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2016 Fall Issue 2 (September 30, 2016)

    • Carleton adds Office of Health Promotion (Login Required)

      "The Office of Health Promotion (OHP), which will focus on the prevention and promotion of health and well-being, opened at the beginning of fall term. According to Janet Lewis Muth, director of health promotions, the OHP aims to create “a campus community that supports the overall well-being of all students.”"

    • College enters into lawsuit litigation (Login Required)

      "The college has entered litigation as a result of the lawsuit filed last spring by a recent graduate, according to publicly available court records. The civil docket for the case indicates that the college has dismissed the plaintiff’s claims and that the plaintiff did not agree to the dismissal. A hearing on the dismissal occurred Wednesday, Sept. 21. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims she was raped twice while at Carleton and that the administration’s mishandling of her case caused her ongoing emotional trauma, made her unsafe and limited her educational opportunities."

    • ResLife alters RA policies (Login Required)

      "At the beginning of fall term, Residential Life changed its policies and procedures related to alcohol and drug consumption, according to Andrea Robinson, Director of Residential Life. Robinson explained that these changes are intended to increase consistency in regards to how RAs respond to illegal drug and alcohol consumption and to ensure that RAs act as resources rather than as police for the student body."

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    • Photo by Kayla Rudess.

      Accomplished journalists visit Carleton (Login Required)

      "On Monday, Sept. 19, a panel, entitled “Sense and Nonsense: Clinton, Trump, and the Media in 2016,” brought together a group of prominent journalists to talk about the election and the media’s role in it. Anna Palmer of Politico, James Hohmann of the Washington Post, and Jonathan Martin of the New York Times gathered in the Weitz Common Space to discuss the current election, analyze the role of media in politics and answer questions from the audience. John Harris, ’85 and founder of Politico, moderated."

    • Cranes made by students in remembrance of Sid.

      In Remembrance: Sidharth Ramakrishnan (Login Required)

      "Friends of Mr. Ramakrishnan described him as a caring person who wanted to make the world a better place. He was known to touch others through deeply philosophical conversations that made his peers think critically and creatively. One friend, who wished to remain anonymous, admired his excitement for sharing and discussing ideas from religion to philanthropic ventures."

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    • "Cock" struts its stuff (Login Required)

      Ultimately, this production is a triumph of collaboration and creativity from three incredibly talented majors. The language is vicious, the plot is gripping, and some moments in the script veer toward over-the-top, but the performances, intuitive blocking, and transcendental physicality enliven Cock and make it one of the most memorable and immersive theatre experiences I’ve had at Carleton.

    • ETB preview: Promising shows for the fall (Login Required)

      "Last Saturday and Sunday afternoon, a throng of hopeful actors and actresses gathered in Little Nourse to audition for this term’s Experimental Theater Board (ETB) shows. The freshman turnout at this term’s auditions was unsurprisingly large, given that the freshman class is the largest class in Carleton’s history.  Not only was there great attendance at this term’s ETB auditions, but the talent throughout the group was so deep that ETB directors found it difficult to cast from such a large pool of strong performers."

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    • An identity beyond the Internet (Login Required)

      "Youth struggle with this constant obnoxious labeling by their elders. Just because we may frequent sites like BuzzFeed and other arenas of trends does not mean we are only the trends we like. Such labeling is ageism, clear and simple. All of us are complex human beings and should not be represented by the little things that may make us laugh."

    • As shallow as ever (Login Required)

      "Another day, another fad. Faster than any one person can detect, the magic of the Internet transforms mundane, droll ideas first into comedic or sensationalistic gold, then into social phenomena, then into ironically-flogged dead horses, and finally into more specks on the obsolete ash-heap of Internet history, where they join the ranks of Rick Astley, Nyan Cat, Kony 2012, and all the other short-lived crazes that routinely spark interest online, remembered but unreferenced."

    • First year fear (Login Required)

      "Of the many social transitions a freshman makes coming to Carleton, among the most shocking is being at the bottom of the totem pole. After spending four years climbing to the top of the ladder in high school, Carleton freshmen fear that, once again, they’re the outcasts. And to a freshman, there’s nothing more terrifying than the judgement of an upperclassman (although calling your professor “Mom” is a close second)."

    • Talking quickly, not sensibly (Login Required)

      "There are many ways human shallowness expresses itself in our modern world: the constant whizz-bang nothingness of 24-hour cable news, fast food culture, diet fads, Donald Trump. In a hyper-complex world, we crave ease and convenience; if not simplicity in material, then at least bite-size portions. Nothing, though, feeds this natural tendency towards shallowness better than the immediacy and reactivity of the Internet."

    • Tinderella: the rise of the modern love story (Login Required)

      "The rise of the modern love story, what I would term Tinderella, traces its roots to the 1960s, where online dating first became a possibility with the emergence of the first computer dating services."

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    • Photo by Audrey Kan.

      Rooted in adaptation: Floodplain trees' remarkable physiology (Login Required)

      "Over the past week, southern Minnesota has received up to 13 inches of rain, resulting in mild to severe flooding, and many a bewildered student and Arb critter wondering just where is this water going to go?"

    • The Writing is on the Sidewalk (Login Required)

      "In keeping with my current theme of writing about the updates and renovations to campus, I’ve decided that simply critiquing them is not enough. That would be extremely hypocritical given one of my largest pet peeves is when people shoot things down without contributing any other ideas. So, I would like to contribute my own suggestions."

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