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  • Quiz Bowl takes 2nd place at Trivia Bee (Login Required)

    Quiz Bowl walked away with 2nd place at the Annual Team Trivia Bee last Friday.

  • Scoville will be the new admissions office. Photo by Amanda Zeilinger.

    Reports of Mass Relocation of Campus Offices (Login Required)

    President Poskanzer announces major campus reorganization “to allow for the expansion of the Career Center.”

  • CSA “Fact-finding operation” starts great audit of 2015 (Login Required)

    CSA's decision to audit comes in response to a recent increase in the number of clubs running a budget deficit and, ideally, will help to stop the trend and reduce uneven account balances.

  • Divest Carletonian

    CRIC protest greets trustees at meeting (Login Required)

    Dressed in orange clothing, carrying orange balloons, and toting orange signs in support of fossil fuel divestment, 30 carls and alumni greeted trustees with applause, cheers, and shouts of “divest Carleton!”

  • nerf gun

    Assassins’ Guild Dorm Wars creates controversy (Login Required)

    “In the wake of the wave of school shootings around the country it’s kind of scary to have people jumping out at you with guns and wearing masks as you leave a dance rehearsal,”

  • Northfield Option kids reprimanded (Login Required)

    NoFo residents pissed after reports of urination in bushes. Is Northfield Option in jeopardy?

  • Sonny knight and the lakers

    SAO brings Sonny to Halloween Dance (Login Required)

    SAO's Halloween dance at cowling will feature a concert by Sonny Knight and the Lakers, an upbeat, dancey band who were a hit when they performed at Spring Concert two years ago.

  • Students protest outside Sayles. Photo by Kayla Rudess.

    “One history” textbook controversy crosses Pacific (Login Required)

    “If you only teach the good sides of a nation, will students be able to evaluate how their nation is really run?” South Korea is an ocean and thousands of miles from Northfield, but that separation is insignificant.

  • Livingston announces: new anti-bias focus group (Login Required)

    “Right now there’s no actual process for administrative consequences when people say discriminatory or hateful things." Carleton's new BIRT team looks to change this. 

  • Student Honesty Questioned in CCAM Drug & Alcohol Survey (Login Required)

    The questions on the survey mainly surrounded the prevalence of alcohol and marijuana usage at Carleton from a student’s perspective. However, there is no way of knowing if students were honest in their answers.


    CANOE to Hill move delayed amid social concerns (Login Required)

    Administration delays the opening of new CANOE house due to misconduct by the members of the group. When asked, Baggot relinquished details about CANOE’s specific transgressions. These included a progressive stop that involved police, use of a keg, and misuse of a campus vehicle.

  • CSP outdoor B-ball court to call a time out? (Login Required)

    The Committee for Student Projects changed their minds and no longer wants to build a new court. However, some CSA representatives worried that stopping the project would set a precedent where, if the CSP does not like something, they will be able to choose not do it, despite the passing vote by students.