right; Texas is trying to create a degree that costs almost a third of the cost for one year of Carleton tuition (and that doesn’t even consider room and board).

  • Protest your heart out, Carleton

    We’re lucky at Carleton. We have the GSC, a student body and administration that supports any and all sexual orientations and a diversity of these orientations. We value freedom of expression and general human rights. You can be any religion, any ethnicity, pretty much any anything. For the most part we love each other and this is all good. We are fortunate to have a faculty and staff who support us unequivocally in figuring out who we are.

  • Unlike at BYU, "for us, college is supposed to be about enjoying the fleeting four years that we have to be simultaneously completely immature and intellectually brilliant."

    Experiencing college for what it is, our four years of freedom

    Coming to Carleton requires making certain sacrifices. For example, you give up any rights you may have had to sleeping. You accept that you will spend the next four years alternately ghostly pale and sunburned, never will your skin tone look “healthy.” You also, and this is possibly our greatest collective loss, will never watch your college friend group get married and pregnant before graduation.

  • Lyman Lakes

    Come to Carleton. Why you should say YES!

    As you may have noticed by the confused looking slightly younger people wandering around campus today its Accepted Students Weekend! We opinionated editors of the Carletonian want to give accepted students our reasons for why you should come here.

  • ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’

    On March 1, the New York Times printed an article titled “More College Graduates Take Public Service Jobs.” The article followed a 2009 college graduate with a business degree as she embarked on a public service job after college.

  • Editorial: How The Carletonian emerged from the Dark Ages

    The fundamental problem with the Carletonian is that it has stayed the same for years and years and years. This year, we’re trying to change that. We’re doing what hasn’t been done in at least fifty years: making the paper better.

  • Why your liberal arts degree should make you hate JB

    When Justin Bieber burst through the collective womb of Usher and YouTube onto the pop scene, we fell deeply in love with him. Then, this week, all that changed.

  • Editorial: Ducks

    Last Monday, every lounge across campus was full of students watching the BCS championship game. It was an emotional roller coaster to watch for any football fan, regardless of loyalties. But for those of us who are die-hard Oregon fans, it was the capstone on what has been a tumultuous couple of years. What Carleton, and the rest of the country, saw on Monday was only part of the story. Oregon coach Chip Kelly has done a remarkable job of filling Autzen Stadium for the past two seasons, so performance clearly isn’t the problem. It’s the off-field catastrophes that have had the small town of Eugene, Ore., enraged at our normally deeply beloved Ducks.

  • Editorial: A meeting with the President

    The great thing about working for the Carletonian is that we always have a couch to nap on in Sayles. Too many freshmen in the Great Space? No problem, we've got an office right upstairs where we can Facebook and eat our tacos in peace. Over the summer, our office was renovated and Student Activities scored us a sweet couch. It's large and green and comfortable and we love it.