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  • One More Loss to Master

    When I was younger, I lost a lot of things. Objects, mostly: mittens, hats, cell phones, books—many of which turned up in the lost and found or in the fermenting bottom of my locker, but some of which were never seen again.

  • Scraped Knees and Princess Dresses

    When I was little I climbed trees, had tea parties, scraped my knees, and wore princess dresses.

  • Tell Me How You Really Feel

    You are not your parents. The 2004 Gallup post-presidential election polls show that more than 70% of youth vote just like their parents, probably because they believe they share the same political stance.

  • Ask Aphrodite (Login Required)

    Dear Aphro,

    I think I’m madly in love with my roommate’s amour. We’re a pretty close trio. Ah!! What do I do?

    Please help, Lusting Lucy

  • Big Questions and the Big Bang

    If you have never philosophized about what came “before” the Big Bang, it may be a fun little enterprise for you to ponder in passing time, or perhaps a larger existential question from which you derive some sort of meaning.

  • It’s On Us: Wrong For Our Community? (Login Required)

    Around mid-September, the White House unveiled a new initiative to work towards ending sexual violence specifically on college campuses.

  • The Happiness Myth (Login Required)

    Often, moments of insight don’t come from reading Tolstoy and listening to Bach.

  • Checked Out: Guidelines for Interacting with a Cashier

    If I go home over a break, I typically work some hours at the job I have held for about a year and a half: cashier at a large retail chain.

  • Talking Animals

    This morning, a squirrel hopped up on the windowsill and peered intently at me through the glass.

  • A Faculty Voice For Divestment (Login Required)

    On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC) will hold a town-hall meeting (Great Hall, 6-8 pm) to discuss divesting the Carleton endowment from fossil fuels.

  • John Oliver Roasts the News

    Search engines can continue to amaze, while also qualifying a bit of an online hypothesis about John Oliver, who’s now on a roll since “Last Week Tonight” started airing on HBO in the spring of this year.

  • CANOE House May Get a New Home

    If you’ve come to any CANOE open meetings this term you will have seen that the couchboat room has been stuffed full of Carls excited to sign up for trips.