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  • Trigger warning discussion continues following NSW (Login Required)

    There is a balance that must be found with trigger warnings between protecting survivors and deterring people who could learn from the material.

  • Carleton chapel

    Chapel reopens with new look (Login Required)

    “At the same time as important upgrades were installed, excellent care was taken to preserve the powerful aura of this beautiful building and Carleton landmark.”

  • Survey results

    Students surveyed on Alcohol culture (Login Required)

    Thanks to new data provided by Patrick Gordon, the project coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention at Carleton, the Carletonian was able to put together the above chart that describes students’ perception of Alcohol culture at Carleton.


  • Drug and Alcohol taskforce holds back on "specific goals" (Login Required)

    A grant of about $100,000 per year over the next four to five years was recently given to Carleton to address the college’s rates of underage drinking. The coalition in charge of the grant is taking its time to ensure the funds are used in the best possible way.

  • There's been a chicken running around campus!

    Cooped up in Musser (Login Required)

    Chicken on the run finds a new home at Carleton

  • Thirst for new externships quenched (Login Required)

    As a result of the Parent Advisory Council’s efforts, the number of externship positions has increased from approximately 90 in December 2013 to 150 this year.

  • Carletonian Writer Zach Brokaw. Photo by Audrey Kan.

    Writer Zach Brokaw Remembered (Login Required)

    Maya Angelou said that “people will never forget how you made them feel.” Zach, we will miss you.

  • Welcome Dean Livingston to campus. Photo by Quinn Batten.

    There’s a new dean in town (Login Required)

    Feel free to connect with Dean Livingston. Welcome her to the Carleton community; she is ready to care for and listen to you, and, if you’re lucky, she might take a selfie with you.

  • Athlete reps taught bystander intervention (Login Required)

    The GSC is implementing a bystander intervention program called Green Dot, which is intended to reduce power-based personal violence (including stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.) through intervention and prevention. During New Student Week, Carleton Athletes participated in the first Green Dot training.

  • Student leaders organize new NSW talk at last moment (Login Required)

    An outside theater group, GTC Dramatic Dialogue, put on a performance called “Strange Like Me,” meant to spark discussion about diversity. Attending peer leaders, however, found it inappropriately aggressive given its heavy use of slurs and lack of trigger warnings. This prompted the peer leaders to brainstorm a new diversity program.

  • GSC introduces pronoun buttons for NSW

    GSC makes His/Her/Their impact on NSW (Login Required)

    During NSW this year, the Gender and Sexuality Center unveiled for the first time the use of gender pronoun buttons to more easily convey a person’s preferred gender pronouns.

  • Drug & Alcohol Task Force finishes revisions (Login Required)

    Zosie Sandell’s suspension for drug possession during fall term sparked criticism of Carleton’s drug and alcohol policies. A group of students, faculty and staff formed to help streamline the policy.