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  • Diverging truths

    Sometimes I wonder how we can expect what we expect of our politicians. It’s not necessarily that we expect too much; it’s that we expect the wrong things. We want to be part of an empathetic and caring culture, but we seem to expect our politicians to express views contrary to such a culture.

  • Speak up: make your opinons heard

    I used to think that the CSA Senate was doing something wrong when people would ask me, when it came up in a conversation that I was a Senator (and now Vice President), "what do you guys do, really?"

  • What it means to be a good man: Finding the balance

    There are so many characteristics that go into being labeled a good man that it is near impossible to find a universal definition.  Many cite factors that seem fairly evident – loyalty, friendship, kindness – all of which I believe are important, but when I think of a good man the main determinant I see is balance.

  • College: a time for risks and adventure

    Ours is simply a reminder to those Carls preparing to take their first steps into the real world, and those underclassmen who will be there soon enough. College, however seriously we take our studies, is a time to take risks and seek out new experiences.

  • Open letter to the Poli Sci Department

    On Wednesday, both of these fine gentlemen are scheduled to take part in their COMPS poster sessions during the same time, and so far efforts by each player to create an alternative to the Wednesday session have been rebuffed.

  • Our government’s problems are systemic, not personal

    Our political problems, rather, are systemic and not personal. We know this because although the anti-incumbent rhetoric seems to have become inflamed during the current economic downturn, it is a sentiment that is nothing new to this country.

  • What it means to me to be a good man

    American culture and media is filled with examples of an almost uniquely male character known which I will call the "quiet bad-ass (QBA)".

  • Point-Counterpoint: Can Woods move on?

    - New balance between competition and the fun of the game - By David Sacks

    - Woods makes a valiant efforts to win back fans’ trust - By Justin Rotman


  • An underdog’s story: A highly imperfect yet increasingly relevant foreign policy parable

    Big brother can’t threaten his friend too greatly because of the strength of his paranoid victim’s mindset. Not doing anything, however, could seriously undermine his ability to continue to be a productive and legitimate member of his community. What should he do?

  • Today’s Liberalism

    “Government is simply capable of viewing the whole system of our country in a way individuals simply cannot. ”

  • Project Pericles helps foster civic engagement between Carleton and community

    On April 8th and 9th during second week we were fortunate enough to serve as delegates to Project Pericles’ national civic engagement conference called Debating for Democracy. However, when we told our friends and professors what we were going to New York to do, we found that most people on campus don’t even know what Project Pericles is or that we have an office of Academic Civic Engagement (ACE) on our campus.

  • An anonymous open letter to the Carleton community

    During winter term of last year, a Carleton student received a box that caused the student, as well as members of Carleton College, much anguish and anxiety that was exacerbated by the anonymity of the box and the items considered to be intentionally malicious. We sincerely apologize for our actions and the tension, anxiety, and fear that was caused by such actions.