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  • The threat of unapologetic opinions to campus dialog

    Last week Alex Higgin-Houser’s viewpoint, “An Unapologetic Endorsement of Jinai Bharucha for CSA Vice-President” painted an unjustifiably negative picture of CSA Senate Vice-Presidential candidate Robert Stephens. While the egregious editorial error in publishing the letter is frustrating, Alex’s choice, to write a Viewpoint article with so little knowledge of the candidate, reflects a larger problem that this community must confront.

  • More than “My Angry Vagina”

    After four years of being involved with the Vagina Monologues at Carleton, I'm ready to move on. Not to say "mission accomplished," or to express any amount of boredom with the topic, but to tell Carleton we can outgrow the Vagina Monologues." We can do a lot better.

  • Hosting a forum on immigration in MN

    President Barack Obama’s inauguration promises great hope and change to our government, and we should use this transitional period to its greatest potential. There are myriad issues being placed before the new administration, and not the least of them is immigration.

  • Representative Bly fights to protect the health of Minnesota’s children

    The legislative session is underway at the Capitol, and while the state budget deficit is in the spotlight, many of our elected officials are working to enact positive policy change for Minnesotans. One such legislator is Representative David Bly, Minnesota State Representative serving District 25B.

  • Issues presented at the last Senate meeting

    On Monday, February 18th at the weekly Senate meeting at Sayles 251, President Caitlin Fleming, together with Vice President Pablo Kenney and Treasurer Sam Ritter, led the senators in a discussion on the possible elimination of the paper course catalogues that surface around campus whenever registration for the following term rolls around.

  • The pointlessness of running for CSA

    The whole idea of student body elections is largely a waste of time. I for one definitely derive more satisfaction from the humor of the process than I do from having the opportunity to exercise my democratic right to vote. I smirk at the posters, laugh to myself that there is actually a debate, and gain satisfaction from imagining people spending valuable time at a computer writing these platforms that few read.

  • Why you should vote for me - Jinai Bharucha

    Just in case you’ve missed the posters and facebook groups, CSA Senate hopefuls are running campaigns for Senator, President, Vice President, and Treasurer positions. In fact, I happen to be running for Vice President and I’m writing to ask you to take 10 seconds of your time to vote for me on

  • Why I'm Running - Robert Stephens

    The purpose of this platform is to communicate my experience, my plans, and the reason I am running for CSA Vice-President. Serving as both a senator and member of the budget committee, I have direct experience with both bodies over which the Vice-President presides. This experience will enable me to accomplish a variety of policy objectives.

  • A letter from the Director of Hope Fund Director

    I am the President of the Hope Fund. I am also a Quaker, deeply dedicated to non-violence and deeply dedicated to a just and peaceful solution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict-- an Israeli state, a viable Palestinian state with 1967 borders, and a shared Jerusalem, living together as good neighbors with each other.

  • Why you should vote for Joe Fabeetz

    Education. Have you ever been burned trying to know her? Raw sex, as they say, is better than cooked. Look around you. If you've any taste left at all you'll realize that there's no taste left at all. The once raw flesh is now bland and overcooked.

  • The crime of the century: with liberty and justice

    Rod Blagojevich, last Thursday, lost his job as governor of Illinois. Impeached for attempting to sell former Senator Barack Obama's seat to the highest bidder, the former governor leaves behind a legacy of shallowness, callousness, and utter incompetence. However, his sham of a trial leaves a legacy of political pandering.

  • My views on Israel, Gaza, and the possibility of peace

    I would like to start by thanking Katie Blanchard and Dan Curme for opening up the discussion about the Gaza war on campus in a way that allowed the conversation to continue and in a way that did not simply deteriorate into hostility as it so easily could have. It is never healthy to try to ignore festering and inevitable controversy or conflict. Thus, I am writing this in order to continue this debate and to present another viewpoint.