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2016 Spring Issue 5 (May 6, 2016)

    • Engineering club to build go-kart (Login Required)

      "His fledgling club has been granted nearly $2,000 by the Carleton Student Association, among the largest sums a student club has ever gotten on its first ask, according to Budget Committee minutes."

    • Alum sues Carleton over rape case (Login Required)

      "Carleton placed the burden on [her] to get over the rapes, act as if nothing had happened, and focus on her studies instead, without offering her the meaningful help, services, or accommodations to which she was entitled," the lawsuit says.

    • Food Truth cries fowl over BonApp chicken (Login Required)

      "I think the majority of students would support sustainably sourced chicken. Right now, the problem is that most students aren't aware of where their chicken comes from. If they knew, however, I think they would care. It's an issue that goes beyond food justice alone, because those who care about workers' rights, the environment, and animal ethics also have a stake in the matter."

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    • Mental health class seeks to erase stigma (Login Required)

      “Mental health is a term that is often used to talk about mental illness, but in reality mental health is something everyone has, so we wanted to talk about that part of it....We talk about topics such as self care, gratitude, and mindfulness. We try to make it human and get people to think about how that impacts their lives, because it does. It impacts everyone’s lives.”

    • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

      A Christmas Tragedy: Willis Hall Burns (Login Required)

      "Furnishings, records, over 2,000 books and most of the geological and natural history collections burned, while many students who had been living in the upstairs dormitory lost all of their possessions."

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    • Fatoumata Diawara, performing live.

      Diawara electrifies with energetic set (Login Required)

      "More than anything, Diawara’s performance was punctuated by dance. The room grew alive as her set continued, with Diawara taking frequent pauses to dance, eventually convincing the audience to join in with her."

    • Students perform in Dry Land in Little Nourse, opening this weekend. Photo by Hettie Stern.

      Dry Land makes a splash (Login Required)

      "Dry Land will, like real life, shift between moments of depression and self harm to goofy, playtime antics. Characters will awe you with lyrical strength at one turn, and let you down with some prejudice at the next."

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    • The politics of Carleton's fossil fuel investments (Login Required)

      "Contrary to the Board’s position, there is no way to be politically unengaged or neutral in this situation. We cannot turn a blind eye to what these companies are doing. We are undermining the moral and intellectual integrity of the college by claiming to remain neutral."

    • Two things I learned from a Facebook war (Login Required)

      "It was just a microaggression, but what you are on the receiving end of is often years of frustration. Some people perceive this as the marginalized person being overly sensitive, or even inherently angry, which can lead to a further racist cycle associating people of color and marginalized groups with negative traits. How do you fix that?"

    • The question of motherhood (Login Required)

      "There was never a time when I wasn’t told that I was mature or that I would make a good mother. And while I do think that these traits are good and admirable, I have to wonder why I also, as I have grown up, have come to shy away from this label."

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