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  • Editorial

    Wyclef Jean took up a visiting professor post at Brown University this year and it got us thinking. What if we had celebrities teaching at Carleton?

  • Report card


    Seeing as how it is the end of term, although very few people on this campus will admit it, many are worried about what their grades for the term will be. But enough about how much grades suck. Since we are always getting evaluated, The Carletonian has decided to return the favor this week as we grade some offices around campus.

  • Goodsell Observatory dressed up as R2D2 last year. President Oden held the iPod that "gave voice" to R2D2 hostage in order to encourage participation in the Senior Class Gift.

    Editorial: Senior Gift Should Remain Free of Pressure

    Last year, at the start of Senior Week, President Oden wrote an email to the senior class. In this email he said he would return the iPod that “gave voice” to R2D2, no questions asked, as long there was 50% participation in the Senior Class Gift to the college. The seniors response: when they accepted their diplomas from Oden, they dropped coins on his podium with the last person giving Oden a piggy bank. This method of contributing to the class gift was in good humor, and still gave students the choice to give. Unfortunately this is not always the case at institutions of higher education.

  • Editorial

    We, as a campus, owe a lot of people a lot of thanks. For a while now, Carleton has recognized that while there are many things we do well, there are some that we need to improve upon. This fall, one of those much needed improvements has been realized. It is the revamped, redone, ridiculously better sexual misconduct policy and procedure.

  • Artist's rendering of an anatomically correct heart

    College: Where Healthy Habits Go to Die?

    October 1st marked the beginning of National Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month, and Carleton recognized this day probably the same way most colleges across the country did—by doing nothing. After all, we fit young college students have no reason to worry about long-term health problems like heart disease. It turns out that’s wrong, as new studies are beginning to suggest.

  • Man, this place is cool

    Once upon a time, The Carletonian had a “Raiders of the Lost Archives” where the college archivist wrote in about some obscure event or tradition that occurred in Carleton’s past, but as many “traditions” on this campus, that column has come and gone. But the value of those columns still remain, and they can be looked up, just like everything else published by The Carletonian, through the Archives website.

  • Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after his roommate posted footage of Clementi’s same-sex dorm room intimacy on the Internet

    Editorial: Be there for each other

    In the past several days, the media has been dominated by coverage of the cyberbullying-related suicide. Ellen Degeneres’ plea, “I can’t stay silent about this,” has been circulating the Internet rapidly, and people are reacting.

  • Editorial

    We’ve discovered one of the many true joys of working on this publication. We receive an insurmountable number of emails from places we’ve never heard of who want to get the word out about whatever. We don’t entirely understand why they send these press releases to us, but we enjoy many of them immensely.

  • Are we Intellectual?

    In the September 7th online edition of The Huffington Post, we were ranked as the second most intellectual college in America. This first confused us, and then it got us thinking. What on earth does it mean to be an intellectual school? Has Carleton somehow created an aura of being a school for intellectuals as opposed to non-intellectuals?

  • It’s been real

    Most editors however did not have the privilege of breaking two major news stories – the retirement of President Oden and the selection of Steven Poskanzer as the incoming president. As many late nights and frustrating moments – and there were plenty – as it has entailed, we’re grateful for the experience and to the community for allowing us to do this job.

  • Weitz donation one of many alumni gifts

    In yet another huge display of generosity, the Weitz family has led the Board of Trustees to reach another monumental fund raising goal this week. While their monetary contributions alone have been astounding, what moves us as students is their commitment to Carleton.

  • What’s in a GPA?

    What's in a GPA?  Lack of national recognition devalues Carleton GPAs.