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Weekly Updates

  • News Briefs

    “Exploring Organ Music” opens April 13, in honor of Messiaen

    Faculty to present collaborative springtime string recital

    Ashlee Simpson announces engagement to bassist Pete Wentz

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  • Caught in the ACT

    New Student Week. Remember? The ice-breakers, name-games, your first college party, and…buckthorn! Whether your liked it or not, it seems that everyone has a story to tell about picking buckthorn with their group at the RiverBend Nature Center as part of “Into the Streets,” the freshman introduction to community service at Carleton.

  • Arb Notes

    With the warmer weather of the past weeks comes the opportunity for new types of outdoor activity. One of these activities, made possible by the slow disappearance of the ice on the Cannon River, is the sport of angling.

  • South African Bobotie from Chef Becker

    Last Tuesday at lunch time, finding a table in the Language and Dining Center (LDC) was much more difficult than usual. Chef Johann Becker was invited to our campus and introduced delicious dishes from his country, South Africa.

  • Arb Noted

    While Puxatony Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, this week in Minnesota seems to be defying his prediction and hints of spring abound if you look in the right places.

  • Caught in the ACT

    Bolstered by generous CSA funding, Carleton College Habitat for Humanity is sending 52 students on spring break trips this year.

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  • Looking “Beneath the Surface” on the Middle East Mosaics Program

    This week, The Carletonian features Off Campus Studies, in the rotating column series. We hope to include the voices of various campus groups and academic departments throughout the year with this project. Please contact caffreyj or crowleye for submission guidelines.

    It may come as no surprise that Carleton students are quite adept at finding the road less traveled wherever there is one to be found. The students on this term's Middle East Mosaics program have certainly made it a point to leave the comfort of their set itinerary and find alternative experiences, first in Egypt, then in Turkey, and currently in Morocco. More difficult for everyone, however, has been finding the places less visited on the road more frequently traveled. There is little more challenging or rewarding than the moment when one is led to an unexpected destination on a foot worn path. This is exactly what Louis Fishman, a former History professor at Carleton, did for thirty-two students when he gave them a four day seminar entitled "Beneath the Surface: The Other Istanbul." After two weeks learning about and wandering through the streets of Istanbul, Louis's visit helped us gain a more nuanced view of Turkey's past, present, and future. As many professors aim to do on an abroad program, he helped us reflect upon our own country's situation as well.

  • Arb Notes

    Last Friday afternoon, the student naturalists set off with Carleton staff member Gene Bauer in pursuit of some of the arb’s most elusive predators: owls. Birds of prey that are typically nocturnal and solitary hunters, owls are notoriously hard to find. Although we were stymied in our quest for the real thing, we did find plenty of signs that owls are indeed frequenting the arb.

  • Caught in the ACT: Cuts for Cancer April 28th

    For those students who hold off on hair cuts all year, in order to donate their hair at the annual Cuts for Cancer event, two weeks ago they learned that their wait would be extended a bit this year. Due to scheduling conflicts, the event which was supposed to take place on the 15th of February has been rescheduled for the 28th of April.

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