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  • “The Liberal Arts Vision – Cockeyed Optimism, Despite Evidence to the Contrary”

    This is part one of a two part series in which we present Mr. Hunter’s speech in its entirety. Part two will be presented in next week’s edition of The Carletonian.

  • New year, new changes

    An old Latin proverb states that, “Times change and we change with them.” Indeed, as The Carletonian begins its 129th year as a student-run publication, this proverb rings as true today as it must have centuries ago.
  • Fostering open political dialogue on campus

    Thoughtful and reflective conversations are a cornerstone of the Carleton experience.
  • Ethicist column: Environmentalists that eat meat?

    As many Carls probably know by now, last Spring Carleton was named one of the ten greenest colleges in America by Forbes Magazine. For anyone familiar with the student body this is not surprising, as Carleton students have consistently shown great concern for environmental issues ranging from climate change to the proliferation of invasive species. To further encourage this philosophy the school offers both curricular and extracurricular programs that actively encourage environmentalism.
  • Letter to the Editor: A student's reaction to "rapist" chalking

    In front of the townhouses it says, “Do YOU Feel Safe at Carleton?” You know what? For years I didn’t. I would spend time alone in my room after the incident, afraid, terrified, feeling very marginalized. But with Carleton’s help I began to feel better. And safer. Don’t take that away from me.
  • Dear Shabes

    This week we embark on a new journey to a higher echelon of journalistic integrity, straight into the heavenly realm of “Dear Abby.” That’s right. This week I will give you my unadulterated, infallible, and really, really, ridiculously intelligent advice.

  • Focusing On Cultivating Scientists

    We, the members of the first Carleton cohort known as FOCUS, Focusing On CUltivating Scientists, want to introduce ourselves and the second FOCUS cohort (class of 2012). FOCUS is a cohort geared towards helping develop science skills in students coming from different backgrounds. For us, the term science includes math, computer science, psychology and all of the natural sciences.

  • Should Carleton discourage public nudity?: An ethicist examines a controversial issue on campus

    I don’t know what your siblings have been up to lately, but my sister Carolyn has been busy making national headlines. While I affectionately refer to her as the Junior National Snowshoe Champion of 2007, currently she is known as the girl responsible for the suspension of 13 varsity lacrosse boys.

  • What’s the Arabic Word for Immature?

    “Ka’ak,” or “kaak,” in an Arabic context refers to “several different types of baked goods.” So it makes sense that building a story around someone wanting a bigger “ka’ak” is hilarious, especially if you’re twelve years old and get the giggles from saying naughty words.

  • Explosion When My Pen Hits, Tremendous: The implications of change

    Two weeks from tomorrow, the Class of 2008 will receive their diplomas, and it will signal the end of an era for them. College will become a memory best embodied by some Will Ferrell movie, and they will move on to leading their important lives as distinguished alumni. Carleton, for them, will be freeze-framed as they remember it, but the place that exists in our collective consciousness will change a little more as another year passes by.

  • Tocqueville and Numa: Using Summer Fellowships to Inject Students Into Long Term Decision-Making

    Over the weeks of this term we have argued for greater conscious dialogue about governance at Carleton with a distinct place at the table for students in these discussions. We have addressed many important issues, but we are painfully aware that there are many more issues worthy of serious attention. We also feel that our column has been theoretic and short on specific proposals. Today therefore, we are going to offer one concrete framework to help inject more students into the governance process on a continual basis.

  • Letter from Cardboard Box City Organizers

    Dear author of “lol homelessness,”

    We appreciate your concern for the homeless men, women, and children of Minnesota. In response to your comments written on the Cardboard Box City posters, we would like to educate you a little bit about our event.