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  • Vote YES on Divestment from Sudan

    “Today we know what is right, and today we know what is wrong. The slaughter of innocents is wrong. Two million people driven from their homes is wrong. Women gang raped while gathering firewood is wrong. And silence, acquiescence and paralysis in the face of genocide is wrong.”

  • National Merit isn’t about the money

    Last week Jacob Schack took Carleton’s support of the National Merit Scholarship to task as part of an ongoing series of articles about Carleton’s budget priorities. He argues that the scholarship is a waste of money, and that it does nothing to improve the quality of students who come here because it unfairly favors privileged students who can afford expensive prep courses. I am a low-income student and the National Merit Scholarship was a major component of making Carleton affordable for me. I never took any prep courses. I scored well on the PSAT because I was the sort of person who should be going to Carleton.

  • Editorial: What happens after the “no” on MPIRG

    The outcome of the vote broadcasts a change in the way Carleton students have chosen to tackle the issues that MPIRG represents. This is a positive move for the college. The environmental and social justice issues that MPIRG stands for will not cease to be important to the students of our campus. Carleton students have impacted local, state and national issues, both under broader organizations and under initiative entirely independent of any outside support. It is entirely possible that without the structure and support of MPIRG, Carleton students will become better acquainted with the issues.

  • Abstracting ourselves from ourselves: The insidious effects of higher education

    As I assume we all are, I am extremely grateful for the education I have received thus far at Carleton. This, however, has not managed to preclude my consideration of its faults. I believe such consideration is crucial not only to the well being of any student, but also to that of the institution as a whole. The following is an attempt at what I’ve seen to be a fault; I leave it up to the reader to decide whether or not it’s imagined.

  • MPIRG Fee Opinion Overload: The "Yes" Camp

    Six letters in support of the upcoming MPIRG referendum. Voices include MPIRG Board Chair Ryan Kennedy and student leaders Michelle Hesterberg, Sarah Berlin, and Christa Owens.

  • MPIRG Fee Opinion Overload: The "No" Camp

    Three letters opposing the upcoming MPIRG referendum. Voices include former MPIRG student leader Becky Canary-King and former CSA President Caitlin Fleming.

  • A call to prevent sexual violence — together

    It’s said that strength comes in numbers. I see this statement becomes no clearer than in discussions of preventing sexual assault here on campus. Sure, situations of sexual assault are often between two people and often alone. But preventing incidents of sexual assault here on campus requires a mentality of many.

  • CAASHA Office Hours ­open to all students, all times

    CAASHA is a group of students who are trained and available to provide non-judgmental listening, support, and information about resources for anyone affected by—or with questions about—sexual assault, harassment, or relationship abuse. CAASHA Office Hours are held six days a week in five different locations. We do this because we recognize that sexual harassment and assault are already talked about all over campus, and we would like to be a more accessible resource in supporting your conversations.

  • Carleton should not sponsor the National Merit Scholarship program

    Over the past few weeks, Ryan McLaughlin and I have published articles exposing the College’s hypocritical budgetary priorities. We have shown that the College has failed to limit operating costs and allocate sufficient funds to financial aid. In this article, I examine a serious inequity in the College’s financial aid process. I argue that Carleton’s sponsorship of the National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP) is both outmoded and unfair.

  • Vote “Yes” on MPIRG

    We are always grateful for the opportunity to talk with other Carleton students about the work that MPIRG does, on our campus and across the state, to fight for a more just and more sustainable world.

  • Editorial: Redefining expectations placed on mothers

    Mothers in the United States face the judgments of a culture that hesitates to consider the work of a mother as a legitimate job. There exists a general acknowledgement that the “work of a mother is never done” and yet there remains a crippling double standard faced by women who choose to become mothers.

  • An open letter from President Rob Oden

    To the Carletonian:

    Continuing our many and lengthy budget conversations as we are, I want today to pause to acknowledge with signal gratitude the way the Carleton community has responded to the difficult, perhaps uniquely difficult, set of financial challenges the College faces today. The steps we have taken and those we will need to take have required us to come together with a renewed sense of purpose, and I have rarely, in twenty years of leading educational institutions, seen joint resolve and commitment like that offered by so many in the Carleton community of late.