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2015 Spring Issue 4 (May 1, 2015)

    • The winning project was a program dedicated to helping colorblind people interact with the Internet.

      Large prizes, little sleep (Login Required)

      Carleton’s first hackathon, 36 hours later. At a hackathon, within 36 sleepless hours, a group of students work to solve any issue that interests them, using coding. Hackathons happen all around the globe.

    • Voting about voting, Senate bylaws change (Login Required)

      To increase clarity and efficiency, the CSA Senate has spent the term updating its bylaws in order to make its funds and services more accessible to students.

    • Big Spender: Spring als doles out 600 grand (Login Required)

      Last Saturday, 14 students met in Sayles 251 at 9am, closed the doors and did not leave until 5:30 p.m. Their task was to budget $577,000 of CSA funds for the 2015-2016 academic year.

    • Goat House goes down (Login Required)

      Feeling bullied? Police, security and student relations at Carleton.

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    • Sophomore Rinya Kamber

      Kamber ’17 seeks Ayssirian awareness (Login Required)

      Sophomore Rinya Kamber has formed a group called “Northfielders for Assyrians” to aid the Assyrian cause, in response to the recent attacks, and to raise awareness about the Assyrian people and culture.

    • President Steve Poskanzer

      30 Minutes with the Prez (Login Required)

      The eds & the head honcho talk housing, Chile, stir-fry and divestment

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    • Caitlin Throne '15

      Diploma to demi plié, dancer follows passion (Login Required)

      One early graduate has expressed her love of dance a unique way: Caitlin Throne ’15, or “Miss Caitlin” to her students at the Northfield Dance Academy, graduated last term and while still on campus has thrown herself fully into the Carleton and Northfield dance communities.

    • What are you listening to? (Login Required)

      With everything from French pop sensations to folk music, Carleton students interests in music are as diverse as the student body itself. Some students shared their own thoughts about the best type of music and whether their musical tastes are similar to their peers.

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    • Christian Nagy '16

      Tennis sets new victory mark after tough win (Login Required)

      The Knights' latest win gave Carleton a 22-2 overall record this season, establishing a new team record and giving the team momentum heading into the MIAC Playoffs.

    • Shannon Holden '17 led the Knights this weekend

      One shot short in home invite (Login Required)

      Shannon Holden posted a near-perfect back nine, firing a two-under par 34 on the final nine holes, boosting her into a tie for third individually with her final-round 76, but Carleton College fell just shy of its sixth win of the season by one shot at its own invitational.

    • Solid pitching helped the Knights end their season on a positive note with a sweep of Martin Luther.

      Softball earns sweep in season finale at home (Login Required)

      In her final two games for the Knights, senior captain Micaela LaRose had a field day in game one, going 4-for-4 at the plate with 3 RBI, including the walk-off single in the bottom of the sixth to end the contest early as the Carleton College softball team defeated visiting Martin Luther College by scores of 8-0 (6 inn.) and 4-2.

    • Jack Atterberry goes for the 6-4-3 double play in game 1 of a double header against Minnesota Morris

      Young rotation leads to sweep of Minn. Morris (Login Required)

      The Carleton College baseball team has embarked on a nine-game road trip to conclude the regular season, and the journey started well for the Knights, who swept host Minnesota-Morris on Sunday by scores of 12-5 and 7-3.

    • Golf team looks for an upswing after tough finish (Login Required)

      The Carleton men’s golf team placed 15th out of 15 teams at the Bobby Krig Invitational on Sunday and Monday.

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    • Flannels and glasses: Carleton trends (Login Required)

      At Carleton, I don’t see many males with bulging muscles and extremely preppy Vineyard Vines clothing. I don’t see girls with pounds of makeup or walking around on Saturday at 2 A.M. wearing little black party dresses.

    • Beauty is (Login Required)

      Dependence on conceptions of ‘beauty’ too often limits us to the norms and demanded mannerisms. Why should be it be incumbent of every acquaintance to acknowledge a new haircut? Why does dressing up have to mean there is a necessitating “occasion?”

    • I woke up like this (Login Required)

      Interestingly, I’ve heard many variations of the phrase, “I woke up like this” from young women at Carleton who look pretty doggone good to me.

    • This week's Editorial (Login Required)

      A friend of mine says that he likes girls better when they don’t wear makeup, and that girls look prettier without makeup. On one hand, this perspective is refreshing; he doesn’t seem to hold the stereotypical opinion of many that women must wear makeup in order to be beautiful. However, on the other hand, him having any opinion at all on the matter is a judgmental expectation in it of itself.

    • Lessons on beauty standards (Login Required)

      I don’t believe there’s one definition of “pretty.” Even on an individual level, a person’s idea of beauty changes throughout their lifetime.

    • Reflections 100 years after the Armenia Genocide (Login Required)

      Last Friday, April 24th, is treated as the anniversary of the genocide committed on 1.5 million Ottoman Armenians in 1915. This year is particularly important because it marks the centennial commemoration of the genocide.

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    • Carleton in France Spring 2015

      Notes on life abroad, Parisian culture (Login Required)

      Thought I’d write in to tell a bit about the Paris Spring 2015 program currently.

    • Invaders from Below (Login Required)

      A subversive invasion is underway, and it is happening right below your feet. The keep has long-since been breached, the war already lost. Despite the best efforts of our native predatory birds, ants and mice, trespasser populations remain strong.

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