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2015 Fall Issue 3 (October 9, 2015)

    • Kha Hunyh ‘19, an employee at the Carleton Bookstore, holds up a copy. Photo by Taylor Gee.

      Racist coloring book found in campus Barnes & Noble (Login Required)

      “It’s like, are you from the thirteenth century? Like Columbus? You’ve never been to other countries before and you think it’s very exotic or something? This book conveys the feeling that Asian countries are still not modernized and that they are so ‘exotic.'"

    • CRIC issues divestment recommendation (Login Required)

      The members of CRIC have come to believe that the connection between fossil fuel companies and climate change does in fact make holding stock in these companies ethically problematic.

    • Trigger warning discussion continues following NSW (Login Required)

      There is a balance that must be found with trigger warnings between protecting survivors and deterring people who could learn from the material.

    • Carleton chapel

      Chapel reopens with new look (Login Required)

      “At the same time as important upgrades were installed, excellent care was taken to preserve the powerful aura of this beautiful building and Carleton landmark.”

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    • Gap year students inspired by experiences (Login Required)

      “I think it is important to take college with intention. That’s the most value I got out of my gap year: having...a more concrete reason for how and why [college] fits into your life is like really great to have.”

    • Proposed CSA projects move forward (Login Required)

      Ever wonder what happened to the CSA Student Projects (outdoor basketball courts, standing desks in the library, wifi on the baldspot, etc.) that were passed last year?

    • A 1970s rehearsal in the Arena Theater. Courtesy of Carleton Archives.

      Arena Theater, Carleton’s Mystery Building (Login Required)

      Northeast of the Concert Hall sits a box-like structure unbeknownst to most current Carls. The windowless building is the defunct Arena Theater in the Music and Drama Center (MDC).

    • Sayles Tales, Boliou Portfolio, and Olin (Login Required)

      How three of Carleton's buildings got their names. [Part 3 of Raiders of the Lost Archives.]

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    • mlb

      Carletonian Baseball Bracket Challenge (Login Required)

      The leaves are falling, love is in the air, and playoff baseball is back on television.

    • Knights’ football recap (Login Required)

      Football gets clobbered 63-14. Maybe they'll be better in coming weeks?

    • Hart Hornor won the men's 8K race. Photo by Quinn Batten.

      Running of the Cows: Experience, Review, Lifestyle (Login Required)

      This Saturday, October 3rd, the cross-country meat, the Running of the Cows, assembled at our own Cowling Arboretum. The meet could not have happened on a more beautiful day or in a more confusing manner.

    • nfl

      NFL Preview (Login Required)

      No matter what your knowledge on the NFL, here are a few key points to inflate your knowledge for this season.

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    • The fight is now (Login Required)

      I was taught how to walk, talk, date, and love like man, a straight man. But now, several years later, I’m trying to understand why no one in my environments was challenging the structures of gender and sexuality.

    • Tomboyish girly girl? (Login Required)

      Forcing me to be something I’m not, even if it helps the feminist movement, is incredibly hypocritical. I am a feminist. I am a young woman. But my most important label is “person.”

    • We’re “missing” out enough already (Login Required)

      The relative differences of experiences among our friends and social groups shouldn’t have any bearing on us and each other. And yet they still unintentionally suggest feelings of missing out, for whatever factors that shape our emotional expectations.

    • Enjoy the view (Login Required)

      As a freshman, my transition to Carleton was not as seamless as I would've liked it to be. Creating a life you like in a new place takes work. Here are a few things I learned through that process.

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    • The Hazards of Napping (Login Required)

      Napping is not only an enjoyable activity, but also a wise course of action. But only if you do it right.

    • Hawks and raptors are migrating.

      Hawks and Raptors: A Winter Migration (Login Required)

      s the crisp fall turns into winter, winds are propelling an intercontinental migration and bringing raptors into our own backyard.

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