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  • Attempting to measure the “value” of a liberal arts education (Login Required)

    We all know that the price of college is rising; but it college really worth the cost? Here, I’m going to focus on recent data that attempts to look at the economic value of a college degree, with reference to what we know about what Carleton alumni earn.

  • Zach Brokaw ’18 remembered (Login Required)

    I wish that I had been able to play more board games with him and to enjoy more facets of his clever mind.

  • The smell of the Watson stairwell, and everything that came after (Login Required)

    Spending four of your most impressionable years at a place like Carleton transforms you in ways you can’t predict, or even recognize until you’re days away from graduation.

  • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

    Technology is shifting our mental habits, and we need to begin to acknowledge and account for that. Our little wizarding robot devices are changing the way we think, for the better and the worse.

  • Create your own road map (Login Required)

    The best lesson I have learned here is that my education is my own and no one else’s. This meant I could make it fit my own personal mold, not just some pre-determined track.

  • Why I can’t call Carleton home (Login Required)

    Carleton was, more often than not, the source of my heart’s exhaustion. When I decided to attend Carleton, I didn’t realize what I had to give up and go through to be here.

  • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

    Instead of taking steps to ban hard alcohol, the administration should continue investing money into alcohol education in order to foster an open dialogue

  • Material longings, tiny house dreams (Login Required)

    I don’t think I’m alone in wavering between wanting the luxuries of material things and wanting the minimalist, pure happiness of a simpler, smaller world.

  • Troubled by trendy “back to the land” tendencies (Login Required)

    When college students act like they could drop it all today and start planting seeds tomorrow, it belittles the demanding and risky undertaking that sustainable farming really is.

  • A cry for empathy (Login Required)

    Carleton needs to see a return to empathetic debate. We need to stop posting on Overheard and start discussing in person.

  • Growing pains of a premature cat lady (Login Required)

    I’m not quite a child or wandering teenager, but I’m definitely not an adult. As college students we’re caught in an odd web of existence: simultaneously part of a college bubble that we consider our “world” when really this world just a microcosm of a much larger identity.

  • One-inch wide focus (Login Required)

    Complaining distracts us with past experience; worries distract us with potential futures. And when these distractions make us unhappy or produce undesired results, we too often turn to blaming the subjects of these negative thoughts and not the thoughts themselves.