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  • Jay Tasson

    Olaf Woos Two Carleton Physics Professors (Login Required)

    When physics Professor Jay Tasson’s three-year contract at Carleton ends later this year, Junior Ben Levy will be sad to see him go.

  • John Blake '16

    Olly Aboard: The Rise of Riding Culture (Login Required)

    As spring commences, cyclists spray WD-40 on their chains and pedestrians pack away their boots for summer storage. Carleton is an environment for expression across a vast array of mediums, and personal transportation is no exception.

  • Kaaren Williamsen

    College Bids Farewell to GSC Leader (Login Required)

    It is with mixed emotions that we announce a new adventure ahead for Kaaren Williamsen, Carleton’s Gender and Sexuality Center Director and Title IX Deputy for Sexual Violence Prevention. Kaaren has recently accepted a newly created position at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania as their Title IX Coordinator.

  • “Petrochemical America."

    Mapping Petrochemical America (Login Required)

    “Petrochemical America,” a collaboration between photographer Richard Misrach and landscape architect Kate Orff expands their 2010 book into a room full of humungous photographs and artistic graphs of the oil industry’s effects on a portion of Louisiana’s Mississippi River.

  • Students and faculty congregated in the Weitz to discuss Carleton’s policies about financial aid.

    Staffers Present New Aid Policy at Campus Town Hall (Login Required)

    Before 1993, Carleton’s admissions policy was proudly 100% need-blind. Qualified students were not denied admission because of financial restraints. Since then, shrinking budgets have forced the college to weigh need in admissions decisions for a certain percentage of students.

  • By Ambryn Ling

    Admissions Stays the Course on SAT Requirement (Login Required)

    The ACT and SATs are not often remembered fondly. In fact, for most students, the pressure of standardized testing was immense: the largest deciding factor determining whether one would be accepted into college.

  • Caroline Lauth ‘15

    Carls Leave Academia in Search of Adventure (Login Required)

    There is a new trend that is catching on at Carleton; taking a gap year during college. Before writing this article, I had never heard of this trend. It hadn’t occurred to me that for some students, 4 years of isolation is just too much. That for some, living within four walls is too stifling. In my quest for answers on this increasing trend, I interviewed Juniors Caroline Anna Lauth (Geology/Archeology) and Mike Habermann (Economics), both of whom plan on taking a gap year.

  • By Kera Ling

    Facilities Committee Outlines Future Construction Projects (Login Required)

    The new Carleton Facilities Master Plan contains a number of provisions that will impact residential life at Carleton.

  • Students performing at the Vagina Monologues.

    Vagina Monologues: Students React (Login Required)

    On the first Sunday of spring term, over 400 students and local residents crowded into the Concert Hall for the annual performance of “The Vagina Monologues (the VagMons).”

  • Carls in Russia.

    As Russia Takes Ukraine, Carls Take on Russia (Login Required)

    The Carletonian reached out to two Carls studying abroad in Russia for perspectives closer to the crisis in Crimea.

  • Asia House.

    Concerns Spur Changes to Interest House Petitions (Login Required)

    To improve the application process for creating interest houses and for applying to live in interest houses, Residential Life formed the Interest Community Advisory Committee (ICAC), which has spent this year working to better define and evaluate current and potential interest houses as well as to standardize portions of the application for living in interest houses.

  • Bon Appetit

    Bon Appetit Signs Sourcing Deal with Hmong Farmers

    In an unlikely but compatible hybrid between environmentally conscientious students, Bon Appétit, and Hmong immigrant farmers, a project to bring fresher foods to campus is underway.