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2016 Spring Issue 3 (April 22, 2016)

    • Gmail to replace Zimbra (Login Required)

      “Technology has changed a lot in the last 10 years,” Janet Scannell, chief technology officer, said. “It’s time to modernize our tools and practices. We can collaborate now better than ever before.”

    • ETB will submit a proposal to CSA for changes to Little Nourse. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

      Renovations possible for Little Nourse (Login Required)

      “Although everyone loves the gritty run-down vibe of Nourse, it could be better without losing its charm,” Faber said.

    • Class of 2018 major declarations

      Minors supported by campus, survey shows (Login Required)

      "The primary question posed was, “Do you think minors fit well at Carleton?” Among the students who completed the survey, 73 percent supported minors at Carleton. Of the remaining percentage, 20 percent were unsure, 2 percent had no opinion and 5 percent did not think it was a good fit."

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    • Graphic by Nam Anh Nguyen

      Tales of Rashomon: refreshing diversity or cultural appropriation? (Login Required)

      "Tales of Rashomon will be the only theater performance from an Asian culture, with the largest pool of Asian actors participating in a Carleton production in four years. As such, it has drawn interest from students who see the production as progress within the Theater department’s diversity initiative as well as from those who see it as an example of cultural appropriation."

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    • The "Core Four" of senior women's soccer. Photo by Madeline Horn.

      Senior Spotlight: The "Core Four" (Login Required)

      "One group of senior student-athletes that are saying goodbye to Carleton this spring are the four seniors on Carleton’s Varsity Women’s Soccer Team. This group, self-proclaimed as the ‘Core Four,’ truly portrays a variety of interests and personalities on and off of the field."

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    • Cultural relics (Login Required)

      "Souls do not exist, and therefore manifestations of souls such as ghosts cannot exist."

    • Why do we have to know everything? (Login Required)

      "I’m someone who doesn’t believe in coincidence. While it could be argued that people develop similar ideas across cultures, even if those cultures didn’t meet and exchange ideas until recently, I think this example shows a universal experience we as human beings have. Just as death is a universal experience, so is the reconciling of death."

    • Aliens. Need I say more? (Login Required)

      "The prospect of extraterrestrials seems to be somewhat a no-brainer for me, although not in the form my dad and others imagine. We continue to find thousands upon thousands of exoplanets (2107 of them so far), some with conditions that can yield life."

    • Open letter: Dear white people... (Login Required)

      NOTE: None of these letters are directed towards anyone specific. They are a mere reflection of my thoughts based on my experience at Carleton.

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    • Carleton: The Musical (Login Required)

      "If a year at Carleton were a musical, what would it be like?"

    • Blank crossword

      Carleton Arb Crossword: Talk Arb-y to me (Login Required)

      Check out this Arb-themed crossword by one of our resident Cole Student Naturalists.

    • An Honest Cover Letter (Login Required)

      "Why do I want this internship? Well, you see, I have always been passionate about not starving to death."

    • Graphic by Nam Nguyen

      What Sayles food are you? (Login Required)

      Featuring smart and incisive questions such as "What’s your favorite Bon Appetit culturally appropriated food?"

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