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  • Searching for a heroine (Login Required)

    "I see a trend in the heroines that I love, a trend that marks them from Cathy. While Cathy is self-indulgent and careless in her passions, Jo March, Lizzie Bennet, and Jane Eyre were not....We need even more heroines like Jo, Lizzie, and Jane. We need to read at a young age about women who are unapologetically themselves, who value love of all kinds (familial, friendship, romantic)."

  • The politics of Carleton's fossil fuel investments (Login Required)

    "Contrary to the Board’s position, there is no way to be politically unengaged or neutral in this situation. We cannot turn a blind eye to what these companies are doing. We are undermining the moral and intellectual integrity of the college by claiming to remain neutral."

  • Two things I learned from a Facebook war (Login Required)

    "It was just a microaggression, but what you are on the receiving end of is often years of frustration. Some people perceive this as the marginalized person being overly sensitive, or even inherently angry, which can lead to a further racist cycle associating people of color and marginalized groups with negative traits. How do you fix that?"

  • The question of motherhood (Login Required)

    "There was never a time when I wasn’t told that I was mature or that I would make a good mother. And while I do think that these traits are good and admirable, I have to wonder why I also, as I have grown up, have come to shy away from this label."

  • Warnings for safety, not sensitivity (Login Required)

    "We need to realize that content warnings are there to have discussions, but also to help healing and mental health."

  • The hypocrisy of "social liberalism" (Login Required)

    "If we begin to use comfort as the standard via which we determine what is “permissible” and what isn’t, then we’ve never really taken the principle of social openness seriously."

  • Pay for an opinion (Login Required)

    "In cases where angry alumni assert their right to have a voice in campus proceedings on forums like the somewhat infamous “Overheard at Carleton,” I wonder why are you using your alumni voice here?"

  • The neglected story of war (Login Required)

    "These unintended consequences are those which occur whenever you intervene in a conflict years in the making, from an outsider's perspective."

  • Dangerous assumptions detrimental to dialogue (Login Required)

    "In my view, the road to a freer and more just society doesn't begin with more self-limiting rules and regulations. Instead, it begins with giving ourselves over to the arduous, near sacred work of striving for empathy and compassion in our words and our actions."

  • Cultural relics (Login Required)

    "Souls do not exist, and therefore manifestations of souls such as ghosts cannot exist."

  • Why do we have to know everything? (Login Required)

    "I’m someone who doesn’t believe in coincidence. While it could be argued that people develop similar ideas across cultures, even if those cultures didn’t meet and exchange ideas until recently, I think this example shows a universal experience we as human beings have. Just as death is a universal experience, so is the reconciling of death."

  • Aliens. Need I say more? (Login Required)

    "The prospect of extraterrestrials seems to be somewhat a no-brainer for me, although not in the form my dad and others imagine. We continue to find thousands upon thousands of exoplanets (2107 of them so far), some with conditions that can yield life."