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  • Inaccessibility of trustees disappoints

    If you know me at all (or even if you don’t) you’d know that I feel very strongly and am very upset about the Pre-Frosh Trip issue. Now, don’t worry – I’m not going to go back into this; I voiced my points pretty clearly last week. However, this time around, I want to talk about something else: the Trustees.

  • Contribute to the Carleton Monologues

    Does your vagina have a story to share? The Collective for Women’s Issues is interested in collecting vagina narratives of members of the Carleton community.

  • Trustees vote to increase Financial Aid budget

  • CSA presidential candidate

    With eighth week fast approaching, I thought I would take a moment to remind your readers about one of the most exciting events to hit Winter Term 2008. That’s right, CSA Elections. In all seriousness, CSA Elections will be taking place at the end of next week and I will be running for President.

  • “Mutilation” creates unfair stigma

    I would like to start this by applauding all the work and effort that went into the Vagina Monologues. Sitting in the audience on Saturday night, I was amazed at the performance and inspired to audition next year. However, I would like to take the time to comment on the only part of the show that I was not thrilled with.

  • Open trails, open minds: biking in Carleton’s Arb

    Carleton’s lower Arboretum has been closed to cyclists of the Carleton and local communities for more than a decade. It is a result of the close-mindedness of the arboretum directors, and sadly, Carleton itself. I am writing this to encourage you to ask Carleton’s administrators to reopen the Arboretum trails to cyclists of all kinds.

  • Some small gems of wisdom for Valentine’s Day

  • Voters reclaim their right to optimism in 2008

    Earlier this week, we sat in separate cars, facing bumper to bumper to traffic for almost an hour, to travel less than five miles to the Northfield Middle School. Why take nearly three hours out of a busy night? In order to participate in Super Tuesday’s Minnesota Democratic caucus.

  • One student’s criticism of the Pre-Frosh decision

    The freshman experience at Carleton is unquestionably an important aspect of the climate on our campus.

  • Lapse in judgment by canceling Pre-Frosh Trips

    When I was a freshman, I went on a Pre-Frosh Trip. It made such an impact on my transition to Carleton that the next year I applied and lead a Pre-Frosh backpacking trip, eager to give the class of 2010 the kind of experience that I had had the year before. The next year, I had the great fortune to be able to coordinate all of the backpacking trips; it was a great summer not just for myself, but because I was able to ensure that 64 freshmen would have that experience that I know is so, so valuable to the Carleton first-year experience.

  • Experiencing the world from a different perspective

    Music sounds better when you lie on your back on the floor, just like an apple tastes better when you cut it up into wedges. It’s as if when you change how you experience the world, the world becomes more poignant. But it’s still the same world: the same apple and the same music.

  • Hyping up voter turnout in the United States

    Voter turnout is undoubtedly an intricate topic which analysts have focused upon for years. I’m definitely not in a position to try to specifically analyze why we as a nation rank very low among many other countries in voter turnout, and the arguments for many factors are already well-established and debated. But if you just think about it, the movement to get people to get out and vote (consider the organization Rock the Vote)—a movement that is highly intensive and plays a large part in political campaigns—is something quite extraordinary.